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5 Best SIG P226 Holsters for Concealed Carry

A guy with an inside the waistband SIG Sauer P226 holster made of mahogany leather, drawing gun A guy with an inside the waistband SIG Sauer P226 holster made of mahogany leather, drawing gun A guy with an inside the waistband SIG Sauer P226 holster made of mahogany leather, drawing gun


Whether you're an experienced gun owner or new to the world of handguns, having the right holster is essential. Finding the right holster for your SIG Sauer P226 can be a challenge due to the sheer number of options out there. To help make it easier, here's a comprehensive look at what you need to know about shopping for holsters for your P226.

The P226 made by Sig Sauer is a full-sized pistol with a 9mm, .40, .357, or .22 chamber to choose from. This pistol features a 4.4’’ long barrel and is available with a standard stainless steel frame with or without Picatinny rail. In my opinion, SIG P226 is one of the most reliable, well-made, and accurate pistols ever made.


The best holsters compatible with SIG Sauer P226


The material used in holster construction can affect comfort, durability, weight, and price. In this article, I will describe holsters made of two best materials ever uses to craft perfect SIG P226 holsters, i.e. leather and kydex.

Leather is one of the most popular materials used in SIG P226 holsters construction due to its durability and classic look. However, the leather may not be ideal if you plan on wearing your holster during physical activities such as running or hiking since leather tends to absorb sweat and become heavy over time.

Kydex is another popular material used to make SIG Sauer P226 holsters due to its lightweight yet durable design; however, kydex does tend to wear down faster than leather over time so keep this in mind when deciding which material is best suited for your needs.



#1 - Sig Sauer P226 IWB holster


This is one of the best-looking IWB holsters for Sig Sauer P226. It provides quick access thanks to the open-top design. This holster is an incredible choice for concealment carry as you suppose to carry it inside your pants. Not only the IWB holster for Sig P226 feels comfortable, but it also fits your pistol perfectly. A convenient attachment of the holster is delivered by two belt loops and the key parts of the holster are double-stiched. Moreover, the holster’s durability is supplied by an extra layer of leather.

#2 - Sig Sauer P226 shoulder holster


Shoulder holsters are great for carrying heavy guns and this one is the best shoulder holster for SIG P226 you can come across. This leather rig comes with a custom made case that will provide perfect retention. Over and above that, the most appealing part of this shoulder system is the roto feature that allows you to draw your SIG horizontally. What’s great about this shoulder holster for SIG P226 is that you can be stocked with spare ammo thanks to the double magazine pouch.

#3 - Sig Sauer P226 paddle holster


If you are looking for the top possible choice for outside the waistband holster, then you should consider this Sig Sauer P226 paddle holster. The paddle design makes putting on and taking off your SIG a piece of cake. Additionally, the rotary paddle makes the holster’s mounting very convenient. The retention of this SIG P226 paddle holster is delivered by an extra tension screw and by a thumb break strap which also improves the safety of your pistol.

#4 - Sig Sauer P226 duty holster kydex


The kydex material is durable and strong, no wonder kydex holsters became so popular among especially younger gun owners. Therefore I am bringing you this perfect OWB kydex holster for SIG Sauer P226. It offers exceptional retention which is enhanced by a safety strap. This SIG P226 kydex holster is ideal for duty carry. It rides pretty low and you can attach it to your duty belt via a belt platform.

#5 - Sig Sauer P226 IWB kydex holster


Another favorite kydex holster for SIG P226 is this inside-the-waistband holster. It’s made from durable kydex material which makes this holster strong, yet comfortable and lightweight. This IWB Sig P226 holster kydex provides full barrel protection and the open-top design results in immediate access and quick draw. A cherry on top is a magazine pouch that is a part of the holster so you can carry extra ammo.

Bonus - Sig P226 holster with light


Weapon lights and lasers are nifty essential parts of many firearms these days. This is also the case with SIG P226, however, sometimes it is difficult to carry such a combo. Therefore, I am bringing to your attention this amazing SIG Sauer P226 holster with light that is a great option for concealed carry. This P226 light bearing holster is meant for appendix carry and you can easily attach the holster to your gun belt by a steel clip. If you carry a tac light, then check out this and the rest of our SIG P226 light holsters.

Conclusion - the best SIG Sauer P226 Holster


Choosing a quality SIG Sauer P226 holster isn't as hard as it seems once you understand the types available and materials used in construction. It's important to find one that fits your needs both aesthetically and functionally; otherwise, you won't get optimal performance from it no matter how much money you spend on it! Consider all factors before making a purchase so that you select the right holster for your lifestyle—one that will make carrying your gun safe, secure, and comfortable while providing quick access when needed most.

My top choice is #2 - Vertical Roto Shoulder Holster for SIG P226. Not only are shoulder rigs a great match for a pistol as heavy as your SIG, they also let you conceal carry pretty much all year long (alright, in summer you'll sweat a bit), they look incredibly stylish, and they represent one of the most traditional carry methods. However, if you prefer some other style or want to have much more to choose from, then check out our entire selection of SIG Sauer P226 holsters, ideal for both open & concealed carry.



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