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Most Popular Glock 43X Reviews - All You Need To Know

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Before making a crucial purchase, you should always do a proper research on the product you're contemplating buying. And if you're deciding about something as crucial as which EDC concealed carry gun to get next, finding out as much as possible about your best options proves to be even more important.

In case you're in need of a new CCW handgun, you might consider getting yourself a Glock 43X, as it offers virtually everything you want from a solid sub compact. And if you're not sure what that everything is, just check out our recent hands-on Glock 43X review, available here.

But to offer some more perspective, it's vital you read more than just one review. So, I've decided to put together a list of the most popular Glock 43X reviews, all of which offer a relatively unbiased and objective opinoin on why this pistol deserves a spot among everyone's EDC.


#1 - Glock 43X - Vigilance Elite's No Bullsh*t Review with Shawn Ryan

Let's kick it off with a rather unusual, perhaps even a bit too vulgar, but very objective review by VIgilance Elite, a fast growing YouTube channel dealing with firearms. Vigilance Elite will give you both the benefits of the Glock 43x as well as uncensored first impressions of this pistol. The author of this video offers a great and unbiased comparison of the Glock 43x and the Glock 43 where he highlights some of the problems and shortcomings of the Glock 43x and as mentioned before, staying objective. He says whatever he wants and whatever he feels about the Glock 43x and that gives the whole review a very relatable and honest feeling.

You really feel as if a friend was describing the Glock 43x to you and that in my opinion is really great. He praises the stock magazines and the capacity as is expected but also critiques the feel of the slide and the fact that the Glock 43x feels like a side project to the original Glock 43. He also includes a direct target shooting comparison of the Glock 43x and the Glock 43 which results might shock you. So, if you don't mind a couple of harsher words, grab some popcorn and tune into the first review on our list, which you can find here.


#2 - Gun Review: Glock 43X

Glock 43x uscca picture Glock 43x uscca picture Glock 43x uscca picture Glock 43x uscca picture


This is a more information-dense Glock 43x review than the previous ones. But what else would you expect from some of the finest firearms experts that can be found among the USCCA's editorial team? It goes into great detail, explaining everything you need to know about the Glock 43x from the ergonomics to the detailed specs of the pistol. This USCCA review suggest these guys are in favour of the Glock 43x, but that's nothing too suprising. After all, it's a great carry gun. This is a review for someone who really cares about knowing every little detail about the pistol that he or she is buying. They also do a shooting accuracy test with a detailed description of ammunition used and all the useful info you need to make an educated and smart purchase. In short, if you are looking for facts and pain data, this is the review for you.


#3 - Glock 43x One Year Review

Glock 43x one year review pistol in hands Glock 43x one year review pistol in hands Glock 43x one year review pistol in hands Glock 43x one year review pistol in hands

Source: YouTube/BoomStick Tactical

In the review, the BoomStick Tactical shares some of his experiences with the Glock 43x that he's gathered over the course of the year of carrying this nifty little CCW firearm. He is mostly speaking about whatever comes to his mind with regard to the topic, and even though he sometimes seems to drift off the subject a bit, he still manages to share some very intriguing info with his audience He mostly talks about the carry experience of the Glock 43x which is pretty rare to see people doing since in order to make a good judgment you really need to spend some good time with the firearm in question. This review really gives a useful insight into the whole experience with highlighting some of the benefits as well as the drawbacks. In my opinion, he remains pretty unbiased but he mentions that he is sort of a Glock fan. All and all, this is a really good review that will surely help you decide if you want to go with the Glock 43x or not.


#4 - Glock 43X Review [2021 + Video] 9mm Single Stack CCW

A guy shooting from his glock 43x on the range A guy shooting from his glock 43x on the range A guy shooting from his glock 43x on the range A guy shooting from his glock 43x on the range


Well, it wouldn't really be a list of the most popular Glock 43X reviews if it didn't include the opinion from guys at Gun University, would it? And this is a truly exemplary piece of write-up. It's as detailed as it gets, it also includes many pictures and various interesting infographics. At some points, it even looks like a piece of academic writing than a review if I was to be completely honest (just like this review simply is!). It feels and looks professional and you really get a sense that these guys know what they are talking about. And if you are not a big fan of such extensive reading, they also included a video! That is just absolutely incredible! In the end, they also include care tips and give you some insight into what the best aftermarket upgrades for your future Glock 43X are. This is simply a perfect review, if you ask me.


#5 - Glock G43X and G48 [Hands-On Review]

Now the last review on our list is definitely a must read, especially if you're deciding between a couple of different carry guns. The gentleman from PewPewTactical, one of the most popular gun sites to be found on the Internet, decided to compare the Glock 43X to another model from the Austrian workshop, the Glock 48.

If you're deciding which of these two carry guns to pick up, here's what the author's got to say about them. "The G43X and G48 are bold moves. Some will undoubtedly compare Glock to Apple, complaining they are delivering yet a newer version in a never-ending progression of upgrades so I’ll have to buy the next one. Others might look at the G43X and G48 and say “meh” it’s not that different."

And if you want to find out why those who say something like this might be wrong, you just need to give this review by PewPew a proper read through ... And in case you'd like to know how such a great carry gun as G43X does against some other guns, feel free to check out our Glock 43X vs Taurus G2C review, available here.



Today we went over a few of the Glock 43x reviews that are out there. We looked at both video and article reviews and hope that they were useful to you and that they helped you decide what your next gun purchase is going to be. And based on the above mentioned opinions, this CCW wonder is definitely worth the money.

But there's one thing you can't forget to do once you get your own Glock 43X - get a decent Glock 43X holster for it!


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