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Beretta APX vs Glock 19: Breaking Down the Full-Sized Standoff

Beretta APX vs Glock 19 pistols Beretta APX vs Glock 19 pistols Beretta APX vs Glock 19 pistols


The Beretta APX is a recoil operated semi-automatic pistol with a single-action (SA) trigger made by the Fabbrica D' Armi Pietro Beretta SpA. With its 4.25” long barrel, the APX belongs to the category of the full-sized pistols and was originally designed for military and law enforcement purposes. The Beretta APX is available in two versions and relies on the use of either the famous 9mm Luger cartridge or .40 S&W cartridge, depending on the version chosen. The 9mm version comes with a magazine that can hold 17 rounds of ammo and the magazine of the .40 S&W version holds up to 15 rounds of ammo. The Beretta APX pistol delivers superior performance in durability, reliability, ergonomics, trigger, and modularity and became very popular especially for range or competition shooting.

As the market is full of full-sized handguns,there is no doubt that there are many guns similar to our Beretta APX. Although there are a few Beretta APX competitors, such as Sig Sauer P320 M17, Walther PDP Compact 4", Glock G17 Gen4 and more, probably the most significant is the Glock 19. And that’s why this time we will compare the Beretta APX and G19 to find out what the main similarities and the most significant differences between these two guns are.




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The Beretta is a full-sized recoil operated semi-automatic pistol with a single-action (SA) trigger. The Beretta APX was originally designed for military and law enforcement purposes, but became very popular especially for competition shooting. The Beretta APX has a 4.25” long barrel and it is overall 7.55” long with a weight of 28.24-oz when unloaded. Although the Beretta APX is a full-sized gun, it can still be well hidden inside a custom Beretta APX holster.




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The Glock 19 is a single-action, striker-fired pistol manufactured by the same Glock Ges.m.b.H., a very famous Austrian firearms manufacturer. The Glock 19 became one of the most favourite guns among civilians mainly due to its compact size and high magazine capacity. Although it was originally designed for military purposes, it turns out that the features of this pistol are preferred also for recreational and competition shooting the same as for home- and self-defense. It comes with a 4.02” long barrel and overall it is 7.28” long, 1.34” wide and weighs 23.99-oz when unloaded. If you wanna know more about the main features this pistol brings, read the full Glock 19 review. The Glock 19 with its reduced size represents a great choice for concealed carry as it can be easily hidden especially in a well-fitting Glock 19 holster.




Although both the Beretta APX and the Glock 19 are the same when talking about the firing action, there are a few other differences between them. While the Glock 19 is smaller and less heavy and so more suitable for concealed carry, the Beretta APX can be a little harder to conceal. But not impossible, especially within the right type of Beretta APX CCW holster.

Let’s now focus on the main specs and features to find out which of these lovely pistols represents the better choice for you.




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Size is one of the factors that definitely counts. Especially if you are looking for a new CCW or EDC gun. The more compact the gun is, the easier it is to carry it concealed. Otherwise, if you’re looking for more comfortable shooting with higher fire power, that’s what the bigger guns offer. So size is really important.   When it comes to dimension comparison between the Beretta APX and the Glock 19, the G19 is overall more compact and lightweight than the Beretta APX. The Beretta APX is overall 7.56” long, 1.3” wide, 5.6” high and weighs 28.24-oz when unloaded. And it comes with a 4.25” long barrel. In comparison to that the Glock 19 is overall 7.36” long, 1.26” wide, 4.99 high and weighs 23.65-oz when unloaded. It has a barrel of 4.01” length.

So based on the dimensions and weight it is obvious that the Beretta APX is more heavy and less compact than the Glock 19. So when keeping the concealment in mind, the Glock 19 is definitely more suitable for concealed carry than the Beretta APX.

This means that the first point in our full sized stand-off goes to … the Glock 19.



