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Glock 48 Review: Specification, Performance, and Price

Glock 48 Specs Glock 48 Specs Glock 48 Specs

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The Glock 48 is a semi-automatic, recoil-operated, striker-fired, 9mm handgun designed for versatility and ease of carry. The Glock 48 was released in 2019, making it one of the newest Glock models. The Glock 48 features a slimline frame, making it one of the thinnest in the Glock family. The G48 offers a magazine capacity of 10 rounds and a 4.17-inch barrel length. The compact design of Glock 48 enhances the pistol’s performance, making it a good concealed carry choice without sacrificing accuracy or handling. The Glock 48 features front slide serrations and a reversible magazine catch, providing enhanced control and ease of use for both left- and right-handed shooters.

The price of Glock 48 ranges from $450 to $550, depending on the retailer and regional market variations. The Glock 48 cost positions it as a reliable and affordable option within the personal defense category. The Glock 48's compatibility with a variety of aftermarket Glock accessories allows users to tailor the handgun to their specific needs.

Main Specs of Glock 48
Glock 48 Specs Glock 48 Spec Value
Magazine Capacity10 rounds
Weight (Unloaded)524 g / 18.48 oz
Overall Length185 mm / 7.28 in
Barrel Length106 mm / 4.17 in
Trigger Pull~2.5 kg / ~5.5 lbs
Safety FeaturesTrigger safety, Firing pin safety, Drop safety
Sight SystemFixed sights
Frame MaterialPolymer
Slide MaterialSteel
FinishSilver nPVD
Grip TextureRough texture for improved grip
Accessory RailYes
Field Stripping EaseUser-friendly
Recoil Spring SystemSingle recoil spring system
Price$450 to $550
WarrantyLimited 1 Year
GenerationGen 5
Firing ModeSemi-automatic
Trigger SystemSafe Action
Holster CompatibilityCompatible with various holsters
Muzzle VelocityVaries with ammunition
Effective Range50 m / 55 yd
ReliabilityHighly reliable
Ambient Temperature Operation-40°C to +200°C
Water ResistanceWater-resistant up to certain conditions
Dust ResistanceHigh dust resistance
Maintenance RequirementsRegular cleaning and maintenance required
CustomizabilityHighly customizable
Slide ActionSmooth slide action


What are the Key Specs of Glock 48 Guns?


The Glock 48 is renowned for its slimline design, which combines ease of concealment with reliable performance. The G48 features a 4.17-inch barrel that enhances shooting accuracy and a total length of 7.28 inches, contributing to its compactness. The frame of the Glock 48 is a standout, constructed from a durable polymer with a built-in rail for accessory attachment. This type of Glock supports a magazine capacity of 10 rounds, suitable for various shooting disciplines.

The Glock 48 features a slender frame and slide measure just 1.10 inches in width, making it an ideal choice for concealed carry. The Glock 48 has an overall height of 5.04 inches and weighs 20.74 ounces when unloaded, ensuring a balanced feel in hand.

The G48 safety is increased by the Glock Safe Action System, consisting of a trigger safety, firing pin safety, and drop safety, ensuring that the firearm operates securely under all conditions. The Glock 48 comes with standard fixed Glock sights, providing reliable target acquisition in various lighting conditions.


How does Glock 48 differ from Glock 48X Pistols?


The Glock 48 and Glock 48X are closely related in design but cater to slightly different user needs. Both Glock 48 and Glock 48x share the same slimline profile. The size of Glock 48 and 48x is identical with a barrel length of 4.17 inches and an overall length of 7.28 inches, making both pistols ideal for concealed carry.

The main difference between Glock 48 and Glock 48x lies in the frame and magazine design. The Glock 48 has a single-stack magazine that holds 10 rounds, enhancing its slimness and ease of carry. The Glock 48X, on the other hand, features a slightly different grip pattern and a color variation, usually found in a black finish compared to the silver-colored slide of the standard Glock 48.


How does the Glock 48 Gun Perform?


The Glock 48 delivers reliable performance with its slimline design and 4.17-inch barrel, offering balanced handling suitable for personal defense and everyday carry. While the G48 was mainly designed for concealed carry, thanks to its consistent accuracy and manageable recoil, the Glock 48 performs well as a competition handgun too.

The Glock 48  features a polymer frame and a corrosion-resistant silver nPVD coated slide, enhancing long-lasting performance under varied conditions. This robustness, combined with its versatile functionality, makes the Glock 48 a dependable choice for both defensive use and competition settings.


