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Holsters Even Dirty Harry Would Carry

A picture of a detective character Dirty Harry pointing his revolver at a suspect A picture of a detective character Dirty Harry pointing his revolver at a suspect A picture of a detective character Dirty Harry pointing his revolver at a suspect


Do you want to look as classy as the most famous detectives? Dirty Harry, Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Columbo, Kojak, Harry Bosch, Jack Reacher, or Edgar Allan Poe’s Auguste Dupin, all of these (and many more) are the most popular detectives, inspectors and private investigators in the world of fiction. If you aren’t a complete stranger to books and movies, I’m sure you’ve heard of them, you also know what they were involved in and perhaps even how many crimes they helped to solve. However, detectives aren’t just a mere fiction.


These guys are responsible for collecting information that helps solve crimes by talking to witnesses or their informants. They also collect physical evidence which leads them to arrest criminals who can then be convicted in court. Many times they come in contact with bad guys, so they need to be armed to stay protected. And if someone carries a gun, he also needs a holster for it. So in case you are a detective or you just want to look like one, I’ll show you which the most popular detective carry styles and our holster options for each.


Although considered old-fashioned by some gun owners, shoulder holsters are still considered quite stylish mainly by fans of popular cop shows and you must have seen many TV detectives wear these rigs. They offer good accessibility and enable the wearer to move or run around without the threat of gun slipping out of the holster. These holsters also don’t weigh your pants down like holsters worn around one’s waist or legs might and the weight is usually equally distributed over your shoulders. They are frequently worn in formal settings, as they are fully concealed by a suit jacket under which the gun is still easily accessed.


If Harry got this horizontal shoulder rig, he'd get a holster unit with a thumb break, cross-shoulder harness and double mag pouch (replaced with speed loader pouches for rev shooters). If you don’t have many layers on to conceal it, don't worry, you can simply take it off the harness and carry it as a regular belt holster with two cant positions. If you want to look like an action hero, you need to get this holster now.


In this rig, Harry would carry his revolver vertically. This one also comes with a double mag/speedloader pouch. You'll also get the popular roto feature – moving gun from vertical to horizontal will be easy for you. And, when you release the thumb break, the holster is slightly tilted, giving you a better draw angle. If you’ve never tried a roto shoulder rig, then don’t wait any longer and get yours now. I'm sure Harry would.


IWB holsters have undeniably become much more popular among general public, as they offer high level of concealment, allowing one to stay low-profile. That’s exactly what you want to look for if you want to stay under cover and carry your gun without others having any clue. Compared to OWB holsters, IWBs cannot be easily snatched, however, when it comes to potential injuries, especially when re-holstering, they seem to be slightly less safe.


Lynx, is the newest addition to our holster family. Do you want to stay 100% under cover? Then get one too. Re-holstering is very easy with this one and the sweat guard will leave your skin "untouched". You'll also be able to adjust the holster both in depth and cant. And you'll also get a long lasting double stitched leather, so you won't need a new holster anytime soon. If you want to blend in with the environment, you need to get this holster.


SoBs are a less common carry option when it comes to the waist area. If you have to sit a lot, for example when you are on duty and following someone in your car, carrying SoB might seem uncomfortable, however, once you get used to this carry style and you master drawing and re-holstering, it will provide sufficient concealment and can become a good option for your secondary gun.


Our Grizzly was named after the mighty animal and you can see it on its deisgn. It’s got a reinforced opening. so it'll be easy for you to draw and re-holster. The full grain leather and lacquered finish will make it last long and you always look good. You'll feel secure about your gun seated in the double stitched leather. If you want to be like some of the big guys fighting crime out there, get your Grizzly here.


Apart from high concealment, ankle holsters also provide quite a lot of comfort, as you won’t be even aware of them. However, drawing the gun when standing or running can be quite problematic, which many consider the major drawback of these holsters. This shouldn’t be a problem, though, as when you work as a detective, you won’t really run around much as it could raise suspricion. Ankle holsters usually come with calf straps, but you have to make sure that they are firmly fastened, as you don’t want your holster to constantly move up and down or from side to side when you are on the move.


With this holster, you'll get perfect concealment especially for smaller guns. It's also got a thumb break you can adjust or remove. You don't have to worry about stability of your gun, as the holster is held in place with double adjustable Velcro straps. Your ideal choice if you carry a small secondary pistol or revolver (not Harry's case, though) and you can get yours here.


So guys, detective or not, any of the holsters above is a great choice for you if you want to carry your gun concealed and unnoticed. However, if you really happen to be a detective or are involved in Law Enforcement in any way – officers, firefighters, emergency medical service workers (both active or veteran) – bear in mind that we offer a unique 10% Law Enforcement discount on any of your orders. We value your service very highly and the least we can do is save a bit of your money in exchange for you saving our lives on daily basis. You can find more about our Law Enforcement discount here. Don’t worry, we won’t disclose your details to anyone and if you want to stay under cover, our easy to conceal holsters got you covered. Case closed.


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