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Glock 43 Problems: Common Issues and How to Fix Them

Glock 43 in a hand Glock 43 in a hand Glock 43 in a hand

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The Glock 43 is a recoil operated semi-automatic pistol made by the famous Glock Ges.m.b.H.. This pistol is striker- fired and comes with a single-action (SA) trigger. The Glock 43 is a slim profile handgun that was originally designed for concealed carry and self-defense purposes and quickly became very popular among many folks. This pistol initially comes with a single-stack 6-round magazine and relies on the use of the very famous 9mm Luger cartridge.

Although the G43 became a favourite gun model from the Glock’s family, it is not perfect. As all of the handguns, it has its issues. Some of them can be easily fixed, some need a little more effort, but the Glock is more than willing to solve all eventual issues. You don’t have to worry, because these issues may not occur when using your Glock 43, but it is always good to be aware of them. Keep reading and find out more.



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A failure to feed is a common issue within the striker-fired handguns and the Glock 43 is no exception. So what can happen with your Glock 43 when feeding? Specifically, as the slide strips the round off the magazine, it can nose-dive and get caught up on the bottom of the ramp rather than get deflected up and into battery. The best thing to do in this case is to check whether the rounds are riding against the ejector at an angle. If so, that is an easy fix with a file.

The main factors that can cause a feeding issue are usually the magazines, feed ramps, and bad recoil springs. The Glock recommendations are to lubricate the gun, replace the recoil spring assembly and try chambering a round from the slide lock using the slide-stop to avoid any drag on the slide. Sometimes a mag spring is put in backwards, upside down, or the spring was previously stretched (and maybe inadvertently ruined) by the owner which can also cause a feeding issue. As there can be more situations causing the failure to feed, one thing I recommend would be to borrow another G43 to substitute and narrow down the problem to the mag, gun, ammo, or the shooter. Or contact the Glock directly to take a deeper look at the issue.


PROBLEM #2 - GLOCK 43 trigger issues

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Another very common Glock 43 problem is the trigger. For many shooters the trigger on the G43 seems to be quite heavy and really stiff which makes it harder to shoot. Besides that, there can be an issue with resetting the trigger. It can happen that once every 3 or 4 magazines the trigger will not reset.

The pistol ejects and inserts a new round but the trigger cannot be pulled. You can try to rack the slide, eject the live round, insert a new round and the gun runs fine until it fails to reset again. In this case the best way to solve this trigger issue is to contact the Glock for inspection of the concrete issue and solution.

Some folks also experienced that the bullet fired always goes left when shooting. When it comes to this situation and no matter what I do with the trigger you shoot to the left, just move the rear sight to the right. And the problem should be solved.


problem #3 - glock 43 magazine issues

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The magazine belongs to another part that causes most pistol malfunctions. The same is with the Glock 43. The first issue that can occur is that basically, the magazine hangs up about half way into the magazine well. In this case it should help to remove the magazine and jiggle it around a bit to get it to sit properly. Another problem can be found when reloading the magazine.

During the reload, the magazine occasionally does not drop out. Not because it isn’t heavy enough, but because the grip is so short that the bottom of the magazine rests on the fleshy part of your hand when you turn it to depress the magazine release. The advice would be to use armor all on the magazine to reduce friction. Eventually, you can find more info about this mag issue at the Glock forum.


Problem #4 - Finding the best Glock 43 holster

a guy looking for a holster through a holster a guy looking for a holster through a holster a guy looking for a holster through a holster a guy looking for a holster through a holster

Obviously there are some minor issues that can cross your way when using the Glock 43 handgun. However, I’m still convinced that the overall value of this pistol outweighs its minor issues. And for more, there is no rule that you’ll experience those issues and if so, I’m sure the Glock support will help you directly.

Although, there might be another issue that needs to be overcome when considering buying the Glock 43. Are you asking what exactly? Simply to find a Glock 43 holster that would fit it like a glove. Fortunately we got a whole line of the Glock 43 holsters. Of course with regards to your preferred carry style, material or design. If you’re a fan of concealed carry that this pistol was initially designed for, you can choose from the G43 CCW holsters. And as the pistol is extremely tiny, it can be easily concealed even inside a Glock 43 OWB holster, so these are a viable option as well.

Generally said, any holster that's molded to the exact dimensions of your Glock will serve you well. So if you find a holster like that, you'll get rid of at least one annoying Glock 43 problem. And if you can't decide which one to get, check out our list of the best Glock 43 holsters for 2021, available here.


CONCLUSION - Should I buy Glock 43?

There is no doubt about some minor issues that come along with each gun. The same is with the Glock 43, as it is just a machine and machines have their problems. Although, there is no rule that the issues must be caused by a gun. Sometimes, it’s the fault of the  ammunition or the shooter. So don’t trust everything you find on the internet and always try to inspect the issue (if you’ll experience one) at first.

Besides that, the Glock 43 seems to be a reliable pistol and many shooters just love it. It is ideal for concealed carry and self-defense purposes and in my opinion this pistol has a lot of pros and a lot to offer. So even if some issues may occur, it is still well worth it.

However, if you need more specific information on this particular pistol, the internet is full of the well-made reviews on the Glock 43. And if you already decided to buy one, don’t forget to get a well-fitting holster for it.