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Best Holster for Taurus G2C: Ultimate Selection for Comfort & Fit

A neat custom leather holster for Taurus G2c in a box A neat custom leather holster for Taurus G2c in a box A neat custom leather holster for Taurus G2c in a box


Is the Taurus G2c your go-to carry gun? Or are you're considering making this micro-compact wonder a part of your EDC? Then you've made the right decision. The pistol's tiny dimension, its incredible 12+1 round flush mag capacity, superb reliability and extremely affordable price are exactly what makes the G2c a great carry pistol. But however nicely all of that sounds, you certainly won't get the most out of the pistol's potential if you don't match it with a Best holster for Taurus G2c. And that's exactly why I'm here today, to give you a couple of tips on the best Holsters For Taurus G2C to get.

This article delves deep into exploring six impressive options for Taurus G2C holsters, offering a comprehensive insight to help you make an informed decision. Each holster option is evaluated based on its unique features and functionalities, ensuring you find one that perfectly aligns with your needs and preferences. BTW, if you still don't have your own Taurus G2c and you'd like to know why you should get one, then don't forget to read our articke -  Taurus G2C 9mm Review: Affordable, Reliable Concealed Carry. I'm sure you'll quickly realise what makes it the best budget-friendly CCW gun to get.


Best taurus g2c holster and carry styles

To enjoy all of the great features that the G2C model brings, you should pair it with a  Best holster for Taurus G2c. Having issues finding one? Don’t worry, I've got your back, we offer a whole line of holsters crafted specifically for the Taurus G2C. Finding the ideal holster for your Taurus G2C is crucial for comfort and easy access. This concise best holster for taurus g2c guide presents the top holsters, examining materials, designs, and fits to ease your decision-making process. Discover detailed evaluations of six stellar options, each with unique features, ensuring you find the perfect match for your carrying needs.  Our hand made Taurus G2C holsters deliver great fit, as they are built on the exact replica of your Taurus. All of them are made of premium Italian leather, which delivers a great feel and the quality of the leather speaks for itself. Our Taurus G2c leather holsters feature a low profile, offering super easy concealment.

Curious? So, then let’s take a look at the best carry styles and holsters for your Taurus G2c.


Best iwb holster for taurus g2c

Inside the waistband taurus g2c holster Inside the waistband taurus g2c holster Inside the waistband taurus g2c holster Inside the waistband taurus g2c holster


As Taurus G2C belongs to the category of small and light guns, the best concealed carry holster for Taurus G2C are definitely IWB holsters. These holsters are most often carried on one’s dominant side (3 or 4 o'clock position), or carried as appendix holsters (1 o’clock position) too. So, if you're looking for a best concealed carry holster for taurus g2c, the first 3 holsters on our list are your best options.


#1 - G2c IWB Holster

The first Taurus G2c IWB holster features an open-muzzle/open-top design, which allows you to access your pistol fast, resulting in a very quick and intuitive draw. The holster itself is wet-molded on the exact replica of a Taurus G2C, granting it a perfect fit. The holster's retention can be modified to your liking via the attached tension screw. Made of premium Italian leather and double-stitched with high quality German threads, this is virtually the best Taurus G2c CCW holster you can ask for.


#2 - G2c Clip Holster

This clip holster can be used for both IWB as well as appendix carry of your Taurus pistol. Thanks to the steel clip it's equipped with, the holster is super easy to mount. Due to its 90 degree cant, the holster works best in the 1 o'clock position. The holster also features a thumb break strap, securing your Taurus inside very well. And just like the #1 on our list, this holster is also made of premium Italian cowhide, which is wet-molded on the replica of your Taurus, which grants the holster a unique feel and custom fit.


best concealed carry holster for taurus g2c

When it comes to concealed carry, the Taurus G2C stands out with its compact and efficient design. This makes it exceptionally easy to conceal, providing comfort and discretion for everyday carry. The best concealed carry holster for Taurus G2C? Consider a tuckable IWB holster. This type of holster allows for deep concealment, maximizing your comfort and ensuring the security of your firearm. With an IWB holster, your Taurus G2C fits snugly against your body, minimizing its print and enhancing your mobility and ease of access. It's a pairing that promises not only convenience and efficiency but also the assurance that your firearm is always within quick and easy reach, ready when you need it. Tailor your carry experience with a tuckable IWB holster, the ideal companion for your Taurus G2C.



#3 - G2c Tuckable holster

This tuckable G2c holster can be used for both IWB and appendix carry. However, the appendix position is more suitable as the holster isn't canted. To make your Taurus truly concealed, you can also tuck a layer of garment over the holster. Another great feature of this holster is its slide guard, which prevents a direct contact of the firearm with the body (neither you, nor your Taurus will sweat). The custom fit is assured by molding the holster on a Taurus G2C replica. So, just tuck your G2c in this tuckable holster and you'll see what true CCW feels like.




