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Beretta Tomcat Review: Uncovering the Truth About the 3032

Beretta Tomcat Review title image Beretta Tomcat Review title image Beretta Tomcat Review title image


Hey there, fellow gun enthusiast! If you've found yourself here, you're probably just like me a few years ago – trying to get a handle on whether the Beretta Tomcat truly lives up to its buzz. Being an avid Beretta shooter, I've taken the time to test and understand the ins and outs of this pistol. Sit tight, and let me take you on a journey of my personal Beretta Tomcat experiences.


A Look at the Beretta 3032 Tomcat: What Sets It Apart


Look, if you're anything like me, you'd know that no two guns feel the same. The first time I held the Beretta 3032 Tomcat, it felt familiar yet distinctive. Beretta has a rich history, and the 3032 Tomcat is one of their unique pieces.


Beretta Tomcat vs Bobcat

Source: handgunhero.com

These names might remind you of a nature documentary, but in the Beretta world, it's a debate on personal preferences. While I adore the Bobcat for its style, the Tomcat has always had my back when it came to performance.


Beretta Tomcat specs


  • Model Name: Beretta Model 3032 Tomcat
  • Caliber: .32 Auto
  • Action: Blowback operated, double-action
  • Weight (uloaded): 14.5 oz
  • Capacity: 7+1
  • Overall Width: 1.1"
  • Overall Length: 4.9"
  • Overall Height: 3.7''
  • Barrel Length: 2.4"
  • Slide Finish: Blued finish
  • Frame Material: Anodized aluminum
  • Safety: Frame mounted trigger lock
  • Sights: No dot
  • MSRP: $415


Delving Deep: Beretta 32 Tomcat Review


When it comes to Beretta's pistols, specifics matter. And with the Beretta Tomcat 32, the devil is truly in the details. Its .32 ACP caliber packs a punch, especially when considering concealed carry. The balance it offers is akin to finding that sweet spot in yoga – difficult, but oh so rewarding once you hit it.


Performance and Shooting Experience


Remember that time Oprah spoke about her "aha!" moments? Well, the first time I shot the Beretta Tomcat, I had mine. The accuracy and recoil felt just right, and honestly, shooting had never been more pleasurable.


For Concealed Carry: Is the Beretta Tomcat 32 Review Positive?


One word: Absolutely. Its compact size, combined with the right Beretta Tomcat holster, makes it a dream for concealed carry. My buddy Jake, not the biggest gun guy, decided on a whim to try concealed carry. Knowing his lack of experience, I recommended the Tomcat, and now he won't shut up about it!


Exploring the Extras: Beretta Tomcat Accessories and Magazine


Now, who doesn’t like a little extra bling? While I’m not talking about Swarovski crystals here, the range of Beretta Tomcat accessories had me as excited as a kid in a candy store. The Beretta Tomcat magazine is reliable and, from my experience, doesn’t jam up as easily as some other brands I’ve tried.


Important Considerations: Beretta Tomcat Recall


Let’s address the elephant in the room. Yes, there was a Beretta Tomcat recall. When I first heard about it, I felt like the time I found out about that one plot twist in my favorite TV show – shocked and a tad bit betrayed. But, true to form, Beretta addressed the issues head-on, making the 3032 even better.


Beretta Tomcat Price: Worth the Investment?


I remember when I bought my first luxury watch. I hemmed and hawed over the price, but when I finally made the purchase, the quality spoke volumes. Similarly, the Beretta Tomcat price may seem steep to some, but for the value and peace of mind it provides, I'd say it's worth every penny.



FAQ Beretta Tomcat Review


Cleaning the Beretta 3032 Tomcat is straightforward, and it's essential to ensure the longevity and performance of your firearm. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  • Safety First: Ensure the pistol is unloaded. Remove the magazine and double-check the chamber to make sure it's empty.
  • Field Strip: Press the disassembly lever on the left side of the frame downwards. This will allow you to tilt the barrel upwards and out from the frame. Then, gently pull the slide off the rear.
  • Cleaning the Barrel: Use a gun cleaning solvent and a bore brush to clean the inside of the barrel. After scrubbing with the brush, use a patch to wipe it clean. Ensure that all residue is removed.
  • Cleaning the Slide and Frame: With the cleaning solvent, gently clean the slide's interior, paying attention to the rails. Use a brush to scrub off any stubborn residue.
  • Lubrication: Apply a light gun oil or lubricant to the slide rails, barrel exterior, and other moving parts.
  • Reassemble: First, slide the frame onto the slide. Then, tilt the barrel back into position and lock it in place by moving the disassembly lever upwards.
  • Final Check: Cycle the slide a few times to ensure everything is working smoothly, and you're done!

Ah, the slide catch spring! It can be a bit tricky, but with patience, it's doable. Here's how:

  • Positioning: Make sure the pistol is unloaded and disassembled. Position the slide so that the cut-out slot for the slide catch is easily accessible.
  • Slide Catch Spring: Hold the slide catch spring with needle-nose pliers or a similar tool. The spring has a short leg and a long leg. The short leg should point forward and sit in the small hole on the slide catch.
  • Inserting the Slide Catch: While holding the spring in place, carefully slide the catch into its slot. Ensure that the long leg of the spring rests against the slide's inner wall, providing tension.
  • Test: Once everything is in place, test the slide catch lever to ensure it moves freely and has spring tension.

The price of a Beretta Tomcat can vary based on factors like location, retailer, condition (new vs. used), and any added features or accessories. As of my last check, a new Beretta Tomcat typically ranged from $400 to $550, although the official MSRP is $415.00. However, prices may have changed, so it's always a good idea to check with local gun stores or online retailers for the most current pricing.


Conclusion - Does Beretta Tomcat Cut it?


By now, you might’ve guessed I’m quite the fan of the Beretta Tomcat. My journey with it has been like one of those heartwarming Oprah episodes – filled with ups, downs, and plenty of learning. If you're considering a new pistol for concealed carry, give the Tomcat a whirl. It might just become your new favorite sidekick. Oh, and don’t forget to pair it up with a custom made holster for Beretta Tomcat before you head out.





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