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Nylon Holsters Care

Close up on the structure of black nylon Close up on the structure of black nylon Close up on the structure of black nylon


Nylon holsters are a topic of endless discussions. Nylon is a material that has a lot of negatives, but there are many features of nylon that go well together with guns & holsters. That being said, let’s delve into nylon and nylon holsters.


Nylon As A Material

The name oversees a whole family of synthetic polymers, without any scientific explanations, these polymers are based on polyamides - macromolecules, which are endlessly repeating. Another important feature of nylon is thermoplasticity, the ability to be melt-processed into fibers, films or shapes. This enables seemingly endless options for shapes and sizes. The history of nylon goes back into 1930 when it was first created. The use of nylon stretches all sorts of fields from scientific to fashion as nylon was widely used as a stocking material. Well in case of danger, if you ever find yourself in a situation where a criminal is wearing a stocking covering his face, you can draw your weapon from a nylon holster and tell him that you’ve found better use for the material you’re both using. Nylon was upgraded by adding other fibers to the mix. Materials such as cotton, polyester and spandex and more importantly, cordura. Cordura nylon is a high quality material ideal for holster making as it combines the strengths of pure nylon and adds shape retainment thanks to cordura fibers.


Nylon Holsters & Benefits

Nylon holsters tend to stay behind their relative leather and kydex holsters. They often seem to be a target of jokes from the gun community, legitimately a lot of times. But nylon holsters and especially cordura nylon holsters can provide their own unique features. We are speaking about nylon holsters we offer, which are molded to the shape of individual guns, cheap universal nylon holsters have no place among the shooting world. The features of premium nylon holsters are:

High-Tech Options

If you are on the hunt for duty or tactical holsters, nylon holsters just may offer what you’re looking for. The added compounds to the original fabric provide great features such as sturdiness, shape retainment, security etc. Leather will always be leather and Kydex will be Kydex. Nylon however has a lot of possible versions.

Light Weight

While carrying IWB, where the body and the belt provide a firm position for the gun, there is no great need for a super stiff and heavy holster. Your CCW piece can be swiftly drawn from the nylon holster in case of emergency and as most of emergencies don’t happen that often (thankfully) you don’t need to add a lot of weight to your belt.

Temperature Resistance

Nylon holsters are not subject to temperature. Leather and kydex change their features according to the surrounding temperature and nylon stays the same and keeps the features all the time.

Travel Friendliness

If you are frequently on the road you will know, that keeping a holster at your body all the time may be a little much, pinching and printing etc. will take away comfort and most importantly, may take away awareness. Nylon on the other hand can be easily modified and sewn to accommodate guns in the form of a concealed carry pouch or bag and still look like an ordinary bag with the help of compartments for belongings like pens, pencils, flashlights etc.


As stated in the previous point, nylon is versatile. You have cases, bags, pouches, holsters, molle platforms made of nylon. That means nylon offers a solution to many situations a shooter can come into like going to the range or a hike or being in the need for deep concealment. If you are a fan of leather or Kydex, you are pretty much stuck with a holster being the only option. If you are a fan of nylon however, you may have all your gear made of it and you can use it in different situations.


Nylon doesn’t accommodate moisture inside the way other materials do, if you are wearing an IWB nylon holster during the summer you find it more comfortable than a leather or kydex holster.


Nylon doesn’t require your attention all the time. Leather needs a break in and a lot of care and Kydex needs to be adjusted and maintained a lot more than nylon.  With our hand-made nylon holster we offer, you get a reliable holster that accommodates your gun and does not require your attention.


Nylon Holsters Care

Nylon holsters don’t require that much attention or pre-use care. Once you receive your nylon holster be sure to check how to properly adjust the retention or thumb break if it’s present. A simple turning of a screw will adjust the holster to your gun. Apart from that a simple cleaning with a cloth and dusting off any material that may be on the surface or inside is all you need.

But to sum it up, here are some things not to forget while using a nylon holster:

Nylon Holster Cleaning

Clean your nylon holster from time to time in order for it to keep your gun safe. If there is any lint inside or any other material be sure to clean it as it may obstruct the draw and also may harm the finish. Cleaning the surface will prevent any abrasions or tears on the nylon material. Remember to clean it with a soft cloth and mild soap, do not submerge the holster in water or any other liquid. If there is need, you can use a soft brittle brish. Last but not least, allow it to air dry naturally.

Nylon Holster Care

Nylon holsters require minimum care. Check the fabric from time to time and if there are any tears or abrasions be sure to pay attention to them. This doesn’t happen often, especially with Cordura holsters, but you may never know. If you carry your nylon holsters IWB be sure to check if there is nothing inside or outside in order not to harm your gun or your body.

Nylon Holster Do Not's

The things you don't want to do with your Nylon holster are simple and are the opposite of what to do. Do not use artificial heat to speed up the drying process, this way more potential moisture can acommodate and harm your gun. Don't pour any sort of synthethic materials on the holster, remember, it's delicate chemistry and if your are not a chemist better don't use any abrasive chemicals or chemicals whatsoever. You never know of any reactions that nylon may have with these materials. You are not pouring bleach on leather either, so why do it to good ol' nylon. Do not use Loctite or similar glues for the same reason as other chemicals. Keep your supergle for your Kydex and leave nylon out of this.


Nylon Concealed Carry Pouches

 Nylon CCW pouches are a special category of products that requires attention. They act as simple accessories to hold your EDC items or your luggage in case your are using bigger variants. The difference is that they have a smart, built-in Velcro compartment designed for your gun. The important thing to remember is that the compartment should always accommodate the gun only, nothing else as this may obstruct you from reaching your gun in a crucial situation. Below are a couple of tips on how to get used to carrying your gun inside of them.

Nylon Pouches & Bags Tips

Nylon pouches have a Velcro holster compartment that holds the gun in place. Adjust the removable Velcro holster anywhere inside the inner pad for the best draw position. The velcro is very strong but needs adjustment from time to time. Before you prepare your pouch be sure to fix the gun in the holster firmly while still keep some place for easy access. After that learn how to properly rip the zippers and draw fast, this is very important to practice in order to prepare yourself for the worst. The pouches are fixed to the belt or to the belt and leg so don’t worry about that, plus your pouch is concealed and looks like a ordinary bag, pouch or fanny pack.

The most important thing is to practice this way of self defense, because you may need it in different environments. For example drawing while hiking in bear country certainly is a different situation that your ordinary range-draw. Count in a large amount of stress and learn how to overcome it by practicing and endless practicing.


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