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Best Holster for Taurus GX4: Ultimate Carry Choices Reviewed

Taurus GX4 handgun od display Taurus GX4 handgun od display Taurus GX4 handgun od display

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The Taurus GX4 is a subcompact polymer-framed striker-fired pistol designed for concealed carry and personal defense. It has a 3.06-inch barrel and an overall length of 6.05 inches, making it very compact and easy to carry as your EDC gun. The GX4 has a capacity of 11 rounds, which is generous for a pistol of its size.  Some of the features of the Taurus GX4 include a low-profile fixed steel rear sight and a white-dot steel front sight for easy aiming, a textured grip for a secure hold, and a flat face, serrated trigger for better comfort and control.   Taurus GX4 is a popular compact pistol known for its reliability and accuracy. If you own this firearm, it is essential to find the right holster to ensure its safety and easy accessibility. Holsters not only protect your firearm but also ensure that it’s within reach whenever you need it. In this article, Let's explore and find  the best holster for Taurus GX4.



Best holster for Taurus GX4




#1 Taurus GX4 holster OWB


This leather pancake holster is a popular option for those who prefer OWB carry. The pancake design grants it a slim and low profile. This OWB holster for Taurus GX4 features two belt slots for easy attachment to your waistband. The holster also features an open-top design for a very quick draw and easy reholstering. Even if it is an outside the waistband holster, it’s a great Taurus GX4 concealed holster.

#2 Taurus GX4 holster IWB


This Taurus GX4 leather holster is a favorite choice for those who prefer inside the waistband carry. The holster is made of high-quality leather and is designed to fit snugly against your body for maximum comfort and concealment. This Taurus GX4 leather IWB holster features an adjustable retention screw for a secure fit. Moreover, the holster's also equipped with belt loops, making its attachment impressively quick and convenient.

#3 Taurus GX4 appendix holster


This Taurus GX4 custom holster offers multiple carry positions and can function both as a dominant-side or appendix holster making it an ideal Taurus GX4 concealed carry holster. The holster also comes with a steel clip so that its attachment can be really quick and convenient. The holster also features a reinforced thumb break strap, which makes it very durable and increases the holster's already high natural retention. Moreover, the entire Taurus GX4 appendix holster is made of premium Italian leather

#4 Taurus GX4 shoulder holster


The leather shoulder holster for Taurus GX4 is a great solution for those who prefer shoulder carry. This holster features an adjustable harness for a comfortable fit. The holster has a thumb break retention strap to ensure your Taurus GX4 is secure. As the strap is reinforced by steel, it will retain its shape and function over many years of use. What’s more, the Taurus GX4 shoulder holster system features a double ammo holder that can be fastened to your belt via the tie-down straps, which makes it both secure and greatly balanced.

#5 Taurus GX4 holster with mag pouch


The kydex IWB holster with a magazine pouch is a splendid option for those who prefer inside the waistband carry. This holster is made of durable kydex and features a magazine pouch attached to the side of the holster. The holster is designed to sit flush against your body for maximum concealment making it a great Taurus GX4 concealed holster. The open-top design and steel clip result in a rapid draw and very quick and convenient attachment.

Best carry styles for Taurus GX4


When it comes to finding the best holster for the Taurus GX4, there are a few factors to consider, such as the type of holster you prefer, your carry style, and your personal preferences. The Taurus GX4 is a popular compact pistol known for its reliability, accuracy, and ease of use. If you own a Taurus GX4, you must understand the different carry styles available to you. I’m bringing you some of the most common carry styles for the Taurus GX4.

Taurus GX4 IWB carry is one of the most popular carry styles for this handgun. This style involves carrying your firearm inside your waistband, between your body and pants. Taurus GX4 OWB carry involves carrying your GX4 outside your waistband. This style is often used by law enforcement personnel and competitive shooters who need quick access to their firearms. Taurus GX4 appendix carry involves carrying your gun in the front of your waistband, near your appendix. This carry style is popular for its quick access and ease of draw. Taurus GX4 shoulder carry involves carrying your Taurus on a harness that rests on your shoulders. This style is popular for its comfort, accessibility, and concealment.

Conclusion - the best Taurus GX4 holster compatibility


Choosing the right holster for your Taurus GX4 can greatly enhance your shooting experience and ensure your safety. The Taurus GX4 offers several carry options to suit your personal preference and situation. When selecting a holster, it's essential to consider factors such as comfort, retention, and accessibility to guarantee maximum security and efficiency.  Whether you prioritize comfort, retention, or accessibility, I must say that all 5 options in my article will meet your specific requirements and make your shooting experience even better. In my opinion, the number one holster for your Taurus GX4, and my favorite one is the Taurus GX4 holster with mag pouch. Not only it’s made of durable kydex, but it also is a great 2 in 1 package as it takes in your handgun with an extra magazine



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