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The Top 5 Holsters For Guns With Lights And Laser Sights

Three different holsters for guns with lights and lasers Three different holsters for guns with lights and lasers Three different holsters for guns with lights and lasers


A tactical flashlight or laser sight is one of the easiest ways how to improve the accuracy and target acquisition of your pistol. These aftermarket upgrades attached to your pistol's rail (or trigger guard and grip area) can turn out to be real life savers, especially if you often find yourself in darker environments or if you're an on-duty professional.

Haven't got one yet? Then you should give it a serious thought. And if you're not sure which one to pick, feel free to check out our lists of best lights & laser sights for pistols such as the SIG P365, Hellcat, Glock 19, Beretta 92FS, or Glock 17. I'm sure you'll find your favorite there.

But once you've decided which gun light or laser to go for, you'll face another problem. You'll need to get the right light bearing holster for your pistol. Today, I'll rid you of that problem as I'm about to show you some of the best holsters for pistols equipped with lights and laser sights.


How to pick the best light bearing holster?

a guy showing his light bearing holster a guy showing his light bearing holster a guy showing his light bearing holster a guy showing his light bearing holster


Picking the correct holster for a gun with light can be a problem. Not only has the holster be molded to the exact specs of your pistol, it needs to be fitted to the shape of your light as well. That's why a light bearing Olight holster for Glock 19 won't probably fit a pistol with a Streamlight TLR-6. The same applies the other way, if you get a SIG P365 Streamlight TLR-6 holster, you'll hardly be able to use it for your P365 if you switch to another light.

But it's not only about the light attachment. If you want to get the best light holster for your gun, you need to decide which carry style fits you best. If you're a fan of concealed carry, you might realise that carrying IWB isn't that easy if you mount a light onto your gun. It certainly gets bulkier and less comfortable. However, it's still possible to carry however you please, as long as your holster is crafted to match the exact specs of your gun and light/laser.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at what the 5 best light bearing holsters are. And as they come in different carry styles and materials (and are ideal for guns of various sizes), I'm sure each of you will find your personal favorite.



#1 - 1911 light bearing holster

This light bearing leather holster is designed for OWB carry. As it's carried on the outside and comes with a safety strap, it's suitable even for some bigger guns, making it a great 1911 or SIG P226 light holster. This OWB light holster is made of the finest leather, which covers both your pistol and the attached light or laser. The holster works best when carried in the 3 or 4 o'clock position and it's quite easy to conceal under a jacket.


#2 - Shoulder holster for gun with light

The second leather light holster on our list is designed for vertical shoulder carry. This light bearing shoulder holster features the popular roto design. If you release the safety strap, the holster tilts and allows for convenient horizontal draw. If you're looking for let's say a well made leather shoulder holster for Glock 17 with light, you should definitely try this one out.



#3 - iwb light bearing holster

This leather IWB light holster offers deep concealment and high carry comfort even for guns equipped with lights. The steel clip makes attachment of this CCW light holster super easy and the open-top design allows for quick draw and acces. This IWB can also be used as light bearing appendix holster. If you need a holster for let's say a Glock 43, SIG P365 or Hellcat with light, this one is your best choice.



#4 - light bearing kydex holster

This kydex light holster is meant for OWB carry and it works best in the 3 o'clock position. The holster is ideal for anyone who prefers this material and loves the popular clicking noise upon holstering their weapon. This light and laser bearing kydex holster offers great retention, quick draw, and easy access. It's a great choice for professionals and it can be used as a light bearing duty holster as well.



#5 - light bearing drop leg holster

It's time to get a bit more tactical. The last piece on our list is actually a drop leg light holster and it's made of high quality cordura material. This nylon light bearing holster can not only be made for pistols of any sizes. As it's custom made, it works as a great Glock 17 light holster or Smith & Wesson M&P9 with light, but it can be made for bigger guns as well, making it an ideal M1911 or Beretta 92 light holster.



Conclusion - what's the best light holster for my gun?

The best holster for your gun equipped with a light or laser sight (or a combination of the two) is definitely one that's molded to match your config's specs. And any of the light and laser bearing holsters we've just had a look at is built exactly like that.

So, all there's left for you to do is to hit that button below, pick your favorite light holster, select the right config (gun model + attachment) and start enjoying excellent fit and high carry comfort.



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