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Glock 22 Gen 5 Review: A Quick Inspection of a Generational Duty Gun

Glock 22 gen 5 review title image Glock 22 gen 5 review title image Glock 22 gen 5 review title image


Today, I'm excited to dive into the Glock 22 Gen 5, a pistol that has been a game-changer in my shooting experience. As someone who specializes in testing Glock pistols, I've had the pleasure of putting the Gen 5 through its paces, and let me tell you, it's a standout in the Glock lineup.

The Glock 22 Gen 5 has been making waves in the shooting community, and for good reason. This pistol, renowned for its robust design and performance, has undergone significant enhancements in its fifth generation. From improved ergonomics to an innovative Modular Optic System, the Gen 5 is a culmination of Glock's commitment to excellence.


Glock 22 Gen 5 Review - Key Features of Glock 22 Gen 5


 Glock 22 Gen 5 MOS System


Let's kick things off with the Modular Optic System. If you're a fan of customizing your optics, the MOS configuration is a game-changer. I remember the first time I attached a red dot sight to my Gen 5 – the precision and quick target acquisition were next level. The MOS system opens up a world of possibilities for optic enthusiasts, making the Glock 22 Gen 5 truly versatile.


Enhancements in Gen 5 Model


Glock has always been about continuous improvement, and the Gen 5 is a testament to that philosophy. The trigger, for instance, has a crisper break, providing a more satisfying shooting experience. Recoil management is also noticeably better, allowing for faster follow-up shots. These upgrades aren't just for show – they translate to a more reliable and accurate shooting experience.


Glock 22 Gen 5 Specs


Curious about the nitty-gritty details that make the Glock 22 Gen 5 stand out? Let's dive into the specifications that contribute to this powerhouse of a pistol.


  • Model Name: Glock 22 Gen 5
  • Caliber:  .40 S&W
  • Action: Striker-Fired
  • Weight (uloaded):  28.43 oz.
  • Capacity: Standard 15 rounds
  • Overall Width: 1.34"
  • Overall Length: 5.51"
  • Overall Height: 4.8''
  • Barrel Length: 4.49''
  • Frame Material: Polymer
  • Safety: Safe Action System
  • Sights: Fixed, standard Glock sights
  • MSRP: $647


Glock 22 Gen 5 Review - Performance Assessment


Range Testing


Now, let's talk about the real deal – range performance. I took the Glock 22 Gen 5 to various shooting scenarios, from tight indoor ranges to wide-open outdoor spaces. The accuracy and grouping consistently impressed me. It's a pistol that feels at home whether you're engaging targets up close or pushing the distance.


Reliability and Durability


One of the things I love about Glock pistols is their reliability, and the Gen 5 is no exception. I've put thousands of rounds through mine, and it keeps chugging along without a hiccup. The durability of key components is top-notch, and that's something you truly appreciate, especially if you're a frequent shooter like me.


Glock 22 Gen 5 Review - User-Friendly Features


Ergonomics and Comfort


Glock pistols are known for their no-nonsense design, and the Gen 5 continues that tradition. The grip is comfortable, fitting snugly in my hand. The ergonomics play a crucial role in reducing fatigue during extended sessions at the range. It's these little things that make a big difference in the overall shooting experience.


Ease of Maintenance


Let's be real – nobody enjoys cleaning their firearms, but it's a necessary evil. The Glock 22 Gen 5 makes the process as painless as possible. The disassembly is straightforward, and maintenance is a breeze. A quick field strip, a wipe down, and you're good to go. This simplicity is a time-saver, allowing me to spend more time on the range and less time on the cleaning bench.


Glock 22 Gen 5 Review - Comparisons and Versatility


Glock 22 Gen 5 vs. Previous Models


For those considering an upgrade, the question inevitably arises – is it worth it? In my opinion, definitely yes. The improvements in the Gen 5, from the trigger to the overall handling, make it a worthwhile investment. If you've been rocking an older Glock model, the Gen 5 is a noticeable step up.


Adaptability of Glock 22 Gen 5 MOS


Now, let's talk about the MOS system again. Whether you're a competitive shooter or just enjoy some weekend plinking, the adaptability of the Gen 5 MOS is a huge plus. I've experimented with different optics, and the system holds zero like a champ. It adds a layer of customization that caters to your specific shooting style.


