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Ruger Wrangler Review: A Rimfire Revolver You Should Get

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The Ruger Wrangler, a wallet-friendly rimfire revolver, has swiftly become a favorite among firearm enthusiasts. This Ruger Wrangler review aims to uncover the secrets of this budget-friendly gem, showcasing its affordability and quality. For those exploring the possibility of the Ruger Wrangler as their next firearm, this review is your go-to resource. Whether you're here out of curiosity or specifically searching for insights on the Ruger Wrangler 22LR review or the Ruger Wrangler 22 review, you're in the right place. We intend to dissect the Ruger Wrangler's design, analyze its range performance, and delve into its features that set it apart.

As we embark on this exploration of the Ruger Wrangler, we answer a fundamental question: Is this budget-friendly rimfire revolver genuinely worth your attention? Join us in this thorough examination of the Ruger Wrangler, where we leave no stone unturned to provide you with the essential information for deciding whether this revolver deserves a place in your collection.


How Ruger Wrangler 22lr Came To Be

The Ruger Wrangler's lineage extends deep into the annals of firearms history, drawing inspiration from the iconic Colt Single Action Army (SAA) that first saw the light of day back in 1872. This historical connection bestows a classic Americana feel to the Ruger Wrangler, linking it to a rich heritage of revolvers.Ruger, renowned for its commitment to crafting quality firearms, continues its legacy of excellence with the Wrangler. The company's reputation for producing reliable and well-made guns underscores the potential value of the Wrangler.Notably, Ruger introduced the Wrangler in 2019, creating a budget-friendly alternative to their esteemed Single Six model.

The Ruger Wrangler carries forward the SAA's design principles while streamlining features to maintain affordability. It's worth mentioning that this budget-friendly approach comes with certain limitations, such as the absence of interchangeable cylinders and adjustable rear sights, but it offers an accessible entry point into the world of single-action revolvers.In addition to the traditional model, Ruger also offers a Birdshead grip variation, featuring a shorter barrel reminiscent of the Ruger Vaquero. While this review primarily focuses on the SAA-style version, we'll touch upon the Birdshead variant to provide a well-rounded perspective. This comprehensive examination ensures that whether you're seeking a Ruger Wrangler review or a Ruger Wrangler 22LR review, you'll gain valuable insights into this historic and budget-friendly rimfire revolver.


Ruger Wrangler Specs, Mechanism & Safety


The Ruger Wrangler boasts a range of technical features that make it a standout rimfire revolver. Chambered in .22LR, it offers a six-round capacity and operates with a single-action trigger. This budget-friendly beauty measures 10.25 inches in length (or 8.62 inches, depending on the model), with a barrel length of either 4.62 inches or 3.75 inches. At just 30 ounces, it's incredibly lightweight and easy to handle. The Wrangler's sights are designed for simplicity and durability, featuring a fixed blade front sight and a fixed rear notch sight.

When we delve deeper into the Ruger Wrangler's operation, we discover a straightforward yet effective loading and ejection system. The cylinder rotates on a removable base pin, which is accessed by opening the loading gate. Rounds are loaded individually into the chambers, harkening back to the revolver's Old West heritage. The spring-loaded ejection rod simplifies the process of removing spent cartridges.Safety is a top priority, with the transfer bar safety preventing accidental discharges unless the trigger is depressed. The loading gate interlock ensures the cylinder can only be accessed when the hammer is in the forward position, enhancing safety during the loading process. These features make the Wrangler not only a fun plinking gun but also a suitable choice for new shooters seeking reliability and ease of use. Enhanced safety is ensured with a transfer bar safety and a loading gate interlock mechanism.


Ruger Wrangler - A Course In Classic Design


The Ruger Wrangler's appeal lies in its simplicity and classic design. As we examine its features, it becomes evident why this revolver stands out in the market. Its single-action operation makes it an excellent choice for both new shooters and those who appreciate the feel of the Single Action Army (SAA). The Wrangler exudes a nostalgic aura, evoking images of the Wild West and legendary lawmen like Wyatt Earp.This rimfire revolver doesn't overload users with unnecessary frills; it provides precisely what's needed at an affordable price point. The inclusion of multiple safety mechanisms, such as the transfer bar safety and loading gate interlock, ensures that users can enjoy their shooting experience with peace of mind.