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When talking about the magazine and capacity of these pistols, although both of them come with the double stack magazines, there is a difference between their capacities. The Beretta APX initially comes with a magazine that can hold up to 17+1 rounds of 9mm Luger ammo or 15+1 rounds of .40S&W ammo. Compared to that, the Glock 19 initially comes with a lower capacity magazine that can hold up to 15 +1 round of ammo. Both of these pistols rely on the use of the Luger 9mm cartridge, but the Beretta APX can be chambered with the .40 S&W cartridge as well.

Although both the APX and G19 come with a sufficient magazine capacity, it can be easily increased with the aftermarket mag extensions. The Beretta APX extended magazine can hold up to a maximum of 21 rounds of ammo, which is more than enough. The extended magazines for APX cost approx $31 each. Even though the Glock 19 comes with a lower mag capacity initially, there are more aftermarket options to choose from when trying to increase it. The Glock 19 extended magazine can hold up to a maximum of 33 rounds which is quite impressive. The G19 extended magazines cost from approx $15 to $50 depending on the type of the magazine.

Based on the magazines and their capacity, the second round of this battle ends in… a TIE.




Shooting the Beretta APX brings an ultimate experience. You can expect accuracy from a pistol designed for law enforcement and military standards, and the Beretta APX is no exception. At about fifteen yards away, with this pistol you are able to get two-inch groupings with both calibers, which is very good for the cartridge sizes. The sights are three white dots that are well made, fitting on the barrel. The barrel itself is built with polygonal rifling, which provides a better gas seal, making the gun shoot with better accuracy. If the gun shoots inside 4 inches at 25 yards under a variety of conditions, it’s more than required.

The Glock 19 brings a nice shooting experience as well, which is quite unusual for pistols this small. Even though most shooters frequently have to put up with quite a lot of hand slapping recoil when using the compact gun such as Glock 19, with its lovely design and comfortable grips, you probably won’t have this issue. The balance of this pistol is excellent and controlling the recoil during shooting strings is quite easy too. When shooting at the range, the Glock 19 is neither too big nor too small for precision manipulations and keeping rounds on target. So it really brings an ultimate shooting experience. Although the Glock 19 will have small variations in accuracy, especially at longer distances (25 – 100 yards).

As both these pistols seem to be accurate enough, bringing a very nice shooting experience, it is really hard to say which one is better. So in my opinion this is more about the brand preferences and other features to be taken under consideration when deciding which one to choose, not the accuracy.

The accuracy round ends in another … TIE.




The Beretta APX and the Glock 19 both rely on the use of the 9mm Luger cartridge known as the 9mm Parabellum as well. This cartridge was first adopted by the German Navy in 1904 and then by the German Army in 1908. Since then it has become the most popular and widely-used handgun cartridge in the world. Performance wise, the 9 mm cartridge has somewhat more power than the .38 Special but falls well short of the .357 Magnum. On top of that the Beretta APX can be also chambered in .40S&W cartridges. This cartridge was developed as a joint venture between Winchester and Smith & Wesson. It was an effort to create a cartridge with the same power as the 10mm Norma round that the FBI had just started using, but in a shorter case. The shorter cartridge would facilitate accuracy and allow use of a smaller, more comfortable grip frame. The .40 S&W has become the cartridge of choice for many law enforcement agencies in the United States.

Both the Beretta APX and the Glock 19 use the same firing mechanism. They are both striker-fired pistols, featuring a single-action (SA) trigger. Meaning the trigger does not cock the gun, but only releases the striker when pulled. Cocking of the striker is performed by the retracting slide. The trigger is the only operating element. This kind of firing mechanism has a lower firepower than hammer-fired pistols. Although it doesn’t require the gun to be composed from that many parts and that results in a lower risk of any hardware malfunctions. As both APX and G19 use the same firing mechanism, there is nothing to compare.

Based on the two caliber options, this battle point goes to… the Beretta APX.




Based on the number of compared features, it seems like our full sized stand-off is not going to have a clear winner. However, let's see if the overview of the most important specs of these two pistols changes the situation in any way.





