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Glock 43X Problems: Common Issues and Effective Fixes


The Glock 43X might be one of the currently most popular and widely used Glock pistols. This pistol is pretty much an upgraded version of the standard Glock 43. And as the original G43 is considered pretty much a perfect CCW handgun, you can expect even more from the X version.

Even though I've outlined the G43x as possibly the most ideal CCW choice in my recent Glock 43x review, here is no such thing as being 100% perfect. There is no car that is 100% perfect, no knife that is 100% perfect and the same applies in the case of firearms. You can get close to perfection but there will no doubt be something that bothers somebody. This is also true in the case of Glock 43x. Even though it is no doubt a great and well-regarded firearm from a well-renowned manufacturer it has its flaws.


#1 Grip Size


One of the main problems with Glock 43x stems as a side effect from its biggest strength. It’s great magazine capacity. In order for the pistol to be able to house 10 rounds in its magazine plus one in its chamber, the grip of the Glock 43x had to be enlarged. Even though not by much ( G43x is taller by 0.79” ), it still makes a huge difference for some shooters and their individual needs.

Of course, this will pose the biggest issue to people with smaller hands who simply have a harder time comfortably gripping the larger grip of the Glock 43x. But they are not the only ones having issues with the Glock 43x’s grip size. Next in line are people of smaller build who wish to carry the Glock 43 as their everyday concealed carry pistol. It might be a bit harder for them to hide the 43x on their body in comparison to the smaller 43.


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#2 Trigger Reset


But grip size is not the only issue with the Glock 43x. Another problem with the Glock 43x is its trigger reset issue. Some people have reported that their trigger will not reset after they rack back the slide of the pistol. This is understandably annoying and takes a toll on the legendary reliability reputation of Glock quite a lot. If you are having this problem we recommend checking the trigger bar cruciform is properly installed under the trigger spring catch. If this doesn’t solve the problem or is not the case, we recommend replacing the trigger spring immediately.


#3 Round ejection/extractor issue


Glock 43x has gotten a bad rep from many people because they are having issues ejecting a round from the chamber when the magazine is removed. This problem means that the round in the chamber is a lot harder to eject by hand and sometimes can feel as if the round is stuck and the gun malfunctioned. Many may think that it is a problem with their gun but in reality, it is not. Glock has confirmed that this is just a thing that happens on all gen 5 Glocks but is most prevalent on the 43x model. This “problem” is easily solvable though. The only thing one must do is rack the slide harder and with more force in order to get the round to eject. If you are experiencing this problem check out this video on YouTube


#4 Trigger Lottery


It is not a secret that the Glock is notorious for their “trigger lottery”. This means that the state of your trigger largely depends on luck. The 2 pistols of the same model can have 2 wildly different triggers. You can get a really nice and responsive trigger on one of your pistols and the other one with a heavy and cumbersome one. There is no way of fixing this other than getting a new trigger if yours is not good for you.


Conclusion - Glock 43X Tips & Tricks


We can discuss the problems of any particular firearm for days on end but why discuss fault when we can rather discuss how to prevent them. Even though Glock has rightfully earned a great reliability reputation in the firearms community, you should not be relying solely on their promise. The first and the main thing one must do to ensure that his Glock will work properly is to take care of it. This is no different in the case of the Glock 43x.

One must keep the gun in a dry and clean environment away from any dirt or debris that might get inside the gun and cause it to malfunction or decrease its accuracy. This applies both when one is on the range or using the gun and when the gun is stored. For instructions on how to clean and maintain your Glock 43x, check out this YouTube Video