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Western Holster & 2.75" Belt

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Should I Buy The Western Holster & 2.75" Belt?

Ever wanted to look like the (in)famous Old West gunslingers? Then you simply need this western holster & belt combo. This holster is a great match for Old West, Single Action revolvers and the belt it's attached to features a great number of bullet loops, which means you'll never run out of ammo. The holster is carried in a lowered position and its open-top design secures quick draw and easy access.

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Western Holster & 2.75" Belt Review highlights

"The holster and belt are very well built and look like they will hold up for years to come. Some of my friends have starter doing some western shooting competitions and having this sweet setup get me into the spirit of the old west. Great support people to work with as well."

— BOB S. Read all 18 Reviews

Western Holster & 2.75" Belt Description

This hand made product is a combination of a western style gun belt, holster, and ammo holders. The holster is attached to the western gun belt and it is designed to be carried on one’s dominant side, strapped to one’s thigh via the attached lace. The belt comes with a number of bullet loops. This set is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to look like a real Old West gunslinger. The entire set is hand made, composed of premium Italian leather and the key parts are stitched together with high-quality German threads.

The holster is thermo-molded on the exact replica of your handgun, which results in a perfect, glove-like fit and unique, custom feel. It features an open-muzzle, open-top design, which allows for extremely quick draw and reholstering. It has a trigger safety catch and the whole rig is positioned with the firearm grip right below the belt. The western style belt comes with an elegant brass buckle. The belt is 2.75’’ wide and it features a highly durable stitching. The cartridge holders are carefully stitched to the belt and they are made of premium leather too. The belt is available in the following sizes - S, M, L, and XL. The unique Western Leather Holster and Belt is available in mahogany color. The set is currently available for right-handed shooters only.

Caliber compatibility - The ammo loops on this western rig will hold any standard handgun cartridges the diameter of which is bigger than the .22 Long Rifle.

Belt size - To properly measure your belt size, use a well-fitting belt you already own. Lay the belt on a flat surface and start the tape measure at the belt hole you use (most frequently the middle one). Measure the distance from this point all the way to the end of the belt (where it meets the buckle). Then select the correct belt size based on the measured value.

Note - This western holster is now available for Ruger Wrangler with a 4.62'' barrel too. However, as this holster is mainly meant for SAO revolvers with 6.5'' barrels, ordering it for the Ruger Wrangler - 4.62'' will mean there will be some void in the muzzle part of the holster.


  • Unique western style rig
  • Features a gun belt, gun holster, and ammo holders
  • Hand made product
  • Premium Italian leather with lacquered finish
  • Highly durable stitching
  • 2.75’’ wide belt
  • Western gun holster
  • Perfect, glove-like fit for your handgun
  • A number of leather holders for extra ammo
  • Great stability
  • Available in mahogany leather
  • Available for right-handed shooters
  • Produced by Vega Holster

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