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The [Ultimate] Holsters Guide

The average gun owner spend 10 hours on average searching for the right holster. Well, that number is made up but you get the point. It takes a lot of time to find THE holster. So, if you are tired of searching for the right holster for your handgun you've come to the right place. We have chosen the most common and favorite carry styles and packed them with the best holsters. You don't have to spend hours searching, this will only take you a couple of minutes.



IWB holsters offer perfect coverage of the gun and easy access and drawing in a discreet way.  IWB holsters keepi the gun close to the body thus enabling a fast draw, plus IWB holsters are slimmer profiled, they do not crop out the waistline too much and the gun printing is minimised.

IWB Holster Bestsellers 

IWB Suede Holster
$33 (138 Reviews)

Tuckable IWB Holster
$66 (81 Reviews)

Open-Muzzle IWB Holster
$67 (209 Reviews)

OWB Holsters

OWB holsters offer one of the most comfortable handgun carry methods concerning the accessibility, comfort and the security. Just have a favorite draw position on your hip and a way to attach the holster either by belt, loops, slots, clips or hooks and you can be sure there's a owb holster ready for you. 

OWB Holster Bestsellers 

Leather Pancake Holster
$63 (4 Reviews)

Belt Side Leather Holster
$63 (205 Reviews)

Holster w. Sweat Guard
$63 (51 Reviews)


Shoulder holsters offer a traditional gun carry style that is still popularly used by the shooters nowadays. You may ask yourself - horizontal or vertical? The shorter barreled handguns work fine in horizontal style shoulder holsters, while longer barreled models work better in vertical style holster. 


Shoulder Holster Bestsellers 

Shoulder Holster W Mag Pouch
$133 (174 Reviews)

Vertical Roto Shoulder Holster
$153 (246 Reviews)

Leather Shoulder / Belt Holster
$93 (50 Reviews)

Cross Draw Holsters

Cross draw  holsters offer comfort, accessibility and easy and natural way of drawing the handgun. Cross-draw holsters might be an ideal option especially for the shooters, who spend most of the day in a seat/chair (professional drivers, disabled persons in a wheelchair etc.).

Cross Draw Holster Bestsellers 

Cross Draw Leather Holster
$68 (374 Reviews)

Holster w. 2 Carry Positions
$63 (284 Reviews)

Leather Holster w. 3 Carry Positions
$63 (212 Reviews)

Small Of Back Holsters

Small of back holsters represent an owb carry on the 6 o’clock position. SOB carry is used by both the professionals for backup guns and civilians. The small of back carry can be ideal carry method for those who are standing most of the day thanks to the accessibility of the gun and comfortable carry. 

Small Of Back Holster Bestsellers 

Holster w. 3 Carry Positions
$64 (212 Reviews)

Leather Small Of Back Holster
$68 (256 Reviews)

Open Leather Small Of Back Holster
$63 (4 Reviews)


Check All Our Holsters & Choose Yours

Now that you saw the best what different carry styles can offer be sure to check our all of our holsters. You'll find various carry styles including ones not mentioned here, such as duty holsters, various Kydex holsters and also concealed carry bags if you are a fan of this style of carry. All our holsters come with a 5 Year warranty and you can also upgrade them with a custom up to 3 letter monogram.