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Taurus Spectrum Review: The Ultimate .380 Carry Pistol

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In our Taurus Spectrum Review, we're about to dive into the details of a truly innovative firearm—the Taurus Spectrum .380 pistol. If you're on the lookout for a concealed carry option that combines cutting-edge features with reliability, you're in for a treat.The Taurus Spectrum 380 Review will give you an in-depth look at this compact powerhouse. With its sleek design and ergonomic contours, it's not just any ordinary pocket pistol. Taurus has paid special attention to areas like ergonomics, slide racking, trigger, recoil management, and takedown, making this firearm stand out in the crowd.

But, let's not forget, the world of concealed carry is brimming with options, and the Taurus Spectrum has some fierce competitors. We'll touch upon these challengers, like the Smith & Wesson BodyGuard and the SIG P238, as we explore what sets the Taurus Spectrum apart from the rest.So, whether you're an experienced carrier or a newcomer to concealed carry, our Taurus Spectrum 380 Review will help you decide if this pistol is the right fit for your self-defense needs. Stay tuned for a detailed examination of its features and performance that could make it your next go-to firearm.



Taurus Spectrum 380 Review - All you need to know


Now, let's dive into the nitty-gritty of the Taurus Spectrum's specifications. This compact .380 pistol packs a punch in a small package. Let's deep dive into Taurus Spectrum specs, design, ergonomics, trigger mechanism , frame and slide racking.


Taurus Spectrum review: Specs


First up, the barrel length clocks in at 2.8 inches, making it ideal for concealed carry without sacrificing accuracy. Magazine capacity is versatile, offering six or seven rounds depending on your preference. With two magazines included, you can adapt to different situations on the fly.In terms of dimensions, the Taurus Spectrum stands at 5.4 inches in overall length and 3.82 inches in height with the flush-fitting magazine. Its slender profile, measuring just 0.89 inch thick at the slide and frame, ensures a comfortable and discreet carry. The pistol's widest point, found outside the slide stop, is a mere 0.98 inch. With a grip circumference of 4.75 inches, it's designed to fit snugly in your hand.

When it comes to weight, the Taurus Spectrum is impressively lightweight. With an empty six-round magazine, it tips the scales at just 12.3 ounces. Even with the seven-round magazine fully loaded with 100-grain ammunition, it remains a manageable 15.1 ounces.These specifications make the Taurus Spectrum a formidable choice for concealed carry enthusiasts, striking a balance between firepower and portability. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into its features in our Taurus Spectrum Review.


Taurus Spectrum 380 Review: Desing & Ergonomics


The Taurus Spectrum boasts a thoughtfully designed ergonomic profile that sets it apart from the crowd. Its unique contours are more than just stylish elements; they're engineered to offer a secure grip that feels like a natural extension of your hand. This design consideration ensures that you maintain control even in high-stress situations.Additionally, the extended magazine is ergonomically contoured to perfectly fit your hand, providing added comfort and stability. Whether you opt for the flush-fitting magazine for a more discreet carry or the extended one for extra rounds and grip real estate, the Taurus Spectrum caters to your preferences.

What's more, every edge of this pistol has been meticulously softened to ensure snag-free draws. This means that when you need to draw your firearm quickly, there won't be any obstacles to slow you down.In our Taurus Spectrum 380 review, we'll delve deeper into how these ergonomic features translate into real-world performance and comfort, so stay tuned for more insights.


Taurus Spectrum Review: Trigger Mechanism


The Taurus Spectrum's trigger mechanism is a standout feature that deserves a closer look in our Taurus Spectrum shooting review. Unlike traditional hinged or levered striker-fire triggers, the Spectrum features a solid fingerpiece trigger that delivers a unique experience.This pistol employs a true double-action-only (DAO) system, characterized by a non-energized striker with no pre-cock or pre-load. The result is a long and smooth trigger pull with a reasonably crisp release. While it may not offer the precision of a match-type trigger, it does bring some advantages to the table.

During our testing, we found that the Spectrum's trigger pull averaged around 8 pounds, 4 ounces, making it manageable for most shooters. What's more, the trigger's long stroke allows for staging, enabling you to develop a consistent pull with practice.One noteworthy addition is the Viridian E-Series red laser, which complements the trigger control. This laser, conveniently controlled by an ambidextrous on/off switch, aids in maintaining steady trigger squeezes by providing a clear visual reference during dry-fire practice.In our Taurus Spectrum shooting review, we'll explore how this trigger system influences accuracy and overall shooting performance, so stay tuned for the full scoop.


