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Kimber Micro 9 Problems: Unveil Issues & Concerns

Kimber Micro 9 pistol on a desk Kimber Micro 9 pistol on a desk Kimber Micro 9 pistol on a desk

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It's safe to say that the Kimber Micro 9 is an excellent choice for everyday concealed carry. Its micro compact dimensions and high reliability certainly make it one of the best carry pistols based on the famous M1911 design. And if you want to find out more about an endless range of benefits this pistol delivers, just check out our latest Kimber Micro 9mm review, available here.

But today, we're going to have a look at a couple of problems some of the Micro 9 owners might encounter. I'm saying some, because it's not a rule to experience all of the following issues, so don't panic.


No. 1 - Kimber Micro 9 magazine problem

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The first problem on our list concerns one of the most important parts of every firearm - the magazine. While most of Kimber Micro 9 stock magazines won't give you any trouble at all, there are some concerns concerning odd magazines.

The most frequently discuss Micro 9 magazine issue is the failure to feed, especially with the extended Kimber Micro 9mm 8 round magazine. This problem is discussed in depth on Kimber Talk, the most popular forum about guns developed by Kimber Manufacturing.

In this thread, the discussion starter says that the problem is "that top round when the magazine is full, it is allowed to nose down when the slide is feeding it to the chamber. Then it gets stuck on the feed ramp. A nice little "bump" to the back of the slide will usually put it back into battery. When there are less rounds in the magazine, the nose dive ability is less too."

Some of the other contributors to the above mentioned thread say that a way to solve this problem (without having to send the magazine back to the producer) is to stop feeding the magazine at 6+1 rounds.


No. 2 - Kimber Micro 9 safety problems

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Another Kimber Micro 9 Problem and reason for concern frequently mentioned on the Internet is the Kimber Micro 9 safety. This problem is once again discussed on Kimber Talk, more particularly in this thread.

The discussion starter "noticed that the safety would engage during firing." At first, he thought that his grip was simply a bit off, as he's got big hands and you might as well know that the Micro 9 is more ideal for those with smaller hands. But later he ads that his son has experienced similar problems, which is why he started to worry about the Kimber's safety. This problem appears to be even more acute when gripping the gun with the thumb.

However, it's not all so dark. One comment in this section suggest that if you also face Micro 9 safety issue when firing, you should "try a couple of more range trips and see if you can shoot through it." And if a bit of practice and a couple of hundreds of rounds fired through the Micro 9 don't help, you should definitely reach out to Kimber's customer service and see what they say.


No. 3 - Kimber Micro 9 failure to extract

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The third kimber 1911 micro 9 problems on our list is once again commonly discussed at Kimber Talk. And the issue in question is Micro 9 failure to extract the fired round. But if you're not completely new to the world of guns, you know this is an issue occassionally experienced by almost any carry pistol.

This section covers the Micro 9 failure to eject quite well and there's also a solution offered. The discussion starter describes the issue like this - "Occasionally I get a fail to extract on my Micro 9. The empty case is left fully inserted in the chamber. Case is sufficiently loose in the chamber that tipping the muzzle skyward, the empty casing falls out. Inspecting the casing, I see where the extractor claw had it at some point in time."

Once again, there's no reason to get too panicky too soon. This Kimber Micro 9 problem isn't experienced with every single round and if you do the same as the discussion starter, that is, send your Micro 9 back to the seller, having them look at the problem, they'll most probably fix it for you.


No. 4 - Kimber Micro 9 Slide Locking Mid-Fire

Some users reported the slide unexpectedly locking open mid-magazine, unusual for a 1911 where typically it locks back only on the last round with an empty mag. If encountered during a full mag, a common instinct might be to drop the magazine. This action in a self-defense scenario would unfortunately mean leaving valuable ammo behind. A potential solution could lie in the magazine design. Changing magazines may rectify the problem in several instances, though a unanimous agreement on this solution is still lacking.


No. 5 - Casings Ejecting Backwards

Several users have noted their Kimber Micro 9 firing and simultaneously ejecting spent casings backwards, frequently hitting their faces. This typically signals excessive recoil energy reverting into the gun, potentially causing not just a missed subsequent shot or an accidental drop of the firearm, but also adding undue wear on components like the slide rails. Beyond the inconvenience, getting hot brass in the face is generally an unpleasant situation, exacerbated if it occurs in a self-defense scenario where eye protection is likely absent.


Kimber Micro 9 Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Kimber Micro 9 can be a solid choice for EDC (Every Day Carry). It’s compact, lightweight, and chambered in 9mm, offering effective self-defense capabilities. However, ensure you are comfortable with its operation and feel, and be aware that some users have reported issues like slide locking during firing and casings ejecting backwards.

It's advised to refer to the Kimber Micro 9 owner’s manual for specific ammunition guidelines. Generally, frequently shooting +P ammo can cause excessive wear and tear on the firearm, leading to potential reliability issues over time. Moderation and regular maintenance are crucial.

Typically, a break-in period for the Kimber Micro 9 involves firing around 300-500 rounds. This period allows the parts to smooth out and work together, enhancing the firearm’s reliability and performance. It’s important to perform a proper cleaning and inspection after the break-in period.

t’s not universally agreed that Kimber’s quality has declined. Some users have reported issues with newer models, but many still regard Kimber firearms as reliable and well-crafted. It’s essential to research thoroughly and consider various user reviews and experiences before making a purchase decision.

The title for the smallest 1911 often goes to the Springfield Armory 911 .380 ACP or the Sig Sauer P238. Both these models incorporate the iconic 1911 design in a highly compact and lightweight frame, making them ideal for concealed carry and personal defense while offering less recoil.


Conclusion - is Kimber Micro 9 worth it?

Is Kimber Micro 9 world what? Trying it out? It most certainly is. It's one of the most compact 1911-style pistols out there and it can easily be one of your best CCW options.

However, just like most other things, not every single Micro 9 pistol is necessarily 100% perfect. That's why it's a good idea to first put in a couple of hundreds of rounds of ammo at the range before you decide to make the pistol your main EDC gun.

But if you by any chance experience any of the issues on our list, don't panic! Kimber Manufacturing is known for their excellent customer support and I'm sure they'll give you a hand.

And if you want to get rid of one of the potential problems of the Micro 9, make sure you get custom made Holsters For Kimber Micro 9 as soon as possible.