Taurus G2c OWB holsters selection Taurus G2c OWB holsters selection Taurus G2c OWB holsters selection Taurus G2c OWB holsters selection


OWB Holsters are not very suitable for concealed carry, although if you choose a low profile holster, in combination with the tiny dimensions the Taurus G2c boasts, they are still a viable CCW option.  The Taurus G2C is tailor-made for OWB carry, combining compact design with robust performance. Discover the best OWB holster for Taurus G2C, ensuring quick access and a secure fit. Enhance your carry experience with a holster that complements the G2C's convenience and reliability.


Taurus g2c OWB open top holster

#4 - G2c pancake holster

This pancake holster is your best Taurus G2c OWB option. The popular pancake design results in a low profile, which allows for super easy concealment of your Taurus. The holster works best when attached to the 3 or 4 o’clock position and it offers quick draw and reholstering. The premium Italian leather with double stitching grants a high durability of this holster. It also grants your Taurus high retention, thanks to the perfect, glove-like fit, achieved via wet-molding techniques applied in its production.


Best leather holster for taurus g2c

Taurus g2c cross draw leather holster Taurus g2c cross draw leather holster Taurus g2c cross draw leather holster Taurus g2c cross draw leather holster


A Taurus G2C paired with a leather holster offers unmatched comfort and durability. Leather holsters conform to the G2C’s frame, ensuring a snug fit and smooth draw. The best leather holster for Taurus G2C highlights the firearm's compact design, enhancing carry convenience. Beyond aesthetics, leather provides robust protection, preserving your G2C's functionality. Explore the ideal leather holsters, combining timeless material with modern firearm technology for an optimal carrying experience.


#5 - G2c Cross-draw holster

This cross-draw leather  G2c holster is made of premium Italian cowhide and stitched with high-quality German threads. It features a thumb break strap, which will secure your Taurus very well. The two evenly spaced belt slots mean its also perfectly stable on the belt. So, if you spend hours on end sitting, this Taurus G2c cross-draw holster will become your best companion. And did I mention it's also an ideal Taurus G2c car holster alternative?


Best affordable holster taurus g2c


Looking for the best affordable holster for Taurus G2C? A cost-effective holster balances price with quality, ensuring secure firearm retention, durability, and comfort. The Taurus G2C pairs well with affordable holsters that don't compromise on functionality. Make an informed, budget-friendly choice without sacrificing your holster’s reliability, and optimize your carrying experience with the Taurus G2C, ensuring safety and ease of access within your budget.


#6 - IWB Suede Holster

This suede leather holster is ideal for both strong side IWB as well as appendix carry. As the holster is equipped with a steel clip, its attachment is super quick and convenient - no need to take your belt off. The cut out under the trigger guard area results in a very quick draw and easy re-holstering and the suede material secures great carry comfort.


Taurus G2c Holsters FAQ

The Taurus G2C can fit in a variety of holsters including IWB, OWB, and shoulder holsters. Popular holster brands like Craft Holsters & more manufacture holsters that can accommodate the G2C. Always make sure to check the holster specifications to ensure compatibility with the Taurus G2C.

The most comfortable IWB holster for the Taurus G2C is the Open Muzzle IWB Holster from Craft Holsters. This holster is designed for comfort and convenience, providing easy access and a snug fit for your firearm. It's made of premium leather, ensuring durability and protection for your gun.

The Taurus G2C may fit in some G2 holsters, but it is essential to ensure the holster is designed for the G2C for a secure and proper fit. Holsters are often model-specific, and using an incorrect holster can lead to safety issues and difficulty drawing the firearm.

The Taurus G2C and G3c have different dimensions, and they may not always use the same holster. It's crucial to choose a holster designed for your specific firearm model to ensure the best fit and maximum safety.

A gun should fit snugly in a holster with no excessive movement. The holster should cover the trigger guard entirely, and the firearm should be easy to draw and re-holster without snagging. Ensure the holster provides adequate retention to keep the gun securely in place during daily activities.



The more options, the more difficult it is to choose. Right? Although all of the Taurus G2c holsters on the list are a great choice, if you don't have time or funds to try them all out, then I strongly advise you to go with the #2 on our list - the Taurus G2c Clip Holster. This holster is an ideal option for everyday concealed carry of your Taurus. Not only does this Taurus G2c IWB holster deliver great carry comfort and high concealment, it's also quick to mount and it will fit your pistol like a glove.

And in case you’d prefer to have even more options to pick from, just take a look at the full offer of Holsters For Taurus G2c. They all provide a fit like a glove and in combination with your Taurus G2C, they'll deliver the ultimate concealed carry experience. And I'm sure you'll find your favorite there, if you haven't already.



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