How far can a Glock 48 shoot?


The Glock 48 can effectively shoot targets up to 50 meters. This range is optimal for its 4.17-inch barrel, which is designed to balance compactness and precision. This effective distance is typical for compact 9mm pistols, making the Glock 48 comparable in range to other Glock models like the Glock 43X, which also provides effective accuracy at similar distances due to its comparable size and barrel length. Both models are tailored for self-defense and concealed carry, where engagement distances are typically short to medium range.


How is the Sight of Glock 48?



The sight of the Glock 48 is functional but basic in its stock configuration, equipped with standard polymer sights that are adequate for routine shooting conditions. However, there’s plenty of aftermarket Glock sights available, enhancing precision and versatility. Popular G48 upgrades include tritium night sights for better visibility in the dark, and fiber-optic sights for improved accuracy in varying light conditions. 


What are the Recommended Uses for Glock 48?


The Glock 48 is known for its sleek, compact design, making it an excellent choice for various applications. The recommended uses for Glock 48 are listed below.

  • Glock 48 for concealed carry: The Glock 48's slim profile and lightweight design make it ideal for everyday concealed carry, providing users with a discreet yet effective self-defense tool.
  • G48 for personal protection: Due to its reliable firing mechanism and manageable size, the Glock 48 is well-suited for personal protection, offering a good balance of control and firepower for defensive scenarios.
  • Glock 48 as law enforcement backup: Its compactness and reliability also make the Glock 48 a suitable backup firearm for law enforcement officers, ensuring they have a dependable secondary weapon when needed.
  • Recreational shooting with Glock 48: The Glock 48 is popular among recreational shooters for its accuracy and ease of handling, making it enjoyable for target shooting and informal range sessions.

Overall, the Glock 48's combination of portability, reliability, and accuracy makes it a versatile firearm, suitable for everything from professional use to recreational activities, enhancing its appeal across a broad spectrum of shooters.


Is a Glock 48 good for Home Defense?


Yes, the Glock 48 is good for home defense. The G48 compact design and 10-round magazine capacity make it manageable and effective in the confined spaces typical of a home environment. The firearm’s 4.17-inch barrel offers a balance between accuracy and maneuverability, crucial for indoor defense scenarios.

The reliable performance of Glock 48, coupled with manageable recoil, ensures quick and effective use in high-stress situations, making it a practical choice for home defense.


What are the Advantages of Glock 48?


The Glock 48 offers a number of advantages for both concealed carry and versatile use.

  • Concealed Carry: The slimline design and compact size make Glock 48 an ideal handgun for discreet carry, offering comfort without sacrificing capacity.
  • Glock 48 Magazine size: The 10-round magazine strikes a balance between sufficient firepower and easy concealability.
  • Compactness: With a 4.17-inch barrel and streamlined frame, the Glock 48 enhances maneuverability and ease of use.
  • Modularity: The Glock 48 allows for customization such as sight adjustments and grip modifications, enhancing its adaptability for personal preferences.

These attributes make the Glock 48 a reliable, practical choice for daily carry, defense, and recreational shooting, combining functionality with ease of handling.


What are the Disadvantages of Glock 48?


The Glock 48 has some disadvantages that potential users should consider before buying the pistol.

  • Grip Size of Glock 48: Its compact grip may be uncomfortable for those with larger hands, affecting control and comfort.
  • Magazine Capacity: The 10-round magazine is limited for those who prefer a higher capacity.
  • Lack of Manual Safety: The Glock 48 lacks a traditional manual safety, relying instead on the Glock Safe Action System, which may not satisfy all users.
  • Caliber Limitations: Available only in 9mm, the Glock 48 does not offer the caliber flexibility of some other models.
  • Standard Sights: The factory sights are basic, often leading users to opt for aftermarket upgrades for improved accuracy.
  • Recoil Management: The lighter frame can result in more noticeable recoil, which may impact precision for some shooters.

These considerations are crucial for those prioritizing comfort, safety features, capacity, and customization.


How Can I Buy a Glock 48?


To purchase a Glock 48, you typically need to follow the following steps.

  • Find a Licensed Dealer: Start by identifying a licensed firearms dealer in your area. This can be done by visiting local gun stores, attending gun shows, or using online firearm dealer directories.
  • Understand Local Laws: Become familiar with the local laws and regulations concerning firearm purchases in your jurisdiction. This includes knowledge of any required permits, background checks, waiting periods, or specific restrictions.
  • Complete Legal Requirements: Comply with all necessary legal procedures, such as filling out the appropriate paperwork and passing a background check, as mandated by local laws.

