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10 Concealed Carry Mistakes

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Concealed carry mistakes happen. They say that experience is the mother of knowledge and in our case, experience is the mother of proper self defense. These 10 concealed carry mistakes may happen to new CCW permit holders as well as experienced ones and this list is a reminder about how to eliminate human failure factor in situations where no failure is possible. You may find some information and useful links here that may help you to avoid these mistakes. Remember that training and patience are essential as training helps you improve and patience speeds up the process. Carrying concealed is a great choice, it makes you the master of the situation and a protector of the innocent while remaining anonymous until your time is needed.

#1 Not Knowing The Law

Knowing the laws in your area is the most important thing to do. Be sure to always have your concealed carry license with you all the time and know where is it ok to concealed carry. State laws differ and may be strict somewhere, prepare yourself for this fact. The purpose of CC is to be protected and hidden from any potential threats, knowing the law means that you won’t be considered a threat to law enforcers. Pay attention to your employee handbook as well to avoid situations that may be created if your companies stand on armed employees is negative. 

#2 Not Choosing The Proper Holster

There are holsters designed for concealed carry for a purpose. The requirements for a CC holster, material-wise, construction-wise and safety-wise are as important as the proper CC gun. You have to plan ahead in which situations are you going to be while carrying concealed and adapt to it with a proper holster. The correct decision reduces the draw time, offers comfort all day and has benefits of securing, retaining and most importantly, deep concealing the weapon.

Our concealed carry holsters vary in materials and designs and all meet the requirements needed.

#3 Not Choosing The Proper Gun Belt

Now that you’ve found the perfect holster there is no need for a gun belt, right? Wrong. It has the same importance as your holster. The gun which protects your life is useless without a holster and the holster which protects your gun is useless without a gun belt. The reinforced build eliminates sagging and movement around the body.  Sagged belts are not useful in any situation but imagine having a sagged belt with a holster on. The weight of the gun and holster will just render your concealment useless. A bad belt may even pusth the holster ou of the pats (if you carry IWB). The next issue, the belt moving around the waist is even worse - it's just like playing catch with the handle of your gun around your belt.

There are many choices for gun belts at our shop so you can check them out.

#4 Not Having The Proper Training

After you have your holster and a belt be sure to have all the needed training. You may be an expert at the range, a sharpshooter or the most tactically skilled guy around, but remember that training specifically for concealed purposes is a way to improve yourself. And improvement is the road to success, we never stay the same, we always get better or worse. So join a class, train and don’t hesitate to ask for advice or help, it will only benefit you.

#5 Not Having SD Ammo

Self defense ammo is just as important as anything else here on the list, although it may not seem to be. The decision while choosing your gun may be size, effectiveness or other preferences, but have in mind that you have to choose SD ammo that will have enough stopping power, penetration and manageable recoil. In self defense situations, stopping power is a key feature, as it is a  impact shock and energy transfer that can stop the threat, penetration is a matter of coating of the bullet and depends on your choice and need, but there are combinations of power and penetration in many types of SD ammo that are well balanced.

#6 Having The Wrong Clothing

Now, we all appreciate fashion and style. But in case you value defense more that looking hip, stay away from light woven fabrics that will show the print of the gun, stay away from light colors outlining the dark edges of the weapon and stay away from leg-hugging or slim fitting clothes because the gun will print. Proper clothes will make you feel comfortable and at the same time conceal your weapon. This doesn’t mean that you have to look like Mr. Tacticool every day, especially in public places - those tactical pants and a Molon Labe t-shirt scream “I’m carrying”. Why not settle down for some classic jeans and a shirt? You will blend in with a little surprise hidden for the potential attacker.

#7 Acting Nervous

Now that you have everything material that you need for your concealed carry, let’s take a look on psychological aspects of CC. The only person that knows that you have a gun is not the lady behind the desk or the guy at the counter, it’s you. Also, you don’t have to check the gun all the time in case you’ve got the steps above clear. It’s there, in a proper holster on a proper belt hidden beneath proper clothing. Or is it? Learn to control these little outbreaks of nerves and you will be hidden away until your presence and action is needed. There is no universal hint how to do it - you just have to be the master of your emotions. Practice this each time you carry concealed, stay calm and stay prepared.

#8 Printing / Exposing / Adjusting

Three main mistakes that occur and people sometimes forget.  Being an everyday hero doesn’t mean that you have to do all the things all the time for all the good folk. Your manners may be high, but imagine if you are somewhere in a crowd and someone falls down, you may run there and help pick the person up - that may seem as a good deed and truly is, but there is a but. Imagine your gun will print or get exposed to eyes that should not see it. That would be bad. Now, you don’t have to be a misanthrope enjoying the suffering of others, just pay attention to your surroundings and avoid making your gun visible. The same goes for adjusting, if everything is in place there is no need in adjusting the holster at all.

#9 High On Concealment

Concealed carry can’t be done while under the influence of anything else but the feeling of having your security in your own hands. This may be something you think you have under control but rather forget about it. Would you sit behind the steering wheel after a drink? The same goes for a handgun. Alcohol or any other substance decreases your reaction time and messes up your reaction as a whole. In a life-threatening situation milliseconds count. Not to speak about the evaluation of potential threats while not completely sober. The same goes for medication, carefully read all the instructions and warnings on the leaflet that you receive with your medication to know if it's compliable with your concealed carry. So stay drink free, drug free, aware and armed.

#10 Wrong Mindset

A mindset is a must-have for concealed carry. Carrying a self defense piece requires attention pointed towards your surroundings all the time. This is not only about public spaces or transport, this also applies to family visits. Let’s say you have a hugger in your family and you have a shoulder holster, that’s not something that you want to go through, especially if the family member is not so tolerant on guns. There are numerous situations where something similar may happen. Public spaces and transport are another category which requires full attention. If you have your head stuck in your phone or tablet you may be up for an unpleasant surprise. And most importantly, pay attention not looking like a CIA agent checking all the people like you are going to investigate them in a dark room, blend in, become the gray man and always maintain awareness over your surroundings


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