Ruger Wrangler MSRP


Its manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) ranges from $269 to $279, but real-world prices typically fall between $160 and $180. These specifications make the Ruger Wrangler a compelling choice for those seeking an affordable and reliable rimfire revolver for plinking and casual shooting. Whether you're interested in a Ruger Wrangler review or simply looking for a dependable .22 revolver, these technical details offer a glimpse into what this revolver has to offer.


Ruger Wrangler 22 Review - Range Performance

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Our range testing of the Ruger Wrangler provided valuable insights into its performance and reliability. We subjected this rimfire revolver to a variety of ammunition types, examining its capabilities at various distances.We fired nearly 300 rounds, including Remington Thunderbolt 40gr ammunition, a common choice for plinking. At closer ranges, within 10 yards, the Wrangler consistently delivered groups within a two-inch radius. However, group sizes varied depending on the ammunition used, with CCI Stinger producing larger groups than SK Match, which achieved remarkable 1.3-inch groups.Beyond the 10-yard mark, groupings understandably started to spread, as expected for a rimfire revolver.During testing, the Wrangler reliably cycled through different ammunition types without issues. However, we did encounter a minor hiccup when attempting to fan the hammer cowboy-action style, which resulted in a momentary misalignment of the cylinder. This demonstrated that while the Wrangler is a dependable and fun firearm, it's still crucial to handle it with the respect it deserves.


Ruger Wrangler Sights? Straightforward


When it comes to sights, the Ruger Wrangler keeps it simple and reliable. Its fixed blade front sight and rear notch sight provide shooters with a straightforward and effective aiming system. The front sight is robust and durable, ensuring longevity even with regular use. This design choice aligns with the Wrangler's overall no-nonsense approach, making it an excellent option for those who appreciate simplicity in their firearms.


Ruger Wrangler Quality Control? Spotless


Ruger's reputation for stringent quality control is evident in every Wrangler. The company's commitment to delivering dependable and well-crafted firearms extends to this rimfire revolver. Ruger's high standards of manufacturing excellence are reflected in the Wrangler's well-engineered construction. Buyers can trust in the quality and reliability of this firearm, which is essential when considering an investment in a firearm like the Wrangler.


Ruger Wrangler Comfort? Excellent


Ergonomics play a crucial role in a shooter's experience, and the Ruger Wrangler excels in this aspect. Its grip is designed to accommodate a variety of hand sizes, ensuring that shooters of different statures can comfortably wield this revolver. Whether you have larger or smaller hands, the Wrangler offers a secure and comfortable grip, enhancing control and accuracy.


Ruger Wrangler Trigger Pull? Smooth & Heavy


The Ruger Wrangler's trigger is known for its smooth operation, making it a pleasure to shoot. However, it's worth noting that the trigger weight can be on the heavier side. This can be advantageous for those who prefer a more deliberate trigger pull, but it may require some adjustment for shooters accustomed to lighter triggers. While there is a noticeable weight to the trigger pull, it maintains a consistent and predictable break, contributing to the Wrangler's overall shooting experience.


How to Takedown And Maintain Ruger Wrangler


Maintaining the Ruger Wrangler is a hassle-free endeavor. To disassemble the revolver for cleaning and maintenance, simply depress the cylinder base pin latch and slide the base pin forward. This action enables the loading gate to swing open, facilitating easy access to the cylinder, which can be effortlessly removed.Moreover, the Ruger Wrangler offers customization possibilities through its interchangeable grip panels. This feature permits users to quickly switch out the synthetic grip panels, allowing for a personalized appearance and a tailored grip that suits individual preferences. The revolver's user-friendly takedown process and customization options contribute to its overall appeal and adaptability, making it a top choice for both beginners and experienced firearm enthusiasts.


Ruger Wrangler Review: Shortcomings & Alternatives


The Ruger Wrangler, while an excellent rimfire revolver, does have a few shortcomings to consider. First and foremost, its trigger weight is on the heavier side, measuring around 6.8 pounds. While this is suitable for casual plinking and target shooting, it may not be ideal for those who prefer lighter triggers, posing a potential limitation for precision shooting.Another drawback is the absence of an adjustable rear sight. The Wrangler comes equipped with fixed sights, which lack customization options for individual preferences or different ammunition types. This limitation could affect shooters looking for more precise aiming capabilities.Additionally, the Wrangler's 6-round capacity is standard for revolvers in its class but may necessitate more frequent reloading. The non-interchangeable cylinder also means it can only use .22 LR ammunition, missing out on the option to switch to .22 Magnum.

