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Nylon Ankle Holsters


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Nylon Ankle Holsters

Ankle carry represents a traditional gun carry method that is an ideal option especially for the smaller handguns. This carry style is a very convenient and optimal carry style especially for a backup guns’ use. Ankle gun holsters can be hidden easily, allowing a real deep kind of gun carrying and excellent coverage. This is not a recommended carry method for the bigger handguns, as the carry would be too uncomfortable and draw of the gun might be complicated/awkward The usual carry position of the ankle holster is on the ankle from the outside position but it can be carried also on the inner part of the weak side. There are numerous ways how to draw the gun from the ankle holster, from lifting the leg to going down to the knee, the draw practice is very important with this carry method. Compared to other methods of gun carry, this carry style is relatively slow and it might “limit” the shooter, making it an ideal backup option rather than a primary gun carry option.

Ankle holsters might be an ideal carry method for the use in certain carrying situations and for the shooters, who are sitting/kneeling a lot or their hands are occupied by a different activity (professional drivers, climbers). Access and reholstering of the ankle holster is easier and better if seated. Ankle carry might impede the movement of the foot/leg, therefore the handgun needs to be small and light enough to be not too intrusive and also the clothes needs to be appropriate for this type of gun carrying. The footwear also helps to hide the handgun and ease the access the gun. A special category among the ankle holsters is boot holsters. This might be a convenient gun carry method for those, who are wearying the boots often and who are looking for some less classic carry method. Boot holsters are designed to be carried in- or outside the boots. They often feature a clip for an easier manipulation and ambidextrous type of the use. Ankle holsters are available in different materials including the leather and nylon that allow a relatively comfortable gun carry.

They might feature other holdout holders/leg straps that can be strapped to a calf or under the knee, for the maximum gun stability. Or they might feature padded bases/parts under the holster to increase the comfort while the gun carry. The leg straps on the ankle holster are standardly adjustable, so usable for most of the shooters. Ankle holsters might be open top designed or they might feature a retention strap, with an open or closed muzzle design, as it is standardly available with the holsters of other carry styles. Ankle holsters represent a popular secondary carry method, ideal for gun carry of smaller backup guns, with an excellent and deep coverage of the gun with a slower gun’s draw possibility.

Nylon Ankle Holsters Nylon Ankle Holsters Nylon Ankle Holsters

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