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Concealed Carry: Pouches, Fanny Packs & You

Concealed carry is a topic of a seemingly endless discussion. You can find arguments for all concealed carry methods discussing the concealability of a Glock 43 or a Beretta 92, everything can be concealed, yes even your 6” S&W Model 17. While the top tier of CC may be IWB holsters or Shoulder HolstersOWB holsters and cross draw holsters come very close. Then there is the “hated” category of off-body carry such as CC pouches and fanny packs. But is the downlooking on them necessary? Let’s find out.


The Use & Pros And Cons Of Concealed Carry Pouches

Concealed carry belt pouches are designed to hide your firearm from the plain sight of bystanders and to help you to blend in with the crowd. Concealed carry pouches come in different sizes and can be manufactured for different firearm lengths. You can easily find concealed carry pouches for a Ruger LC9 or a Glock 19. The best CC pouches can be used versatility for example for hiking, running or any outdoor activity and are very handy during the summertime when concealing any firearm in a leather holsterkydex holster or nylon holster means sweating and more sweating. They are also ambidextrous and have the option of an adjustable velcro holster part. So if you want yo carry your Smith & Wesson Bodyguard a little bit lower, you just simply adjust the position.

 To sum up the pros:

Comfort & Convenience - if you are carrying your self defense firearm in a concealed carry pouch it won’t bang your hips or arms, it won’t be in the way of your natural movement.
Concealment - concealed carry pouches didn’t get their name by accident. The important part is that CC pouches can look like ordinary EDC pouches you use for your phone or anything else. No one has to know that a little Kahr P380 is hiding there. That is, of course unless you have a black or camo pouch. But nowadays you can get pouches that look good and are a safe method to carry a firearm.
Capacity - They are able to conceal what other holsters have a difficulty to do. If your overall firearm length is 10” and you struggle with a proper method of concealing, you can just grab a CC pouch and you are all set.
Workspace Options - if you work in an open-office environment or anywhere else, where there are a lot of people around you, you can use a CC pouch to conceal your firearm and don’t have to worry about gun print, sagging and holster gazing.


The Use & Pros And Cons Of Concealed Carry Fanny Packs

Fanny packs, the ultimate throwback. Good news is that these babies can serve as proper concealed carry fanny pack holsters. They are a little bit different from CC pouches as they are not sitting on your belt but are around your waist. Don’t worry, proper fanny pack holsters have a steel cord preventing them from being cut by any one trying to snatch it from you. Fanny packs are especially handy for people that more enjoy eating mac and cheese than exercising. So, if you are packing some heavy duty on your belly and you don’t want to wear shoulder holsters you can grab a fanny pack and carry as a pro. Of course we don’t want to forget the other side of the spectrum - people who enjoy exercise more than fried bacon. If you are planning to go running you can count on a fanny pack. The same goes if you are on vacation or just lying at the beach with your top off and you want to be protected. The answers are fanny packs.

 To sum up the pros: 

Comfort & Convenience -  if you are carrying your self defense firearm in a concealed carry fanny pack holster it won’t bang your hips or arms, it won’t be in the way of your natural movement.

Concealment & Extra Compartments - If you decide to grab your Ruger SP101 ,put it in a fanny pack holster and go chillin’ to the beach you will still have those extra compartments and pockets to put your phone and keys there. Plus also there is no way of a gun print as fanny pack completely hides the firearm inside.


What Are The Best CC Pouches And Fanny Pack Holsters To Purchase

So now that you know the advantages of concealed carry pouches & fanny packs it’s time to tell you what are the best ones that you can find.  Always check that the pouch or fanny pack has a holster compartment that is separated from other compartments. The holster is usually an adjustable velcro holster and in some cases a kydex holster. The adjustability comes in handy as you can use one pouch or fanny pack for several of your self defense firearms used for deep concealment. You simply adjust the elastic part and the firearm will be securely retained in the holster.

Another important thing is easy accessibility to the grip of your firearm, both in the terms of speed and draw. This is made possible by a tear opening on concealed carry pouches and concealed carry fanny packs. You just pull hard on the strap that rip-opens the holster compartment (the zip stays intact) and you can draw. By practicing this you will be able to draw efficiently and fast.


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