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Polymer Holsters


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Polymer Holsters

Injection molded polymer holsters are very similar to kydex holsters, yet they have their own category. The material is similar and the difference is that the holster is made by injecting the polymer into a mold and not by thermoforming. Polymer holsters are often blended with various fibers such as carbon, nylon etc.

The main benefit, material-wise, is that polymer holsters can be mass-produced for common weapon types because once the mold has been created it can be used en masse and thus be more available to the customer, while still having the benefits of any premium plastic type holster. They share the same benefits and downsides as the above mentioned kydex holsters. This type of holster fits the duty category perfectly, it is often used by military and law-enforcement units.

Polymer Holsters Polymer Holsters Polymer Holsters

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