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Is A Drop Leg Holster Right For You?

A dropleg holster (also known as subloads, leg panels, and thigh rigs) belongs to an open carry

Moving weight off your back and shoulders helps spread out one's load out weight and
when secured properly, droplegs do not stand in the way of most movement. It also allows
you to draw your weapon easily and smoothly when wearing some type of vest, however
without the vest, it increases the draw time and decrease the ability to defend yourself.
Although one can get by putting a drop leg onto a typical belt, a duty belt with some
stiffness is recommended. Otherwise the belt will get a bit bent up. The most common
connection is a simple velcro wrap, sometimes with a flap with hook on 2 sides to stick to
duty belts with velcro already on them. 

After walking some distance with the dropleg holster, you will realize, that it gives you
enough stability and protection from pusching out the gun, but also anything tight against
your legs can start to chafe whether it’s caused by too much stuff in your cargo pocket, or
straps on your inner thigh. As every holster model is a little different, so trial and error is the
method to find the exact height that it will ride comfortably for you. And still, some
modification of these holsters is generally pretty easy.

So if you find a drop leg holster suitable for you be sure to check our selection of drop leg holsters here.


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