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Best Holster for Ruger Security 9: Top Picks Reviewed

Ruger security 9 4 inch pistol Ruger security 9 4 inch pistol Ruger security 9 4 inch pistol


The Ruger Security 9 is a recoil operated semi-automatic pistol with a single-action (SA) trigger made by Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.. It is quite compact with its 4” long barrel and lightweight hammer-fired pistol designed to be an inexpensive option for self-defense and concealed carry. This pistol relies on the use of the famous 9mm Luger cartridge and its magazine can hold up to 15+1 rounds of ammo, which is quite enough for a self-defense pistol. Even though it was introduced only in 2018, the Security-9 has become extremely popular even despite some of the problems it comes with.

As the Ruger Security-9 is a mid-sized weapon, it probably works equally well when carried outside and inside the waistband. That's why our today's list comes with a couple of great options for both Tuger Security-9 open and concealed carry.




The Ruger Security 9 belongs to the category of mid-sized pistols making it versatile enough to be suitable for more carry styles. So it brings you an option to carry it either outside or inside the waistband according to your preferences. Remember, no matter what carry style you choose, always take your time when choosing the holster for your Security 9. As the appropriate holster keeps your gun safe. Our offer includes a whole line of well-fitting Ruger Security 9 holsters are molded on the exact replica of the pistol to assure perfect fit.

Each Ruger Security 9 holster is custom made and our craftsmen use the premium italian leather and german stitches to provide the best quality. You can also choose from other materials, such as nylon or kydex. All of the holsters are made for both right and left handed shooters and you can choose from different carry styles and colours.

Sounds interesting to you? Well, let’s take a deeper look at the best Ruger Security 9 holsters and carry styles.


Best Ruger Security-9 Open carry holsters

Ruger security 9 pistol in cross draw holster Ruger security 9 pistol in cross draw holster Ruger security 9 pistol in cross draw holster Ruger security 9 pistol in cross draw holster


Due to its dimensions the Ruger Security 9 is versatile enough to be carried in different holsters. In the states where open carry is allowed, the most popular carry option might as well be Ruger Security 9 OWB holsters. Another great open carry option are Security 9 shoulder holsters or even Security-9 cross-draws (especially in case you spend hours on end driving or sitting at your office desk). For your outdoor activities, the Ruger Security 9 chest holsters. These were the best carry styles for the Security 9 open carry, but let's be more specific and have a look at top Ruger Security-9 open carry holsters.


#1 - Ruger security 9 holster owb

The first holster is designed for Ruger Security 9 outside the waistband carry. The big pro of this Ruger Security 9 OWB holster is the steel reinforced thumb break strap attached to its top. It also comes with 3 belt slots, offering multiple carry positions. So, this holster can be carried both at one's dominant side, but it also works as a great Security 9 cross-draw holster.


#2 - Ruger security-9 shoulder holster

If you’re a fan of holster systems, this Ruger Security 9 shoulder rig is definitely the right option for you. It brings a perfect fit, great balance, comfort of carry, and convenient draw and reholstering. This Ruger Security 9 shoulder system consists of the main shoulder holster part, cross-shoulder harness, and magazine pouch serving as counterbalance. It is mainly meant for horizontal shoulder carry, but works as a great Security 9 belt holster as well.


#3 - Ruger security 9 paddle holster

This Ruger Security 9 paddle holster is an excellent choice for on-duty professionals. The holster comes with a rotary MRS 5 paddle, which makes mounting very quick and convenient. This Ruger Security-9 leather holster works best when carried in the 3 o’clock position on one’s dominant side. However you can enjoy various draw cants and carry positions due to the cant can be adjusted via the attached paddle.


#4 - Ruger security 9 holster with light

This is yet another open carry holster, designed specifically for your Security-9 with a light/laser attached. The leather this Ruger Security 9 light holster is made of covers the entire barrel, but also your attachment. The retention is further enhanced by the steel-reinforced thumb break. This Ruger Security 9 holster with light is meant for the 4 o’clock carry and it features widely spaced belt slots assuring the holster’s stability on the belt.


Best accessories for Ruger Security 9


I'll show you what the best Ruger Security-9 holsters for concealed carry are in a bit. But before I do so, let's take a quick look at how to upgrade your Ruger Security 9. The gun is nearly perfect in itself, but why not making it a little better, right?

  1. CRIMSON TRACE RAIL MASTER for Ruger Security-9 - This Ruger Security 9 CRM-201 is one of the best red laser sights currently available in the market. And not only is it very compact, it can run on for 4 straight hours. You can get yours here.
  2. Ruger Security 9 FLASHLIGHT - A tactical light is your best friend when it comes to low-light environments. So, if you never want to be caught off-guard, get this Ruger Security 9 light by M1SURPLUS.
  3. LIGHT/LASER COMBO for Ruger Security 9 - Are you a fan of both tactical lights and lasers? Can't you decide which one to mount onto your Ruger? Well, with this Ruger Security-9 light/laser combo by Ade Advanced Optics, you can have both! BTW, if you'd like to have more to pick from, here's our list of the best Ruger Security-9 lights and lasers.



best ruger security-9 concealed carry holsters

a guy with a concealed carry holster and ruger security 9 a guy with a concealed carry holster and ruger security 9 a guy with a concealed carry holster and ruger security 9 a guy with a concealed carry holster and ruger security 9


Due to its versatility, the Ruger Security 9 can be a great choice for those who are looking for a deeper concealment. It can be easily hidden within some of the Ruger Security 9 CCW holsters. The best options are either Ruger Security 9 IWB holsters or Ruger Security 9 appendix holsters. And if you're a sporty type, another interesting option could also be Security-9 belly bands.


#5 - ruger security 9 iwb holster

This is one of the best Ruger Security-9 inside waistband holsters that offers everything a solid IWB holster should - easy concealment, high retention, comfort of carry and quick draw. The opening of the holster is reinforced with an additional layer of leather, which makes reholstering very easy. This Ruger Security 9 holster for IWB carry works best when carried in the 3 or 4 o'clock belt position.



#6 - Ruger security 9 concealed holster

This Ruger Security-9 leather holster is designed for concealed carry and it offers multiple carry positions. The holster works well as both Security 9 appendix holster, but if attached to one's dominant side, it becomes a solid Ruger Security 9 inside waistband holster too. The holster comes with a steel clip, which makes its attachment very simple. So, if you need a versatile Security-9 concealed carry holster, you've just found it.



As the Ruger Security 9 is dimension wise suitable for both open and concealed carry, it can be carried in a Ruger Security 9 outside waistband holster as well as Ruger Security 9 IWB holster. However the offer is so big that it may be a little problematic to pick the right one. So, if you can't decide, I'd recommend the first holster on our list - Ruger Security 9 OWB holster. Why? Because it is very comfortable to wear, offering more carry positions and extra security thanks to the steel reinforced thumb break. On top of that, it'll fit your Ruger Security 9 like a glove.

But if you prefer to make the choice yourself, be my guest. Any of these custom Ruger Security-9 leather holsters is a great choice. All you need to keep in mind is the CCW laws of your state. If open carry is not allowed, then go ahead and get one of these Ruger Security 9 concealed carry holsters. If there are no restriction to carry styles in your state, then just hit that button below and pick the Security 9 holster you like best.