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Glock 48 Problems: Common Issues and How to Solve Them

Glock 48 pistol in black color Glock 48 pistol in black color Glock 48 pistol in black color

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The Glock 48 is a recoil operated semi-automatic pistol with a striker single-action (SA) trigger made by the famous Glock Ges.m.b.H.. The Glock 48 is effectively a slimmed-down the 19 model that holds 10 + 1 rounds of 9mm Luger ammo in the magazine. The G48 is a compact handgun that can be used for concealed carry due to its slim design and the 4.17” long barrel. To keep this pistol slim, Glock went with a new grip frame and what I call a stack-and-a-half magazine. These aren’t single-stack or double-stack magazines, but somewhere in-between. This lovely pistol cost $538.

The Glock 48 was originally designed for Canada, as the model 19 was not according to their law restrictions. But it came out that this lovely pistol has a lot to offer and soon it became very popular among the Americans as well. Especially for concealed carry, as it is an ideal CCW option due to its compact size and slim profile. For many Glock fans the G48 is a lovely compact pistol which they simply love, however it is not perfect. So from time to time some minor issues can occur. If you wish to know more about these most common Glock 48 issues, keep reading.


#1 issue - Glock 48 slide problems

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One of the common problems many handguns experience, including our Glock 48, is the slide issue. What can go wrong with your slide? The issue itself is not always caused by the malfunction of the gun part. Many shooters unknowingly ride the slide stop, which causes the slide to not lock back on the last round. It happens especially to those who are used to having extended slide releases meaning that not feeling the bump won’t alert them to the fact that their thumbs are too high. And then they’re riding the slide lock causing a problem with the slide.

So when experiencing such an issue, check your fingers at first and try to eliminate the fact that the issue is caused by wrong holding of the gun. Otherwise it is always good to contact the Glock support directly and they’ll inspect the issue for you and fix it (if it’s possible). Or eventually you can search for shooters facing the same difficulties at one of the popular forums devoted to Glock handguns, such as the Glock Talk or Glock Forum.


#2 issue - Glock 48 recoil spring problems

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Another issue that can cross your way when shooting the Glock 48, is also a very well-known issue with the recoil springs. Many other handguns from different manufacturers experience problems with the recoil springs. So it’s not just a case of your Glock 48, don’t you worry. So what wrong can exactly happen? Sometimes the slide won’t go all the way forward until you release the trigger. Sometimes you have to gently touch the back of the slide to get it to go forward. Or it goes slightly into battery making you able to pull the trigger resulting in a light strike. This last issue can be easily caused by oiling the gun in the wrong way. If the oil gets into the striker channel, that could, likely be the source of the light strikes. But most usually the weak recoil springs are causing the slide not working properly.

Then should the RSA (recoil spring assembly) inspection be done. As the Glock’s manual says: with an unloaded pistol, point it 45 degrees upwards and pull the trigger. While holding the trigger back, pull the slide to the rear and release it very slowly. The recoil spring should be able to push the slide completely forward and fully into the battery. This test verifies that the recoil spring is strong enough to chamber ammunition despite less than ideal circumstances. After this test, you’ll be more likely able to identify if the weak recoil spring causes the issue or not. In case you need more information regarding this issue, simply check out these posts of other shooters experiencing them at Glock Talk forum that include a number of suggested solutions.


#3 issue - Glock 48 failure to eject

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Another common issue that can cross your way even with the G48 pistol is the extractor not working properly. One additional thing that happens a lot is that some folks confuse the extractor with the ejector and therefore are not able to correctly identify the issue. So to make it clear: the ejector is the tiny bare metal spike shaped part that is in the trigger housing in the frame. The extractor is the black colored piece in the slide on the right side just behind the opening. Now, when these terms are explained let’s move on to the particular issue.

It can happen that the extractor flops back and forth in the slide. If so, it can be caused by missing reinstalling the extractor spring or the black plunger, or the spring is kinked/bent and hung up in the channel. Either issue would cause the extractor to not close on a chambered round. This will for sure cause your gun to FTE. However, if you confused it with the ejector, meaning that the ejector is flopping around when you rotate the frame side to side then the ejector spike seems way too loose. If it is this kind of issue, then replacing it with the new trigger housing can help. They’re like $8 each.


#4 issue - finding the right glock 48 holster

The Glock 48 is one of the best Glock pistols for everyday concealed carry and it's highly likely that you won't experience all of the issues above at once (perhaps none of them). But there's one problem you'll most certainly have to deal with - finding the right Glock 48 holster.

Fortunately, you can easily overcome this problem with our offer of Glock 48 holsters. With regards to the main purpose of this CCW pistol, Glock 48 IWB holsters are probably the best carry option. However, in case inside the waistband carry is not your favourite and you prefer OWB more, we also have the whole line of Glock 48 OWB holsters. So there’s definitely a lot to choose from. And what's more, all of our Glock 48 holsters are molded on the exact replica of this gun to assure a glove-like fit.

And in case you need any help selecting the right holster, just check out our list of the best available Glock 48 holsters, available here.


Conclusion - is glock 48 worth buying despite its problems?

Now, it’s time to decide whether the pistol is worth buying despite the potential trouble it might give you. While it's true that the pistol isn't perfect, there's no reason to freak out and turn it down before you actually give it a try. Just head over to the local gun range, where I'm sure you'll get a chance to run a couple of rounds through the pistol, and only then rule a verdict.

And if you've already decided to give this tiny Glock pistol a chance, don’t forget to get a holster that will fit your G48 like a glove. That way you'll definitely get rid of at least one eventual Glock 48 problem.



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