The Primary Uses of Glock 22 Gen 5


The Glock 22 Gen 5 isn't just a favorite among enthusiasts, it has secured its place as one of the most popular choices for law enforcement and police agencies. Known for its reliability and stopping power, the Glock 22 Gen 5 proves to be an invaluable tool in various scenarios.


Law Enforcement and Police Application


Law enforcement agencies across the globe turn to the Glock 22 Gen 5 for its performance under pressure. The .40 S&W caliber provides the necessary stopping power, while the Gen 5 enhancements, such as improved ergonomics and recoil control, contribute to better handling in high-stress situations.

To complement its role in law enforcement, many officers opt for specialized Glock 22 duty holsters. These holsters are designed for secure retention and quick access, ensuring that the Glock 22 Gen 5 is always at the ready when it matters most. Whether on patrol or responding to a critical situation, a reliable duty holster is a must-have for those who entrust their safety to the Glock 22 Gen 5.




Beyond the realm of law enforcement, the Glock 22 Gen 5 serves as an excellent choice for individuals seeking a reliable self-defense firearm. The balance of stopping power and manageable recoil makes it a trusted companion for those prioritizing personal safety.


Recreational Shooting


For recreational shooters, the Glock 22 Gen 5 offers an exhilarating experience on the range. Its accuracy, coupled with the customizable options provided by the MOS, makes it a go-to choice for those who enjoy honing their skills or participating in competitive shooting events. So, whether you're a dedicated civilian shooter, a law enforcement professional, or someone looking for a dependable self-defense tool, the Glock 22 Gen 5 stands tall as a versatile and reliable companion, ready to meet the demands of duty, defense, and recreation alike.


Holster Considerations for the Glock 22 Gen 5


Selecting the right holster is paramount for anyone wielding the Glock 22 Gen 5. Whether you're a law enforcement officer or a civilian seeking a reliable holster, understanding the diverse landscape of Glock 22 holsters is crucial.

For law enforcement professionals, duty holsters play a crucial role in the accessibility and security of their Glock 22 Gen 5. On the other hand, civilians may lean towards concealed carry holsters for everyday use. Understanding the distinctions between these types will guide you toward the most suitable option for your intended use.


Glock 22 Gen 5 FAQ


The GLOCK 22 Gen 5 maintains the powerful reputation of its predecessors. Chambered in .40 S&W, it strikes a balance between stopping power and recoil management. With enhancements in the Gen 5 model, including improved trigger performance and recoil control, it continues to be a robust and powerful choice for various shooting applications.

No, the GLOCK 22 Gen 5 is not chambered in .45 ACP. It retains the .40 S&W chambering, a caliber appreciated for its potency and versatility. The Gen 5 improvements, coupled with the .40 caliber, make the GLOCK 22 Gen 5 a reliable and effective choice for shooters who prioritize power and performance.

The Glock 22 Gen 5 introduces several key enhancements, including a crisper trigger, improved recoil management, and an ergonomic design. These improvements contribute to a more satisfying and reliable shooting experience compared to its predecessors.

The Glock 22 Gen 5 excels in accuracy, making it suitable for a variety of shooting scenarios. During range testing, the pistol consistently delivered precise shots, and the improved trigger contributes to better overall accuracy.

Yes, the Glock 22 Gen 5 is designed for user-friendly maintenance. The straightforward disassembly process and durable components make cleaning and upkeep a hassle-free experience, allowing more time for shooting and less time for maintenance.

Recoil management is noticeably improved in the Gen 5 model. The design enhancements contribute to a smoother shooting experience, allowing for faster follow-up shots and increased control, even during rapid fire.


Glock 22 Gen 5 Review Conclusion - Wrapping Up the G22 Gen 5 Adventure


To sum it up, the Glock 22 Gen 5 gets a solid thumbs up from this Glock aficionado. The latest features and enhanced performance make it a standout choice in the crowded field of handguns. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or just starting, the Gen 5 is worth serious consideration.

As we holster our thoughts on the Glock 22 Gen 5, let's not forget the importance of a proper companion for this exceptional firearm. Investing in a reliable Glock 22 Gen 5 holster is crucial to ensure both safety and accessibility. Find one that suits your carrying style, allowing you to seamlessly integrate the Gen 5 into your everyday carry or range sessions. Here's to happy shooting and holstering responsibly!





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