Comparing the Ruger Wrangler to alternatives such as the Heritage Rough Rider and Ruger Single Six provides valuable insights. The Heritage Rough Rider, like the Wrangler, offers affordability and simplicity but may lack the same build quality, with some reports of visible machine marks.In contrast, the Ruger Single Six, though pricier than the Wrangler, provides distinct advantages. It features interchangeable cylinders, allowing the use of both .22 LR and .22 Magnum, increasing versatility. The Single Six's alloy steel construction enhances durability compared to the Wrangler's aluminum frame, and its adjustable rear sight offers more precise aiming.Ultimately, choosing between these revolvers hinges on your priorities. The Ruger Wrangler caters to budget-conscious buyers seeking a reliable, entry-level rimfire revolver, while alternatives offer additional features at higher price points. Each option has its strengths and limitations, so considering your shooting needs and budget is crucial when making a decision.


Ruger Wrangler - Why You Need One


When it comes to assessing the Ruger Wrangler's performance, it's essential to break it down into several key aspects.

Accuracy: The Wrangler, with its fixed sights, provides respectable accuracy within typical rimfire ranges. While the trigger pull might be a bit heavy for precision shooting, it's more than adequate for plinking and casual target practice. Reliability: Ruger's reputation for quality control shines through in the Wrangler. It's a reliable firearm that rarely encounters malfunctions when fed with the right .22 LR ammunition. Ease of Use: This is where the Wrangler truly excels. Its single-action design and user-friendly controls make it a fantastic choice for beginners and seasoned shooters alike. Loading and unloading are straightforward, and the transfer bar safety system enhances safety. Customization: However, where it falls short is in customization options. The fixed sights and non-interchangeable cylinders limit adaptability. But, given its budget-friendly price point, these limitations are reasonable for many potential buyers.


Ruger Wrangler - Holstering time


When it comes to safely carrying your Ruger Wrangler, various holster options are available. A simple and cost-effective choice is an outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster, which securely holds your revolver on your belt. For those who want a touch of Old West style, Western holsters with gun belts can be a fitting choice, not only ensuring safety but also adding a classic flair to your carry. Always ensure your Holsters for Ruger Wrangler provide proper trigger guard coverage and retention to prevent accidental discharges and keep your firearm secure.


Ruger Wrangler FAQ

Yes, you can shoot .22 Short in a Ruger Wrangler.

How many different Ruger Wranglers are there? Barrel lengths include 3.75", 4.62", 6.50", and 7.50". The 3.75" barrel also has a birdshead grip option available. The three most available color options are black, silver, and bronze Cerakote, but other color options exist as distributor exclusives.

While it can be used for home defense, a centerfire caliber revolver is often recommended.

Comparing the Ruger Wrangler to the Heritage Rough Rider depends on personal preferences; both have their merits.

Ruger Wrangler Review Verdict: Get one ASAP


 The Ruger Wrangler presents itself as an affordable and approachable entry into the world of single-action revolvers, drawing inspiration from the iconic Colt Single Action Army. Ruger's reputation for quality craftsmanship shines through in the Wrangler's well-engineered construction.While it may not be the ideal choice for home defense due to its .22 LR chambering, the Ruger Wrangler excels as a recreational firearm. Its single-action simplicity, straightforward sights, and comfortable grip make it an excellent companion for plinking and casual shooting.For those seeking an introduction to cowboy action shooting or enthusiasts looking for an affordable revolver to add to their collection, the Ruger Wrangler holds its own. Its price point reflects a smart balance between cost-effectiveness and quality, making it an attractive choice for both novice and experienced shooters alike.In conclusion, the Ruger Wrangler offers an enjoyable shooting experience without breaking the bank. If you're in the market for an affordable rimfire revolver that pays homage to the Old West, the Ruger Wrangler is undoubtedly a revolver worth considering. So, embrace the spirit of the Wild West and give the Ruger Wrangler a shot.



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