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The 5 Best Magazine Pouches For Concealed Carry

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Have you already gotten a well made holster for your go-to carry gun? Excellent! However, it's important to keep in mind that there are situation in which the 1 magazine in your gun might no be enough. And that's exactly why should always carry 1 or 2 extra magazines. And do you know what's the best and safest way to carry them? You're right, it's inside a well made magazine pouch.

Not only are magazine pouches safe (provided they are custom made), they are also a great way to complete your EDC set. Today, I'll show you the best magazine carriers that will do just that.


How to pick the best mag holders?


Some time ago, we brought you our Ultimate Mag Pouch Guide. Although published nearly more that 2 years back, the guide isn't by any chance outdated and it discusses many important features concerning magazines as well as magazine pouches. Some of them are:

  • Differences between Single and Double stack magazines (and pouches)
  • Open-top VS Closed-top magazine carriers
  • The ways mag pouches can be carried
  • The materials magazine pouches are most often made of

However, there's one crucial thing that's missing - a list of the best magazine pouches for CCW. But better late than never, eh? I'll now show you what your best pouches for your pistol's spare ammo are.


The best magazine pouches for concealed carry

Before we get to our list, it's important to mention that not every magazine is the same. When selecting your new mag pouch, it's crucial to know what the capacity of your spare magazine is and the way the bullets are stacked (single vs double stacking). Most importantly, you need to know which caliber your carry gun packs.

And because all of the mag pouch options below are always crafted to the exact specs of a particular handgun, make sure you fill in the correct information.


#1 - Best Double Magazine Pouch

This leather magazine pouch is your best choice if you prefer open-top mag carriers. Just like its name suggests, this pouch takes in 2 spare pistol magazine at the same time, which means it works as a great competition magazine pouch. The two tension screw allow you to adjust its retention to your liking and your mags' specs, making it both a great 1911 magazine pouch, but also a solid SIG P365 mag pouch.


#2 - Closed-top double mag pouch

Just like the first one on our list, this leather mag holder also takes in 2 magazines at a time. However, as it comes with closing flaps, it's important you order it for magazines of specific size and caliber. But as it's always crafted on to fit the exact specs of your gun, it can work as a great 9mm mag pouch or as a great option for single stack, .45 magazines. And even though it doesn't feature such a low profile, it's still easy to conceal.


#3 - Best kydex magazine pouch

If you're a fan of kydex, this double magazine pouch made of premium durable 0.8'' kydex is the right choice for you. The pouch takes is custom made, meaning it fits the exact specs of your magazines. The open-top design results in easy access and quick draw and the snug fit prevents your mags from falling out. This kydex magazine pouch comes in a very slim profile, which is ideal for concealed carry.


#4 - best leather speedloader pouch

Is your carry gun a revolver? No worries, I've got something for your too. This leather speedloader pouch takes in 2 speedloaders at once. The pouch can be made for any cartridges and cylinders as the Italian leather its made of is always molded on the exact replica of your speendloaders. And in case you can do with just one extra speedloader, check out the single version of this pouch, available here.


#5 - leather IWB holster with magazine pouch

To wrap this up, I've got something really special for you. This leather IWB holster with a magazine pouch is a great choice for everyday concealed carry. Both the pouch and the holster are molded on the exact replicas of your gun and magazines, which delivers great fit and high retention. The set comes in an open-top design, which allows for quick draw and easy acces. The set is designed for IWB carry, making it one of the best magazine pouches for concealed carry.



Conclusion - Complete your EDC with a mag pouch


So this was our list of the best magazine pouches for concealed carry. Although most of the options on our list are designed to be carried outside the waistband, their slim and low profile makes their concealment super easy. Moreover, any of them is made to fit the exact specs of your spare mags (or speedloaders), which delivers great retention.

Found your new concealed carry pouch on the list? Excellent. But just in case you'd like to explore the rest of the magazine pouches on our offer, hit that button below, I'm sure you'll find your favorite there.



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