9 mm Luger / .40 S&W

9mm Luger


1.3 inch

1.26 inch

Overal length

7.56 inch

7.36 inch


5.6 inch

4.99 inch

Weight (unloaded)

26.8 oz.

24.83 oz.

Barrel Length

4.25 inch

4.01 inch


Double stack

Double stack


15 + 1 (.40S&W); 17+1 (9mm)

15 + 1 (flush); up to 33+1 (extended)








Stainless steel

Stainless steel

MSRP ca. $399 ca. $560


As you can see in this chart, the Glock 19 is smaller, lighter and more compact than the APX. The other main difference between these two pistols is their magazine capacity. The Beretta APX comes with two magazine capacity options, depending on the caliber used. Other than that, both pistols are quite similar and almost identical when it comes to operation and ergonomics.

There's one feature that coule be a deal-breaker, though. And that's the price of either of our competitors. Just like you can see above, the APX is much more budget-friendly.

So, if you're looking for a cheap but reliable full sized handgun, then the winner is clear ... the Beretta APX.


best beretta apx and glock 19 upgrades

Even though the Beretta APX is quite valuable on its own, it can be easily taken to the next level for example when attached the Beretta APX red dot sight to it. Such a nice example of the APX red dot sight is TRINITY Weaver Mounted Red Dot Laser Sight. As the Beretta APX is attachment ready, it is really easy to mount this laser sight to its frame. The weaver mount will easily clamp onto accessory rail under the barrel. The TRINITY Weaver Mounted Red Dot Sight is lightweight, made of aluminum construction and fully adjustable for windage and elevation. It is equipped with the On/Off Rear Cap Switch that can be easily turned On or Off with your trigger finger. This Beretta APX red dot sight costs $29.95 (price accurate at the time of writing).

And in case you'd like to have more Beretta APX aftermarket accessories to pick from, feel free to check out our latest list of best Beretta APX lights and lasers.

The Glock 19 can be also easily taken to the next level by adding a G19 red dot sight to it. A good example is the Ade RD3-009 Red Dot Reflex Sight. This Glock 19 red dot sight comes with the 5 MOA and is powered by a lithium CR2032 battery. There are 5 illumination settings available. Ade RD3-009 Red Dot Reflex Sight comes with a picatinny mounting plate pre-assembled. A bog pro of this red dot is that it is waterproof, so you can enjoy it even on rainy days. The price of this red dot sight is $79.99 (price accurate at the time of writing).

If you're not completely new to the world of Glock pistols, then you sure know the Glock 19 aftermarket possibilities are pretty much a botomless pit, and in case you'd like to mount a light or laser onto your G19, check out our list of best Glock 19 tactical lights and lasers.


how to conceal carry glock 19 and beretta apx?

When keeping the dimensions of these pistols in mind, it is obvious that the Beretta APX as a full-sized pistol is less suitable for concealed carry than the more compact Glock 19. As the G19 is smaller, thinner and lighter, it is also easier to hide it within a custom made Glock 19 holster and use it as a EDC gun. However, if you’re not a fan of concealed carry and you’re looking for a reliable self-defense pistol, the Beretta APX would be the right choice for you.

But one more very important thing you should keep in mind when considering buying either the more powerful Beretta APX or more compact Glock 19 is to find a well fitting holster for it. Fortunately you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for them, as we have a big offer of the Beretta APX holsters as well as Glock 19 holsters.



Now comes to announce the winner of this ultimate pistol battle. Based on the compared specifications and features of both these pistols, it seems they are quite at the same level.

However, there are still some features that make the scales shift towards one or the other of our today's competitors. If you're looking for a full sized handgun that's easier to conceal than most of the other ones, then get yourself a Glock 19 ... just don't forget to pair it up with a well made Glock 19 holster.

If, on the other hand, your budget is restricted, then there's probably no better and more affordable full sized pistol to grab than the APX. And although it's a bit bigger than the G19, it can still be concealed quite well when matched with a proper Beretta APX holster.


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