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1.2'' Belt w Brass Buckle

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This 1.2'' wide leather gun belt will compliment the looks of any gentleman out there. The might not be that wide, but it's still very sturdy, delivering great support for your gun and holster. The brass buckle adds to the classy look of the belt and they way it's made prevents the belt's edges from fraying.

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"Excellent Belt , i love it 10+"

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This custom leather gun belt is a great match for holsters for any pistol or revolver, especially those made of leather. The entire belt is hand made and constructed of the best available materials. The belt is composed of premium Italian leather. This leather gun belt is very comfortable to carry. The surface of this gun belt is very smooth. The edges of the belt are heat-treated to prevent fraying.

This gun belt features an elegant brass buckle, which makes it look very stylish. The belt is ideal for civilian use and it outperforms other belts in both functionality and elegance. The gun belt will perfectly accommodate your holster and allow you to carry your gun with great stability. This gun belt is 1.2’’ wide and compatible with any holster with 1.2’’ wide belt openings or other mounting devices. This elegant custom made gun belt is available in two different colors - mahogany and black. The belt is available in the following sizes - XS, S, M, L, and XL.

Note - Before selecting the correct belt length, make sure you properly measure your waist circumference. Then, select the belt size that indicates the sizing interval your waist circumference falls under. Each belt size in the "size" drop-down menu comes with two values. The value on the left indicates what's the smallest waist size the given belt size is appropriate for. The value on the right indicates the largest waist size the given belt size will fit. Example - If your waist circumference is 33.4'', you should select the size S. If it's more than 35.4'', you should pick the size M.

  • 1.2’’ wide gun belt
  • Ideal belt for civilian use
  • Premium Italian leather with lacquered finish
  • Smooth surface
  • Elegant appearance
  • High quality brass buckle
  • Perfect match with leather gun holsters
  • Available in up to XL sizes
  • Available in mahogany and black color
  • Produced by Vega Holster

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