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Best Holster for Red Dot Sights: Top 5 Picks for Your Pistol

A pistol with an attached red dot sight A pistol with an attached red dot sight A pistol with an attached red dot sight

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Red dot sights have recently become one of the favorite aftermarket accessories. In the past, optics were used mainly by on-duty professionals, but they are now extremely popular even among regular gun owners.

However, majority of the most common carry guns aren't optics ready, which is why many firearms manufacturers decided to introduce OSP versions of their flagship pistols (such as the P365, G43, or Hellcat). This decision gave birth to optics-ready models such as the SIG P365 XL, Springfield Hellcat OSP, or Glock 43X MOS. These pistols come with slides that are ready to take a red dot attachment. And that's extremely user-friendly, as shooters aren't required to have any particular skills or they don't need to look for any aftermarket upgrades making installation of an optics device easier.

But there's one thing anyone carrying a pistol with a red dot sight still has to do - they need to find the right red dot holster. And that's why I'm here today, to show you what the best holsters for pistols with red dots are.


The best red dot holsters for open carry


If you get an optics-ready pistol, it would be quite silly not to get a red dot sight for it. And if you do so, you can't be all too surprised that it becomes a bit more difficult to conceal, which is why we'll start with holsters meant for open carry. However, if you get a well made holster for a Springfield Hellcat OSP or SIG P365 XL, there will always be ways how to make use of it even in states with slightly stricter CCW laws.

So, without further ado, let's have a look at what some of the best open carry holsters for pistols with red dot sights are.


#1 - red dot OWB holster

The first holster for red dots on our offer is designed for OWB carry. It's got a thumb break strap, which makes it a great red dot retention holster. The forward leaning cant allows for quick draw and easy access. And as the holster is very durable, it allows for safe carry of even the biggest handguns. So, if you're looking for a solid Glock 19 red dot holster, this one deserves your attention.


#2 - Red dot paddle holster

This red dot compatible holster comes with a rotary paddle, allowing for several draw angles. It also allows you to adjust the retention of this kydex red dot holster to your liking. The holster leaves enough room for your pistol's optics and the open top design allows for a very quick draw. If you're not required to use a safety strap, it also becomes a great red dot duty holster.


#3 - red dot and light holster

Everybody likes 2 for 1 deals, right? And that's exactly what this red dot leather holster is. Not only is this a great red dot ready holster, it's also one of the best holsters for pistols with red dot and light. And as it is made of the finest Italian leather, you'll hardly find a better red dot light holster anywhere else in the market. If you're looking for let's say a great 1911 red dot duty holster, well, you've just found it.



the best concealed carry red dot holsters


Now not every state allows for open carry, which is why I'll show you two excellent red dot holsters for concealed carry. And not only can these holsters be used in regions with strict CCW laws, they are also a great fit for the most popular carry guns. So, if you need a well made Hellcat OSP red dot holster or perhaps a leather holster for your SIG P365 with a red dot sight, just have a look at the following options.


#4 - IWB holster for red dot pistols

This is the neatest and most versatile red dot IWB holster you can wish you. Not only is it a great match for any popular concealed carry pistol, it's also a great holster for revolvers with red dot sights (if that's your config and you want one, contact our support). The holster comes with a safety strap, making it a high retention red dot holster, even in case of the tiniest guns. And it can also be used as red dot appendix holster!


#5 - red dot sight shoulder holster

If you think shoulder holsters for red dots aren't possible to conceal, you're quite mistaken. In colder months, it's nearly impossible to notice your red dot pistol in a shoulder holster (provided you don't run about naked), especially if the holster is fitted to the exact specs of your gun and optics. And this one is! So, if you prefer this carry style, I strongly advise you to get this RDS leather holster. BTW, it can be used as a red dot belt holster too!



Conclusion - do I need a red dot sight holster?

Have you got a pistol with a red dot sight? Then you surely need a red dot holster. But don't get just an ordinary one, treat yourself to a truly custom RDS holster instead.

Our list only includes holsters made exactly on a replica of your pistol, which means all of these holsters for guns with optics deliver great fit and offer high retention.

So, if you need a new red dot holster for Hellcat OSP, Glock 17, full size 1911, or even a revolver, just hit that button below.



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