By following these steps, you can legally and responsibly acquire a Glock 48, ensuring that all legal and regulatory requirements are met.


How much does a Glock 48 Cost?


The cost of a Glock 48 ranges from $450 to $550 and is influenced by a number of factors.

  • Retailer: Different retailers may offer varying prices based on their stock levels and pricing strategies.
  • Geographic Location: Prices can also differ by region due to local taxes and shipping costs.
  • Demand: High demand for the Glock 48 can drive up prices, especially in areas with higher interest in concealed carry firearms.
  • Features: Models with additional features, such as upgraded sights or custom finishes, may cost more.

Before buying Glock 48, it's advisable to compare prices across multiple dealers and look for promotions or discounts to secure the best possible deal on a Glock 48.


What are the Factor Influencing the Price of Glock 48 Firearms?


The main factors influencing the price of Glock 48 firearms are listed below.

  • Supply and Demand: Economic supply and demand dynamics can lead to higher prices when demand exceeds supply.
  • Model and Features: Enhanced features and model variants typically increase costs.
  • Glock 48 condition: New Glock 48s cost more than used models, with the condition and history of used models significantly affecting their market value.
  • Geographic Location: Regional differences such as taxes, shipping costs, and dealer density impact the price of Glock 48 firearms.
  • Market Conditions: Broader economic trends, legislative changes, and societal attitudes towards firearms influence pricing.
  • Dealer Markup: Prices reflect dealer markups, which are based on their operational costs and market competition.
  • Glock 48 Accessories and Extras: Packages that include additional accessories usually have higher prices.


What are the Considerations when Purchasing a Glock 48 Handgun?


When purchasing a Glock 48 handgun, it's important to keep several key points in mind, which are essential for ensuring that the firearm meets your specific needs.

  • Purpose: Decide if the handgun is for concealed carry, personal defense, or recreational shooting, as this impacts feature selection.
  • Caliber: The Glock 48 uses 9mm, known for manageable recoil and effective stopping power.
  • Size and Ergonomics: Ensure the handgun fits well; its compact design aids concealment while providing adequate grip for control.
  • Magazine Capacity: Assess if the standard 10-round capacity meets your needs or if Glock 48 extended magazines are necessary.
  • Safety Features: Check the integrated Safe Action System for enhanced safety to prevent accidental discharges.
  • Accessories and Customization: Explore options for sights, grips, and holsters to enhance functionality.
  • Price and Budget: Align the handgun's cost with your budget, considering extra expenses for accessories and upkeep.
  • Legal Requirements: Understand local firearm laws, including permits and background checks required for ownership.
  • Brand Reputation and Reliability: Consider Glock's reputation for reliability and durability to ensure a quality purchase.

These considerations help ensure the Glock 48 fits your needs and complies with legal standards.


What are the Available Accessories for Glock 48 Gun?


The Glock 48 supports a diverse range of aftermarket accessories and modifications that enhance its usability and performance.

  • Glock 48 Sights: Upgradable to tritium night sights, fiber-optic, or red dot sights for improved visibility.
  • Lasers and Lights for Glock 48: Attachable tactical lights and lasers fit the Glock 48's rail, enhancing low-light usability.
  • Glock 48 Holsters: Various holster styles, such as IWB, OWB, and shoulder, cater to different carrying preferences.
  • Magazine Extensions: Available extended magazines increase capacity for less frequent reloading.
  • Grips and Grip Enhancements: Options like stippling and rubber grips improve handling and comfort.
  • Trigger Upgrades: Enhanced triggers offer a smoother pull, boosting control and accuracy.
  • Slide Enhancements: Customizable slides with better serrations or finishes enhance functionality and looks.
  • Magazine Wells: Flared wells facilitate quicker, more reliable magazine changes.
  • Barrel Upgrades: Custom barrels can improve accuracy or support suppressors with threaded options.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Tools: Specialized kits help maintain optimal performance.

These accessories allow for extensive customization of the Glock 48, suiting it for various uses from tactical engagements to everyday carry.


What Modifications can you do to a Glock 48?


You can modify a Glock 48 to enhance its functionality and aesthetics by selecting the following Glock 48 modifications.

