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Falco Shoulder Holsters


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Falco Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holster carry represents a traditional gun carry style that is still popularly used by the shooters nowadays. The shoulder carry refers to the position that this gun carry style is designed for, over the shooter’s shoulder. This gun carry style is used both by the civilian users and law enforcement alike because of the comfortability, safety and accessibility to the gun. Obviously, a shoulder holster carried by the civilian requires wearing a covering garment at all time, which might be challenging in some sort of carrying situations (summer). Shoulder holsters are standardly available in horizontal and vertical orientations. This “underarm” carry method is appropriate to be used with the guns of any sizes including the bigger firearms.

The shorter barreled handguns work fine in horizontal style shoulder holsters, while longer barreled models work better in vertical style holster. The vertical style of shoulder carry is ideal and recommended carry method for revolvers with long barrels that have limited number of possibilities of the appropriate gun carrying methods. The classic material choices that the shoulder rigs are offered from are leather and nylon. The nylon material is cost-effective and might be practical for the use in hot and humid weather but the leather shoulder rig offers a longer service life and more comfortable carry. The shoulder rig standardly consists of the shoulder holster, harness and the counterbalance part, which is a practical feature that allows the shooter to carry also the spare magazines. The modern shoulder rig contains the design features that are standardly available with gun holsters of any other gun carry method including the retention system (passive or active), open or closed muzzle design and often also the attachment of the shoulder rig to the belt for the stability and safety. The weight of the gun and magazines are standardly nicely balanced within the shoulder rig, offering a relatively comfortable carry but comfortability belongs to one the withdrawers of this carry method that is often reproached. Shoulder holster carry style might be an appropriate carry method for the shooters, who spend most of the day seated (professional drivers, shooters in a wheelchair), for those whose hands are “occupied” during the activities outside and they need to have everything by hand (hunters, farmers, hikers) and this is particularly appropriate method for the shooters carrying big firearms. One of the disadvantages of this type of gun carry style is that the draw and manipulation with the gun requires some sort of shooter’s practice to be able to draw the gun fast and effectively from the “armpit” position.

Draw of the gun is slower, as the shooter draw the gun form the weak side. Some of the shooters might find this carry method uncomfortable depending on the body built, tolerance for the harness and quality of the particular shoulder rig. Conclusion, actual offer of shoulder holsters are really wide. Shoulder holsters represent a classic gun carry method that has its pros and cons. There are shooters who carry them exclusively, others just on special occasions, the shoulder holster style of gun carry still isn't necessarily a default choice of gun carry style, the reasons are not that important as long as this carry style is advantageous for the shooter.

Falco Shoulder Holsters Falco Shoulder Holsters Falco Shoulder Holsters

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