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Top 5 Holsters For Summer Carry

3 custom leather holsters - owb, iwb and shoulder 3 custom leather holsters - owb, iwb and shoulder 3 custom leather holsters - owb, iwb and shoulder


Have you just got your go-to carry gun? Great! But there's one more crucial thing you have to do before you can start carrying fully concealed. You need a great concealed carry holster for it. But how to select one? And how to pick one that will offer high enough carry comfort even in the hottest weather? That is the question.

It's the question I'll help you answer today with our list of top 5 leather holsters for 2021. All of the tips below are destined to be hits of the summer of 2021. Any of these holsters will let you get the max out of your gun and let you experience safe and comfortable carry. Moreover, each of the following holsters is super easy to conceal, even amidst this extremely hot summer weather.


IWB holsters

When it comes to deep concealed carry, IWB holsters (inside the waistband) and Appendix holsters (carried in the 1 o'clock appendix position) are your best option. Not only these holsters offer incredible concealment, they also offer high retention. These holsters work best with smaller carry guns such as the SIG P365 or Glock 43. However, if they come with a perfect fit, they can be a good match even for bigger guns such as full-size 1911. Here are the best IWB and appendix holsters for 2021, but if you want to have more to pick from, check out the rest of our concealed carry options here.


#1 - Open Top IWB Holster a.k.a. Lynx


I said that nothing beats IWB holsters when it comes to deep concealment. Now I'm telling you no inside the waistband holster beats this one. Molded on your gun's replica, this holster offers great fit and high retention. As it comes in an open-top design, it also offers super quick access and very quick draw. And it's made of premium Italian leather and stitched together with high-quality German threads. This is simply the best CCW holster for 2021. BTW, Lynx comes with one excellent gimmick for hot weather - sweat guard. Thanks to this features, both your gun and skin will be protected from any abrasion and moisture, isn't that great?


#2 - Leather IWB holster with steel clip

A guy drawing from an IWB clip holster A guy drawing from an IWB clip holster A guy drawing from an IWB clip holster A guy drawing from an IWB clip holster


The second on our list is a great IWB/AIWB holster. When carried in the appendix position, it offers super deep concealment and it can be easily covered by clothing. The holster comes with a steel clip, so it's super easy to attach. The thumb break strap results in high retention and it offers high safety for you and your gun. The holster is made of premium materials - Italian cowhide and durable German stitching. And it's entirely hand made, custom molded on the replica of your firearm, resulting in a perfect fit.


OWB Holsters

If you feel like OWB holsters (outside the waistband) don't have it's place in 2021, you're wrong. Even though they're a bit more difficult to conceal, they still have got plenty to offer. On top of the high retention they usually offer, holsters carried on the outside of your pants offer easy access and excellent grip on your gun. Moreover, if an OWB holster comes in a low profile design, it's also super easy to conceal. And we've got one holster just like that for you. But don't worry, if you'd like to have more options to pick from, have a look at our list of 6 best OWB holsters for 2021, available here.


#3 - Open Top Holster - Panther

This OWB holster comes in the popular pancake style and its super low profile results in easy concealment even in the hottest weather. It also comes in an open-top design, meaning the draw is very quick and intuitive, something essential for everydya carry. This pancake holster works best if carried in the 4 o'clock position on your dominant side. And even though it doesn't have a thumb break, the natural retention is very high as the holster is molded on the exact replica of your gun. And just like the first holster on our list, Panther also comes with a partial sweat guard, which is a must have feature of any belt holster in summer.


Cross-Draw holsters

Just like I mentioned before, cross-draw holsters are an excellent solution for those who spend hours on end driving or sitting. If this is your case, I've got an excellent holster for you. It's undeniably going to become a hit among cross-draw holsters in 2021. BTW, if you're a driver but you don't fancy cross-draw holsters much, check out our tips & tricks for concealed carry in your car.


#4 - Cross Draw Leather Gun Holster

If you plan on getting an office job or driving anywhere in 2021, you should get a cross draw holster. This one is perfect for a lengthy car ride or even plain old sitting on your porch. It has wide spread belt loops to secure and hold the holster on your belt fast, and it also allows for very quick and easy draw. And if paired up with a small carry gun, its concealment is super high as its molded on the exact replica of your gun.


