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Best Concealed Carry Holster for Women: Top Picks for Comfort & Style

3 women with gun holster 3 women with gun holster 3 women with gun holster


Real men carry custom holsters, right? But what about women then? With the ever increasing number of female shooters, any serious holster maker should offer a number of options that are convenient to carry by the "softer sex". And that's exactly what we're about to take a look at today - the best holsters and carry styles for women.


Best carry styles for female shooters


As women are one of the reasons why the lives of us, men, are at least a bit more bearable, they deserve nothing less in return as far as everyday carry goes.

That's why a great holster for female shooters needs to be as comfortable as it gets. At the same time, many women aspire for the leanest phisique possible and a bulkier holster could make their effort go to waste.

However, a holster that's comfortable and maintains a low profile doesn't necessarily mean it's great for concealed carry, does it? That's why an ideal holster for women requires much more - great retention, easy concealment, quick access ... and the best women's holster, of course, needs to look well.

If we were to talk about particular carry styles, I'd same the latest fad among carry styles for female shooters are bra holsters and corset holsters, but ankle holsters for women are also a great option (women are quite flexible, making it easy for them to reach for they carry gun this low). Another popular option, one that kind of resembles drop-leg holsters, are thigh holsters for women.

Talkin about carry styles that aren't so frequently utilized by men, concealed carry bags, concealed purses, or perhaps purse holsters are another extremely popular holster style for women.

However, most women still prefer to carry the usual way. For the sportier types, belly band holsters are the go-to choice. For those looking for something a bit more classy, one of the best holster styles for women is a shoulder holster. For police officers or other on-duty professionals, OWB women holsters are the option of choice. And for any woman looking for deep concealment, IWB holsters are a great choice.

But enough talking, let's have a look at a number of best holsters for women. And even though they tend to get quite picky (no offense, ladies), I'm sure any woman that likes to carry will be able to choose from our list of the best CCW holsters for women.


The best women holsters for concealed carry

a woman with a belly band holster a woman with a belly band holster a woman with a belly band holster a woman with a belly band holster


As the need for deep concealment has never been more urgent, let's start with the best women holster for concealed carry.


#1 - best belly band holster for women

If you lead an active lifestyle, this belly band holster might be your best CCW choice (and it applies to men as well). It's made of a very light and breathable material, making it one of the best nylon holsters for women currently available. The holster leaves no imprint, which is the main idea behind concealed carry holsters. However, this female belly band holster works best when paired up with a micro or sub compact carry gun.


#2 - best iwb holster for women (and men)

Just like most holsters on the list, this leather IWB holster for women is also extremely popular among men. The holster is designed for inside the waisband carry, but it can be used as an appendix holster for women too. This CCW holster comes with a steel clip, making its attachment super quick and it also features a safety strap, which results in high retention and increased security.


#3 - best ankle holster for women

Once again, ankle holsters are popular among both male and female shooters. However, I believe it's women for whom ankle holsters are one of the more ideal holster styles. Women are usually shorter (please, don't take any offense at this) and much more flexible, so reaching for a carry gun as low as the ankle region isn't any problem for them. And this holster for ankle carry is made of soft and elastic material, resulting in high carry comfort.


#4 - Concealed carry purse for women

This concealed carry bag is a great choice for women not only because it looks good, but because it's highly functional too. Inside this CCW purse, there are multiple compartments, one dedicated solely for your carry gun. Apart from ample room for your gun (from micro-compact up to full size), it lets you stash in your entire EDC. The elegant look this female purse holster comes with is a cherry on the top.



the Best women holsters for open carry

holster for women for open carry holster for women for open carry holster for women for open carry holster for women for open carry


Due to the CCW laws being more strict than ever, most of us are forced to carry concealed. However, there are still states where open carry isn't a problem ... and there are many women living in such states that simply love carrying outside the waistband or other holster style designed for open carry. Let's look at 2 most popular open carry options.


#5 - pancake OWB holster for women

This leather OWB holster is an excellent choice for any female shooter looking for a great open carry option. Why? Well, the holster keeps an extremely low profile and thanks to its pancake design, it also contours the body well. Its construction also secures high retention and allows for easy concealment even though it's carried outside the waistband. The open top design this OWB holster comes with also allows for easy access and quick draw.


#6 - best shoulder holster for women

This shoulder holster system is actually an ideal choice for both sexes. As the pistol is carried in a vertical position, it adheres to the body much better and neither the muzzle nor the grip part ends up sticking out. Come winter, this carry positions turns the system into a great concealed carry choice. The unique roto feature is icing on the cake - it allows for more convenient horizontal draw. Any woman who loves carrying shoulder style will certainly take liking in this rig.



Best self defense guns for women

The choice of holster largely depends on the gun you carry. And this rule equally applies to both men and women. However, while men tend to go for bigger guns as they serve several purposes, women usually gear up with one particular target in mind - personal self defense.

But as the range of self defense guns currently available in the market is pretty much endless, it's never a bad idea to select based on professional opinion. That's why I'm sharing a couple of tips on the best self defense handguns for women, put together in form of a video by our friend Bill. For more gun-related tips & tricks, feel free to check out his YouTube channel as well as his website. Great stuff.




conclusion - choosing the best holster for women

a woman selecting a new leather holster a woman selecting a new leather holster a woman selecting a new leather holster a woman selecting a new leather holster


Selecting a new holster is very important task and also quite a tough nut to crack. There are many holster styles to pick from and the array of holsters falling under a particular carry style is pretty much endless.

And even though I suggested a couple of styles that might work better for women than men, the best holster for you is a matter of personal preference after all. A holster that works well for one female shooter might be the worst choice for the rest of the more tender gender.

However, as long as your new holster is a well-crafted one, built to fit the exact specs of your carry gun, you're one step closer to finding the best holster, no matter if you're a guy or a gal. And if you hit that button below, you'll find a range of holsters that meet this requirement.



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