  • Trigger Upgrades: Install Glock 48 aftermarket triggers for improved pull and reset.
  • Sights: Upgrade to fiber optic, tritium night sights, or red dot sights for better accuracy of Glock 48.
  • Grip Enhancements: Enhance control with stippling, grip tape, or custom panels.
  • Magazine Extensions: Expand ammo capacity with magazine extensions for longer sessions.
  • Slide Enhancements: Customize the slide of Glock 48 with lightening cuts or add coatings for durability.
  • Glock 48 Barrel Upgrades: Opt for precision or threaded barrels to boost accuracy or attach suppressors.
  • Magazine Wells: Fit flared wells for faster magazine changes, useful in competitive settings.
  • Frame Modifications: Adapt the frame to improve ergonomics or add accessory rails.

These modifications allow for a personalized Glock 48 suited to your specific needs, from tactical applications to everyday carry.


How reliable is the Glock 48?


The Glock 48 is highly reliable in various conditions, known for its consistent performance across diverse environments. The G48 is engineered to meet the stringent requirements of both personal defense and law enforcement applications, ensuring functionality in extreme temperatures and when exposed to dust, dirt, and moisture.

The polymer frame and a nitride-treated slide of Glock 48 enhance its resistance to corrosion and wear, contributing to its longevity. Its reliability is also bolstered by the Glock Safe Action System, which guarantees consistent trigger pull under all circumstances. The robust build allows the Glock 48 to endure thousands of rounds with minimal maintenance, making it a reliable choice for users needing a dependable firearm in both everyday and high-stress situations.

Overall, the Glock 48's design and materials make it exceptionally reliable, suitable for use in adverse conditions without compromising performance.


Does Glock 48 jam?


No, the Glock 48 does not jam. The Glock 48 is designed with Glock's renowned reliability, using high-quality materials and precise engineering to minimize malfunctions. Like all firearms, the Glock 48 can experience occasional issues due to improper maintenance, incorrect ammunition, or wear and tear. However, under normal circumstances and with proper care, it consistently performs well without frequent jams. This reliability makes it a trusted choice for both personal defense and law enforcement use.


What are the Ergonomic Considerations when handling Glock 48 Pistol?


Ergonomic considerations for handling the Glock 48 are crucial for ensuring comfort, control, and effective operation, particularly during prolonged use.

  • G48 Grip Design: The Glock 48 features a slimline grip that is designed to accommodate a wide range of hand sizes. The grip texture provides adequate slip resistance, which is vital for maintaining control and stability when shooting.
  • Glock 48 Handling and Recoil: The compact size of the Glock 48, combined with its well-balanced frame, helps to manage recoil effectively. This makes the pistol suitable for both rapid firing and precise shooting, accommodating users from various skill levels.
  • Replaceable Grips: While the Glock 48 does not come with modular grips, it is compatible with a variety of aftermarket grip enhancements. These include stippling, grip sleeves, or tactical grip tape, allowing users to customize the feel and ergonomics of the pistol.
  • Choosing Grips for Glock 48: When selecting grips for the Glock 48, consider the material and texture to ensure a firm grip in various conditions, and choose a size that fits your hand comfortably to avoid fatigue and improve control.

These Glock 48 ergonomic features and options help make it a comfortable and controllable choice for a broad range of shooting activities, enhancing overall performance through improved user ergonomics.


What are the Common Characteristics of Glock 48 Pistols?


Glock 48 pistols are celebrated for their streamlined and efficient design, embodying several common characteristics that bolster their performance and ease of use.

  • Slimline Frame: The Glock 48 features a narrow profile which makes it ideal for concealed carry without sacrificing grip comfort, enhancing its utility for diverse users.
  • Glock 48 Safe Action System: This system incorporates three automatic safeties — the trigger, firing pin, and drop safety. It ensures that the Glock 48 fires only when the trigger is intentionally pulled, enhancing safety.
  • Durable Finish: The slide of the Glock 48 is treated with a silver nPVD coating, providing excellent resistance to corrosion and scratches, which is crucial for maintaining the pistol's appearance and functionality over time.
  • Striker-Fired Mechanism: This design removes the need for a hammer, simplifying the internal mechanics and contributing to a consistent and reliable trigger pull.
  • Single-Stack Magazine of Glock 48: The Glock 48 uses a single-stack magazine holding up to 10 rounds, which contributes to the handgun's slimline design while offering ample capacity for defensive use.
  • Glock 48 Accessory Rail: It includes a built-in rail for attaching tactical accessories such as lights and lasers, enhancing its versatility in various operational conditions.
  • Ergonomic Handling: The grip ergonomics are optimized for control and comfort, reducing shooter fatigue and improving accuracy, especially during extended shooting sessions.

