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FN FNX 45 Tactical Review: In-Depth Analysis for Shooters

FNX45 Tactical review intro image FNX45 Tactical review intro image FNX45 Tactical review intro image


The FNX45 Tactical, a powerhouse semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured by FN Herstal. With its robust features and customizable options, the FNX45 Tactical has gained a reputation as a top choice among firearms enthusiasts and professionals. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of this remarkable firearm and help you determine if it's the right choice for your needs. Specifically, we are gonna talk about a short history of the pistol, overview, upgrades and accessories, shooting characteristics, self defense viability as well as talk about its potential problems.


A short history of FNX Tactical and Fn hanguns


The history of the FNX45 Tactical begins with the Joint Combat Pistol Program, where  FN was trying to pitch their FNP 45 as the new standard issue pistol of the US military. And from this unsuccessful attempt, the FNX 45 Tactical was born. Introduced in 2012 it immediately took the market by the storm as an innovative, reliable and highly customizable piece of craftsmanship. FN Herstal developed the Tactical variant to specifically meet the demands of law enforcement, military personnel, and civilian shooters seeking a feature-rich and highly capable pistol.


Quick overview of FNX 45 Tactical


The FNX45 Tactical operates on a double/single-action firing mechanism, providing shooters with the flexibility to choose between different trigger options. Heavy and secure for the first shot and then crisp and light for the subsequent shots, allowing for better accuracy. Chambered in the powerful .45 ACP caliber, the FNX45 Tactical offers a formidable stopping power and is suitable for a variety of applications, including self-defense, home-defense as well as tactical engagements. The pistol features a magazine capacity of 15+1 rounds, offering ample firepower for various scenarios as well as being a rarity and top of the line for .45 ACP caliber pistols.

Additionally, the FNX45 Tactical uses raised, 3-dot Trijicon green tritium night sights. These sights proved to offer excellent visibility and precise aiming, even in low-light conditions such as during dusk. This particularly comes in handy when using the pistol with suppressors, thanks to the sights being raised, it compensates for the added height of the suppressor.

The construction of the FNX45 Tactical is also on a very good level. The combination of polymer frame and steel slide makes the pistol not only durable enough to withstand basically anything, but also keeps its already pretty heavy weight of 33.3oz down. But keep in mind that you might leave some marks when repeatedly inserting magazines due to it being polymer after all. The textured grip felt very secure and comfortable, giving me much better control and greater overall handling. The overall length of the FNX45 Tactical is 8.6”, with a barrel length of 5.3”, width of 1.58” and height of 6.5” meaning that most definitely isn't small. Which might come as an obstacle for some.


FNX 45 Tactical aftermarket


The FNX45 Tactical provides an extensive range of upgrade and accessory options to suit individual preferences and shooting requirements. In addition to its threaded barrel, allowing you to put on FNX45 Tactical attachments like suppressors and other muzzle devices from the box, users can also customize their pistol with various accessories, including red dots, thanks to its optics ready slide, optics, lights, lasers as well as extended magazines. These features all enable you to optimize your FNX45 Tactical just to your liking and for specific applications, such as competition shooting or home defense.


Shooting Characteristics


The FNX45 Tactical is widely regarded for its exceptional shooting characteristics. Built with precision and attention to detail in mind at all times.

The FNX 45 Tactical offers reliability and accuracy thanks to its high quality manufacturing and manageable recoil thanks to its weight. The textured grip also helps a lot with the general handling of the pistol. The recoil feels very good and is also very well manageable due to the weight of the pistol. Its reliability is also top notch. Thanks to the great craftsmanship it is very unlikely that it will jam on you. With proper training and quality ammunition, shooters can expect impressive accuracy, with groups averaging around 2 ½ “.


How to use FNX 45 Tactical for concealed carry and self-defense


While the FNX45 Tactical is a formidable firearm in its own right, its size and weight limit its suitability for concealed carry. However, it excels as an open carry pistol or even as a reliable home defense or duty weapon. Its impressive firepower potential with 15+1 rounds of .45 ACP, and the ability to customize basically everything make it an excellent choice for individuals prioritizing firepower and versatility in their self-defense tool over concealability. For those seeking a concealed carry option, FN Herstal offers several compact and subcompact options that are much better suited for this purpose.


Potential FNX 45 Tactical Problems


The larger size and weight of the FNX 45 Tactical make it less practical for everyday concealed carry. The added weight, while contributing to its manageable recoil, definitely limits its appeal for individuals seeking a lighter and more compact option. Additionally, there is also the cost factor. The FNX 45 Tactical is miles away from anything that could be considered affordable. With an MSRP of around 1,379,00$ it is out of the question for most people out there. However, the value that you get for the money is still great.


Frequently asked questions about FNX45 Tactical


As this is a read-before-you-buy kind of text, let's take a look at our FN FNX Tactical FAQ section, which might help you decide if you want to give this pistol a try.

The FNX 45 tactical comes with a 16:1” RH thread pitch.

The FNX45 Tactical barrel length is 5.3”.

The FNX45 Tactical features 15 rounds of ammo. Some version of the FN FNX 45 Tactical come with 10 round magazines.

The FNX45 Tactical is a very accurate pistol. With a bit of practice and good ammo you can expect to shoot groups in the ballpark of 2 ½”.

If you get a custom made FN FNX45 Tactical holster, it’s highly likely you won’t need to do any holster break-in. However, in case your new holster feels a bit too tight, just follow this FNX45 Tactical holster break-in guide.


Final Thoughts


The FNX45 Tactical stands as a testament to FN Herstal's commitment to delivering top-quality firearms. It excels in tactical applications, home defense scenarios, and range shooting. Its versatility, firepower, and durable construction make it an excellent option for those looking for a reliable and capable handgun with a ton of customization options, and exceptional build quality. Paired up with the right holsters for FNX45 Tactical, the pistol has got all it takes to become a real .45 ACP powerhouse.


Conclusion - Does FN FNX Tactical make it?


The FNX45 Tactical deserves a spot on every TOP 10 list of high-performance pistols.  Its combination of reliability, accuracy, and versatility, make it an excellent choice for anybody looking for a top-tier tactical pistol. Also, the ability to basically tailor fit your FNX to yourself is really nice. Further bettering your shooting capabilities and making the general enjoyment of shooting even better. However, the price tag is something that I just cannot overlook. Don't get me wrong, for what you are getting I do think it is pretty reasonable. That initial asking price of around $1,379,00 lowers the pistol from a no-brainer to a good option. But if you have the money to spare, go for it.





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