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Best Holster for Ruger 57: Top 7 Picks for Secure Carry

Ruger 57 handgun close up shot Ruger 57 handgun close up shot Ruger 57 handgun close up shot

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The Ruger 57 is a full-sized, blowback semi-automatic pistol with an internal hammer-fired single-action (SA) trigger made by Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.. It comes with a double stack 20-round magazine and relies on the use of the 5.7x28 FN cartridge. Just like its name suggests, the pistol is based on the popular FN Five-seveN pistol, which means it's of high quality and worth buying even though there are some Ruger 57 problems you might run into.

Although it is a full size pistol more suitable for outside the waistband carry, it can also be used as a concealed carry pistol, especially when carried inside a custom Ruger 57 IWB holster.


How to carry RUGER 57?


Due to its size, most shooters prefer to carry the Ruger 57 outside the waistband. But as this pistol is quite versatile, it's also suitable for some more carry styles. Generally said, the Ruger 57 can be used for both open and concealed carry. All you need to do is make sure what the CCW laws of your state are and select one of the custom Ruger 57 holsters on our list.


best Ruger 57 open carry holsters

a guy carrying his ruger 57 in a shoulder holster a guy carrying his ruger 57 in a shoulder holster a guy carrying his ruger 57 in a shoulder holster a guy carrying his ruger 57 in a shoulder holster


The Ruger 57 definitely works best when carried in an open carry holster. And to be more specific, it's Ruger 57 outside the waistband holsters that rock today's market. But the list doesn't end here. Just like any other full-sized handguns, your Ruger will be a great match with any well-crafted 57 shoulder holster. If you decide to take your Ruger out to the woods, then Ruger 57 chest holsters or 57 SOB holsters are also a great option. If you're a tactical guy, you might want to consider getting yourself a Ruger 57 drop leg holster. And if you happen to spend hours on end driving, a Ruger 57 cross-draw holster is also a viable open carry option. But enough of the small talk, let's have a look at what the best Ruger 57 holsters for open carry are.


#1 - Ruger 57 OWB holster

The first holster is designed for Ruger 57 outside the waistband carry and it offers everything a solid OWB holster requires - high retention, perfect fit, very quick draw and low profile. The holster comes with the popupal pancake design, which means its profile is very slim, allowing for easy concealment. This Ruger 57 OWB holster comes with a slightly forward-leaning cant, which makes it ideal for 3 or 4 o'clock carry.


#2 - Ruger 57 shoulder holster

Are you a fan of holster systems? Do you like to carry your gun and mags in one "package”? Then this shoulder holster system is the right option for you. It delivers a glove-like fit, great balance and stability. This Ruger 57 shoulder rig also features a counterbalance mag pouch, so you'll never run out of ammo. This shoulder holster rig is designed for vertical carry, but the roto feature allows for a more convenient horizontal draw.


#3 - Ruger 57 chest holster

This Ruger 57 chest holster is designed for outdoor carry. And just like many other chest holsters, this one also works best with full-sized handguns such as the 57. This Ruger 57 nylon holster is made of premium cordura material, which is also extremely durable. The holster comes with a cross-body shoulder harness and its attachment is very simple. Your Ruger is secured in the holster with a security strap and covered by a flap. This unique 57 chest holster features also comes with a Molle system.


#4 - Ruger 57 paddle holster

This Ruger 57 paddle holster is also designed for outside the waistband carry. It is equipped with a rotary MRS 5 paddle, which makes mounting of the holster very quick and convenient. By default, the handgun is drawn from the holster in the 90 degree angle, so the holster works best when carried in the 3 o’clock belt position. However, the cant can be adjusted via the attached paddle, so you can enjoy various other draw cants and carry positions.


#5 - Ruger 57 leg holster

If you’re looking for a Ruger 57 holster with a mag pouch designed for tactical leg carry, this one is the right choice. This Ruger 57 drop leg holster is equipped with a leg strap and belt loop for extra stability. The holster is made of premium nylon and it also features a pouch for a spare magazine, which increases its tacticality. The holster also comes with a thumb break strap, which increases the safety of your Ruger.



best ruger-57 aftermarket accessories


The Ruger 57 is a handgun designed for open carry, but I'll take a look at some of the best concealed carry holsters for this handgun anyway. But before we do so, let's check out some of the best Ruger-57 upgrades:

  1. STREAMLIGHT TLR-1 HL for Ruger 57 - Streamlight is undeniably the best and most renowned tactical light brand in the world. And their TLR-1 is probably the best Ruger 57 Streamlight option.
  2. OLIGHT BALDR PRO for Ruger-57 - OLIGHT is Streamlight's fiercest competitor, at least when it comes to high-performance lights. Wanna give it a try? Then you can get your Rugert 57 OLIGHT tac light here.
  3. Ruger 57 GREEN LASER SIGHT - Feyachi might be a lesser known brand, but this green laser sight for Ruger 57 is definitely worth it.



best ruger 57 concealed carry holsters

best ruger 57 holsters for concealed carry best ruger 57 holsters for concealed carry best ruger 57 holsters for concealed carry best ruger 57 holsters for concealed carry


Even though the dimensions of the Ruger 57 make the pistol more suitable for open carry, with the right holster, the 57 might become a viable CCW option as well. And what are the best styles for Ruger 57 concealed carry? Well, to keep it short, it's Ruger 57 IWB holsters and Ruger 57 appendix holsters. And I'll show you the very best Ruger 57 CCW holsters for both of these carry styles.


#6 - ruger 57 red dot holster

This holster is designed for both Ruger 57 IWB as well as Ruger 57 appendix carry. The holster features a steel clip, which makes its attachment very easy. It also comes with a leather strap, increasing your gun's security. But the real deal breaker is that the holster can be made optics-friendly. So, if you're looking for a Ruger 57 red dot holster, add this one to your cart and let us know what your attachment is through a note in the "your note" field.


#7 - ruger 57 holster iwb

This is one of the best Ruger 57 IWB holsters you can find. The holster is designed for the 57 inside the waistband carry and it’s a combination of great concealment, high retention, comfort of carry and easy access. The profile of this holster contours one’s body very well, which results in easy concealment and high carry comfort. The spacing of the belt loops results in high stability. On top of that, this Ruger 57 leather holster is very easy to mount as you don’t even have to take your belt off.



conclusion - what's the best ruger 57 holster?

As the Ruger 57 is a full-sized pistol, it means it's more suitable for open carry. And from all the open carry options, it's Ruger 57 outside the waistband holsters that make most sense as they deliver unmatchable carry comfort. But how to pick the best Ruger 57 OWB holster? Well, if you don't have time nor the budget to try them all out, then I suggest you pick the first holster on our list - Ruger 57 OWB holster. It's comfortable, it fits your firearm like a glove, it comes with low profile (making it easy to conceal), and it offers a super quick draw. What more can you ask of an ideal holster?

However, if you live in a state with strict CCW laws, you might want to consider getting a Ruger 57 concealed carry holster.

And in case you haven't found a holster you like on our list, hit that button below and explore the world of custom made Ruger 57 holsters.