These characteristics make the Glock 48 a highly functional, reliable, and versatile choice suitable for concealed carry, personal defense, and even as a duty weapon.


What is the Suggested Training for handling Glock 48 Pistols?


For effective handling of Glock 48 pistols, targeted training is recommended to ensure safety and proficiency.

  • Basic Firearm Safety: Master core safety rules, such as always assuming the gun is loaded, keeping your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot, and being aware of your target and what's beyond it.
  • Glock 48 Handling Techniques: Develop skills in loading, unloading, cleaning, and securely drawing and holstering the Glock 48 to promote safe and efficient use.
  • Familiarization with Features: Understand the unique aspects of the Glock 48, such as its Safe Action System, and learn how to troubleshoot common issues like jams or misfires.
  • Glock 48 Live Fire Drills: Participate in live fire exercises that focus on improving accuracy, handling recoil, and quick target acquisition under varied scenarios.
  • Advanced Tactical Training: For those intending to use the Glock 48 in professional settings, advanced courses in tactical movements, using cover, and rapid decision-making under stress are beneficial.

These training components are designed to build a solid foundation in firearm handling, ensuring that users of the Glock 48 are competent, confident, and safe.


Is A Glock 48 a Good Gun for Beginners?


Yes, the Glock 48 is a good gun for beginners. Its design emphasizes ease of use and reliability, making it ideal for those new to firearms.

  • Simple Operation: The Glock 48 features a user-friendly interface with minimal external controls and a consistent trigger pull, which simplifies the learning process for new shooters.
  • Ergonomics: Its slimline frame is lightweight and fits comfortably in various hand sizes, promoting better handling and control, essential for building confidence in shooting skills.
  • Safety Features: The Glock 48 includes Glock's Safe Action System, which incorporates multiple automatic safeties that prevent accidental discharges, enhancing safety for inexperienced users.
  • Manageable Recoil: With its well-balanced design, the Glock 48 manages recoil effectively, making it easier for beginners to maintain accuracy and control during shooting.

These characteristics make the Glock 48 a practical and reassuring choice for beginners, offering a combination of safety, comfort, and reliability that is conducive to learning and skill development.


Is Glock 48 good for carry?


Yes, the Glock 48 is good for carry. Its slimline design and lightweight frame make it highly suitable for concealed carry without sacrificing comfort or capacity. The pistol combines a compact size with a sufficient 10-round magazine, offering a balance between ease of concealment and defensive capability. Additionally, its reliable performance and robust build ensure it stands up to the demands of daily carry, making it a preferred choice for personal defense.


What are the Best Glock 48 Holsters?


The best Glock 48 holsters are always molded to fit the specs of Glock 48 like a glove. When choosing the best Glock 48 holster, it’s vital to keep the intended use of Glock 48 in mind.

Glock 48 IWB holsters are the best choice for Glock 48 concealed carry. Carried inside the waistband, the best Glock 48 IWB holsters represent a discreet carry method while still offering adequate carry comfort. The best Glock 48 holster for concealed carry is the Glock 48 IWB Holster with Steel clip.

Glock 48 OWB holsters are a great choice for Glock 48 open carry. Outside the waistband holsters for Glock 48 offer rapid draw, ultimate carry comfort, and great access to your Glock. On the other hand, a Glock 48 holster OWB is not as good for G48 concealed carry as a Glock 48 IWB holster is. The best Glock 48 OWB holster is the Glock 48 Comfortable Belt Holster.


What is the Difference Between Glock 48 and Glock 19x?


The Glock 48 and Glock 19x both chamber 9mm rounds but differ significantly in design and functionality. The Glock 48 is designed for concealed carry, featuring a slimline single-stack frame for a lower profile, a shorter slide length, and a lighter weight, carrying up to 10 rounds. Its overall lighter design makes it ideal for personal defense where discretion and ease of carry are priorities.

In contrast, the Glock 19x is tailored for tactical use with a hybrid design combining a full-size Glock 17 frame and a compact Glock 19 slide. This model offers a higher capacity of 17 rounds, suiting it better for open carry and duty use. Its distinctive coyote tan finish and slightly heavier weight cater to durability demands of military environments. Overall, while the Glock 48 is optimal for civilians seeking a lightweight, easy-to-conceal pistol, the Glock 19x is a better choice for tactical users requiring more firepower and a robust frame for extensive field use.