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Best Holster Awards for 2022

A curtain is opening to announce the winners of the best holsters for 2022 at Craft Holsters A curtain is opening to announce the winners of the best holsters for 2022 at Craft Holsters A curtain is opening to announce the winners of the best holsters for 2022 at Craft Holsters


With the Golden Globes just awarded and the Oscars right behind the corner, we asked ourselves: Why not give awards to what we love most - our holsters? But as our opinion is quite biased, we decided to give the January Holster Awards to those holsters our fans loved most in 2022.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at the holsters that sold like crazy in 2022, and we'll give the award to the most favorite holster in a number of categories based by carry style. And we'll also tell you what our fans loved about these holsters most.

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Category 1:

Best IWB Holster


Are you a fan of concealed carry? Then get familiar this IWB Clip Holster, which takes the award for the best IWB Holster of 2022. The holster can be used for strong side and appendix carry and here's the main reasons you should get yours:

  • super quick & convenient mounting
  • classy leather with comfortable feel
  • over 480 reviews


Best OWB Holster


If you prefer to open carry, then check out our most popular outside the waist holster of 2022 - the Open Top OWB Holster. Its pancake design allows for easy concealment, but the most important benefits of this OWB leather holster are:

  • easy access & rapid draw
  • double-stitched for increased durability
  • over 1,000 reviews

Category 3:

Best Shoulder Rig


Shoulder holsters will never fall out of style, no matter what the nay sayers say. And this claim is backed up by the immense popularity of this Vertical Roto Shoulder Holster, which takes the prize as far as 2022 shoulder rigs go. And here's why:

  • Roto design you'll just love
  • well-balanced & super comfortable
  • over 800 reviews

Category 4:

Best Cross-Draw


Not everyone loves to carry on their dominant side, which is witnessed by how popular this Cross Draw Holster was last year. This holster is an excellent choice for those who spend hours on end sitting and its main positives are:

  • excellent holster for drivers
  • very stable on the belt
  • over 1,300 reviews

Category 5:

Best Chest Holster


Even though this Leather Chest Holster was only introduced last year, it rightfully deserves the award for the best chest holster of 2022 as it quickly became a bestseller. Not only is it an impeccable piece of leatherwork, it also offers the following:

  • an ideal hunting companion
  • comes with a mag pouch or ammo loops
  • for over 1,000 handguns

Category 6:

Best SOB Holster


Despite its name, this neat Small of Back Holster deserves a big award too, as it was our fans' absolute favorite as far as middle of the back carry goes. And there's a number of different reasons you should add this model to your holster arsenal:

  • great choice for big guys
  • convenient palm-in design
  • over 700 reviews

Honorable mentions


Let's now take a quick look at a couple of honorable mentions that we've just introduced onto our holster roster, but which we strongly believe have a great shot at taking the grand prize next year.



Holsters for guns with attachments


Do you love tactical lights & lasers or optics devices such as red dot sights? Then find your custom molded holster here:

Get your own, post a review on it, and grant your favorite holster a shot at win next time!

Duty holsters and police gear


Last but not least, we just introduced quite many options for Law Enforcement & Military professionals. This means you can now choose from the following:

And if you're an active or retired LE member, you'll get them at a 10% discount.


Conclusion - Let's close the curtain


So, these are the winners of our inaugural year of our holster awards. All of these holsters were chosen as the fan favorites for 2022 and they simply sold like crazy last year. BTW, don't forget that all of our Holster Champions now come at 10% OFF, a discount valid till the end of January.

However, before we close the curtain on these, you should get your own or perhaps any other custom holster, and if you let us know how much you love it, you might help it take the grand prize next year!