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4 Best Ways For Concealed Carry


What is the best way for conceal carry?

One should always carry concealed using a holster, even if the gun is a .380 subcompact tucked away in your pocket. Most experts suggest using a conventional belt holster for concealed carry. Breaking that down, we find strong side external holsters the most frequent recommendation. Admittedly, no holster will permit a faster draw from a standing position than a good belt holster, particularly when worn on the shooter's strong side on a gun belt. 

Handgun size has a big impact on the viability of the various concealed carry methods. In other words, appropriate concealed carry methods vary with the size and weight of the pistol. The bigger the gun, the harder it is to conceal.

For a everyday life concealing inside-the-waistband (IWB) carry might seem to be the best choice. It’s easy to conceal even a large gun and the fact, that you can feel your gun can make somebody feel more comfortable. Also many women like IWB as a great option for concealed carry but it’s harder for ladies to use that as a daily default simply because of the variety of women’s attire options. Men usually wear pants almost every day.

A strong side holster on a wide belt is also one of the more comfortable methods of carrying a handgun, as long as a lot of sitting is not required. Cross-draw holsters and shoulder holsters are also their advantages that many people find favorable.

There are many ways to conceal handguns of various sizes. Here are 4 of them worthy of consideration.

#1 Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are normally worn in front, not in back as the name implies. They offer some of the advantages, particularly in terms of comfort and supporting the weight of a pistol, as a cross-draw holster on a separate gun belt, but with slower access and superior concealment.

#2 Belt holster

A belt holster on a dedicated gun belt is a non-starter for concealed carry, so we need only consider holsters that attach to the belt that holds up your pants. Belt holsters can be used with handguns of any size, but are particularly applicable to full size and compact service pistols, which have a limited number of carry options. Check our selection of Belt Holsters here and grab one for your pistol or revolver.

#3 IWB Holsters

A holster that rides inside the waistband of trousers can be an unobtrusive method of concealed carry for those thin enough to comfortably wear one. Concealment is superior to an external belt holster or paddle holster, although some sort of coat or jacket must always be worn. Check our selection of IWB holsters here and grab one for your pistol or revolver.

#4 Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters are available that carry the gun in either the vertical or horizontal orientations. Relatively long barreled guns require vertical shoulder holsters for concealment, while shorter barreled guns work well in horizontal holsters. Shoulder holsters can be made for guns of all sizes. Access to the gun is generally good, as long as your coat is unbuttoned, and reholstering is easy. Check our selection of shoulder holsters and grab one for your pistol or revolver.



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