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30% OFF - Cargo Travel Bag

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Should I Buy The 30% OFF - Cargo Travel Bag?

This concealment bag is your best travel companion. Made of premium Cordura material, the bag both looks great and it's also very comfortable. It comes with a several compartments, which means you can use it for your entire EDC, documents, and even a smaller laptop. This great off-body concealment bag now comes at a 30% discount.

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30% OFF - Cargo Travel Bag Description

The bag is made of durable nylon and is designed to serve as a tactical travel bag. The material is sturdy and the bag has 9 main compartments and a smaller, practical one, designed for ID's. The from side has a space for patches. The main compartment is designed to carry documents or a laptop and has removable and adjustable panel. Other compartments are closed by Veclro and can acommodate documents and objects of everyday use. The bottom of the bag is coated in a protective layer to prevent moisture or dirt to soak in the bag from the bottom. The bag can be held in hand with a safety clip, or worn on the shoulder thanks to a adjustable shoulder strap.

The dimensions of the bag are  H. 27" x W. 37" x D. 11" .

Full list of pockets from the back i.e. closest to the body, to the front.

1. Large pocket with 4 smaller compartments, ideal for smaller documents, smartphones etc. The pocket is closable via a zipper.

2. Larte pocket, ideal for larger documents or a laptop. Has a soft inside finish in order not to harm the contents. The pocket is closable via a zipper.

3. Large front pocket with a removable and adjustable panel. The pocket is closed by a Velcro strip and is ideal for documents or objects, which you need quick access to. It has smaller compartments for pens, pencils, flashlights etc.

4. Four compartments in the front wchich are designed to hold small everyday objects. They are closable with a zipper and the bottom right one has a patch area.

5. The sides of the bag have two compartments ideal for small objects, sunglases etc.


  • Nylon
  • 9 Pockets w. Compartments
  • H. 27" x W. 37" x D. 11"
  • Available in Black, Coyote And Olive
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Produced by Vega Holster

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