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Taurus G3 vs G3c: Does Size Matter More than Price?

Taurus G3 vs Taurus G3c blog title image Taurus G3 vs Taurus G3c blog title image Taurus G3 vs Taurus G3c blog title image


Sometimes, the world of firearms can feel overwhelming with the sheer number of options available. But, over time, I've come to realize that certain models just stand out from the rest.

Two such handguns that have really made an impression on me are the Taurus G3 and the Taurus G3c. I've spent a considerable amount of time with both, and I'm excited to share my insights to help you navigate the Taurus G3 vs G3c debate.


Taurus G3c vs Taurus G3 - Which bull is hornier?


Meet the Taurus G3


The first time I picked up a Taurus G3, I was immediately struck by its solid, full-size frame, boasting a 4-inch barrel and a total length of 7.3 inches. This gun feels substantial in your hands, a true testament to Taurus's commitment to quality and precision. The adjustable rear sights and polymer frame not only contribute to its comfortable grip but also enhance the overall shooting experience.

I vividly remember the first time I took it to the range. The way it handled, the accuracy, the sheer power – it was love at first shot. And, when it came time to find a Taurus G3 holster, I was pleasantly surprised by the abundance of options available, each designed to complement this fantastic firearm. Whether you're a fan of inside-the-waistband or outside-the-waistband holsters, there's no shortage of high-quality choices for the G3. If you want to learn much more about the Taurus G3, check out my recent Taurus G3 review.


Meet the Taurus G3c


On the flip side, we have the compact and versatile Taurus G3c. With its 3.2-inch barrel and 6.3-inch total length, this handgun is designed with convenience and portability in mind. It's the perfect companion for those who prioritize concealment and comfort.

I remember the first time I took the G3c for a test drive. It was a hot summer day, and I was wearing a light t-shirt and shorts. The compact size of the G3c made it incredibly easy to conceal, and the comfort was unmatched. And, just like its bigger brother, finding a Taurus G3c holster was a breeze, with plenty of top-notch options available to suit any preference. If you haven’t learned enough, check out this comprehensive Taurus G3c review and I’m sure you’ll get to know this amazing carry gun much better.


Taurus G3 vs G3c: SPECS and size COMPARISON


A quick breakdown of the main specs of the two bulls should give you a rough idea for what uses each of them works better. So, here goes a quick specs of comparison of Taurus G3 vs G3c:



Taurus G3

Taurus G3c


9x19mm (9mm Luger)

9x19mm (9mm Luger)


Striker Double-Action (DA/SA)

Striker Double-Action (DA/SA)

Weight (empty mag)

24.83 oz

22 oz

Overall Width

1.2 inch

1.2 inch

Overall Length

7.28 inch

6.3 inch

Barrel Length

4 inch

3.2 inch


Double stack

Double stack

Mag Capacity

17+1 rounds (standard mag)

12+1 rounds (standard mag)

Safety Trigger safety + Manual frame safety

Trigger safety + Manual frame safety

MSRP $340.00



The most significant diffrence between the two models is their size. It's safe to say both can be conceal carried without much effort, but as far as daily concealed carry goes, due to smaller dimensions, the Taurus G3c seems like a better option. To help you visualize the size difference between the two, have a quick look at the cart below.


Size and Portability: Taurus G3 vs G3c Size

Source: handgunhero.com


One of the key factors to consider when comparing the Taurus G3 vs G3c size is how you plan to use the handgun. For me, the G3c has always been my go-to for everyday carry, especially during the warmer months when my clothing options are more limited. The compact size and lightweight design make it easy to conceal without sacrificing comfort. However, if deep concealed carry is not the first factor by which you choose your guns, then the Taurus G3 is a great choice too. It's a tad bigger, but it can still be concealed pretty much in any well made Taurus G3 holster.


Taurus G3c vs G3: Which one is more reliable?


When it comes to Taurus G3c vs G3 in terms of reliability, both handguns have proven themselves to be dependable companions in various situations.

The Taurus G3c, with its compact design and excellent build quality, has been a consistent performer, particularly in situations where a quick, unencumbered draw is essential. I've carried it during long hikes, runs, and even while doing mundane tasks like grocery shopping. It has never failed me, functioning perfectly every time I've needed to practice drawing and firing in self-defense training scenarios.

On the other hand, the Taurus G3 has shown itself to be equally reliable, albeit in different contexts. Its full-size frame and higher capacity make it a great choice for home defense and range shooting. I've put hundreds of rounds through my G3 at the range, and it has handled various ammunition types without a single hiccup.

In conclusion, whether you choose the Taurus G3 or G3c, you can rest assured that you're getting a reliable firearm that will serve you well in any situation. The best choice ultimately comes down to your personal needs and preferences.


Taurus G3 vs G3c Accuracy and Range Performance


If you're someone who enjoys long-range shooting or participates in competitive events, the Taurus G3 is the clear winner. The longer barrel and sight radius provide superior accuracy, a factor that has proven itself time and time again during my range sessions and competitions. It's a reliable firearm that you can count on to hit your mark.


Let's talk budget: Taurus G3 vs Taurus G3c Price


When it comes to price, both the Taurus G3 and G3c are budget-friendly options that deliver exceptional value. The official MSRP of Taurus G3 and also Taurus G3c is $340.00. However, the G3c can generally be obtained for less, especially when used, making it an attractive option for those on a tighter budget. But don't forget to factor in the cost of accessories, such as holsters. It's important to explore the different holster options available and consider their prices when making your decision.


The Importance of Choosing the Right Holster


Let's talk concealed for a while, shall we?

The importance of choosing the right holster cannot be overstated. When I first ventured into the world of concealed carry, I opted for a cheaper, less robust holster, thinking I was getting a bargain. Oh, how wrong I was! The discomfort, the constant adjusting, and the feeling of just not being secure was enough to make me question my decision.

But, as they say, you live and learn. After much trial and error, I found the perfect Taurus G3 holster that ticked all the right boxes – comfort, security, and easy access. The difference was like night and day, turning my concealed carry experience from a chore into a pleasure.

However, finding the right holster isn’t just a concern for Taurus G3 owners. Taurus G3c owners face the same dilemma, especially given the compact nature of the G3c. A good Taurus G3c holster should be designed to accommodate the smaller frame of the handgun while still providing all the benefits of its larger counterpart.

To sum it up, whether you’re packing a Taurus G3 or G3c, don’t skimp on the holster. Invest in a high-quality option that meets all your needs and turns carrying into the enjoyable, worry-free experience it should be.


Conclusion: Should you buy Taurus G3 or Taurus G3c?


At the end of the day, whether you choose the Taurus G3 or G3c comes down to your personal preferences and specific needs. As someone who has had the pleasure of spending ample time with both models, I can confidently say that you can't go wrong with either option.

The G3 is ideal for those who value long-range accuracy and competitive shooting, while the G3c is perfect for concealed carry and everyday use. Just remember, the right holster is just as important as the handgun itself, so take the time to find the perfect match that meets all your needs.





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