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Top 5 Leather Holsters For 2020


Leather holsters are going to dominate 2020. How can we be so sure? Well let's say that we just know and have a feeeling that people will get bored with plastic and will revert back to natural materials. Leather holsters have been present since the very beginning. Cowhide and horsehide are the most common, but there are other options such as sharkskin, elephant hide, ostrich hide etc. if you have the money, patience and you want your gun to be carried in something luxurious. Leather holsters are an all time favorite of many gun users as they are uniquely beautiful because they receive patina overtime. But leather has also its non-aesthetic quality, it can be easily manipulated by a craftsman, it can be cut, its form can be shaped, colored and made to fit perfectly.Hand made leather holster offer great retention because the gun fits perfectly into the holster.


The Top 5 Leather Holsters To Own In 2020


#1 The Panther

The first entry covers the open top leather pancake category, also known as the best category for leather holsters carry. Why you ask? because this open top pancake holster combines a slim profile with an easy draw and re-holstering. It will ride very closly to and firmly on your body and the natural 3 or 4 o'clock position will allow a very easy draw. 



#2 The 2 Position Pancake 

The second holster has all the benefits of a pancake - slim profile, easy draw and close ride on the body - and it combines ith with a thumb break for extra safety. It may compromise the draw speed a little bit but that doesn't surprise any seasond gun owner. The 3 belt loops add versatility to the carry and this holster can be carried 4 o'clock or in a cross draw position. 



#3 The Cross Draw Holster

If you plan on sitting anywhere in 2020 you should get a cross draw holster. This one is perfect for a lengthy car ride or just plain old sitting. It has wide spread belt loops to secure and hold the holster on the belt and allow you easy draw and more importantly - easy reholstering. Be sure to grab a cross draw holster while you can.



#4 The Shoulder Rig

No leather holster list is complete with a proper shoulder rig. 2020 is supposed to be a very classy year so why not look like you mean it when it comes to style. Our shoulder holsters will be your go to holsters in 2020. Invest in a proper shoulder rig and find the versatility of it. Its concealable, does not weigh down your belt and you can sit around all day laughing at people with belt holsters.



#5 The Concealed IWB Holster

Concealing itself  on the end of our list like a proper concealed carry holster should is the staple - the IWB holster. Although your pew might be awesome it's better if it's not seen when needed in 2020. So count on the best materials and quality and conceal your firearm with our IWB holsters.