Shoulder holsters

Shoulder holsters are a viable CCW option for summer only if you know what a good CCW shoulder holster needs. First of all, it must carry your gun in a safe position. Secondly, it must contour your body well, otherwise concealment can be a bit of a pickle. Of course, you'll need a layer of covering garment to conceal the holster. Last but not least, to provide perfect retention, the holster must fit your gun as well as possible and come with a thumb-break strap. I'll now show you the best shoulder holster for 2021, but if you want to learn more about this carry style, feel free to read our Guide to shoulder holsters.


#5 - Horizontal shoulder rig for concealed carry


A decent leather shoulder rig can't be missing in any list of top concealed carry holsters. And you just can't find a better one than this horizontal shoulder holster system! It features a double mag or speedloader pouch and it offers a unique roto feature, which changes the position of your gun from vertical to horizontal upon drawing. And even though your gun is carried horizontally, the holster's low profile still allows for relatively easy concealment. And if it gets too hot outside and you can't really hide the holster under a long-sleeved shirt, don't worry. You can always dismount the holster part from the harness and carry the holster like a regular belt holster.


Top holster styles for concealed carry

To start with, you need to pick the ideal carry style for concealed carry. And when it comes to deep concealment, nothing beats IWB holsters and AIWB holsters. Inside the waistband or appendix holsters will almost fully conceal your firearm and you can also be sure no one will get a chance to snatch your pistol or revolver away from you. Sure, if it's colder outside, shoulder carry also seems like a good idea, but these holsters aren't so great for micro and sub-compact handguns. But OWB holsters are also worth a thought, especially the pancake ones that come in a very slim profile. And if you spend hours on end driving or happen to have a sedentiary job, then you definitely shouldn't forget about the existance of cross-draw holsters either.

And if you're looking for a summer alternative to the more popular carry styles, then there are belly bands and ankle holsters, which offer super deep concealment and are a great match with the smallest guns such as the SIG P365. No matter which one you pick, I grant you all of these holsters offer exactly what you need for safe and comfortable everyday concealed carry.


Qualities of a great concealed carry holster

These carry styles are the most suitable ones for concealed carry. But it's not all about the style of carry, there are many other qualities a great everyday concealed carry holster must possess. First and foremost, your CCW holster (carrying a concealed weapon) must offer enough comfort, which means it has to be made of the best available material. And I believe it's genuine leather and durable stitching that provide the most comfortable carry experience. Moreover, leather holsters look classy and they are almost always handmade, so they provide much better feel than anything made of kydex or nylon.

Secondly, a good holster must fit your gun well. That's why the best holsters are those molded on the replica of your gun. Such molding technique results in a perfect, glove-like fit, but it also provides the holster with high retention (essential for everyday concealed carry). The better your holster retains your gun, the more safety it offers. Keep that in mind.

Last but not least, a perfect CCW holster must offer easy grip access and quick draw, otherwise it's pretty much useless. Draw speed could be a deciding factor, mainly when you carry your gun for personal defense purposes. But being able to reholster your gun as fast as possible is just as crucial, especially in the states with strict gun laws. If you want to find out more about CCW holsters, then don't forget to read our Guide to the best CCW holsters.



Getting a new carry gun and concealed carry holster is a very important thing and you shouldn't jump to any conclusion too early. However, with our list of the top 5 leather holsters for the summer of 2021, you don't have to worry whether you're making a good decision at all.

All of these holsters offer what a great CCW holster must deliver - a great fit, high retention, easy grip access and quickness of draw. Moreover, all of these holsters are made of premium materials - genuine Italian leather and high quality German threads. All the leather pieces are available both in mahogany and black finish, which makes them look beautiful. And any of these holsters will let you enjoy the best possible concealed carry experience even in the hottest of climates.

So, if you've already got your carry gun, take that last step to enjoy a true concealed carry experience - get a truly concealed carry holster for it.



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