Last but not least Taurus Spectrum Frame & Grip


The Taurus Spectrum's frame is crafted from durable polymer, contributing to its lightweight construction. This material choice keeps the pistol manageable and easy to carry, which is crucial for concealed-carry purposes.One of the standout features of the Spectrum's design is the incorporation of soft-touch polymer overmold areas on the grip. These strategically placed overmolds serve a significant purpose: enhancing grip retention. Whether you find yourself in wet or dry conditions, these proprietary polymers ensure you have a stable and firm hold on the pistol.

This grip design isn't just about comfort; it directly impacts recoil management and overall shooting performance. With these soft-touch overmold areas, the Taurus Spectrum ensures that you can confidently handle the pistol, delivering reliability and control when you need it most. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into its performance in our Taurus Spectrum review.


Taurus Spectrum Review: The Unique Slide Racking


When it comes to slide racking, the Taurus Spectrum has introduced a distinctive approach that sets it apart from the crowd. Unlike traditional pistols with slide cocking grooves, the Spectrum incorporates soft-touch polymer overmold inserts. These aren't just there for aesthetics; they play a crucial role in improving the slide's manipulation and traction. The soft-touch polymer overmold inserts are strategically placed to provide enhanced contact points for your fingers when racking the slide. This innovative design minimizes the chances of short strokes and provides superior traction, ensuring you can rack the slide with ease and confidence.


Taurus Spectrum 380 - How To Rack It


Now, let's talk about how to properly rack the Taurus Spectrum. With your strong hand, grip the pistol firmly while keeping your trigger finger outside the trigger guard. Then, use your support hand's thumb and fingers to firmly grasp the slide from the rear, making contact with the soft-touch polymer inserts. Apply steady pressure while pushing the slide forward, and it should move smoothly and effortlessly.

Compared to other pistols, the Spectrum's unique slide racking design offers enhanced comfort and ease of operation, making it a standout choice for those looking for a reliable concealed-carry firearm. Stay tuned as we explore more of its exceptional features in our Taurus Spectrum review.


Taurus Spectrum Shooting Review: Accuracy, Performance & Ease Of Use

a man looking at targets on the range a man looking at targets on the range a man looking at targets on the range a man looking at targets on the range


The Taurus Spectrum is purpose-built for up-close and personal-protection encounters, making it an ideal choice for concealed carry. When we put it to the test at a self-defense distance of seven yards, it proved more than capable of delivering accurate shots.During our accuracy testing, we fired the Spectrum using various .380 ACP factory loads with bullets weighing 90, 95, 99, and 100 grains. The results were impressive, with all five-shot groups forming tight clusters. These groups demonstrated the pistol's ability to deliver accurate shots that would undoubtedly deter any potential threat. While the Spectrum follows a double-action-only (DAO) trigger system, it still allowed us to achieve well-aimed, well-controlled shots with ease.

To put its accuracy in perspective, let's compare it to other popular pocket pistols like the Smith & Wesson BodyGuard and SIG P238. The Taurus Spectrum falls somewhere in between in terms of accuracy. It's slightly more accurate than the Smith & Wesson .380 BodyGuard and just a bit less accurate than the SIG P238.In the realm of concealed-carry firearms, the Taurus Spectrum shines as a reliable and accurate choice for those seeking personal protection. Stay with us as we delve deeper into the Spectrum's performance in our Taurus Spectrum review.


Taurus Spectrum: Easy To Use & Carry


The Taurus Spectrum not only impresses with its performance but also with its ease of use and carry. During our evaluation, we found the Spectrum to be remarkably easy to operate. The slide is notably easy to rack, making it more user-friendly than some of its counterparts. This attribute, combined with its manageable trigger, makes for an enjoyable shooting experience.

In terms of carry, we chose to use a pocket holster to test its comfort and ease of use. Carrying the Spectrum in a pocket holster was a breeze, and it practically disappeared into our pocket. It was comfortable to carry all day without causing any discomfort or printing issues. One thing to remember when carrying any concealed-carry pistol is the importance of a comfortable holster that you can depend on. The right holster for Taurus Spectrum can make all the difference in ensuring that your firearm remains secure, accessible, and comfortable throughout the day, allowing you to carry with confidence.



Taurus Spectrum Review: Colors, Colors Everywhere

image of a colorful flooor image of a colorful flooor image of a colorful flooor image of a colorful flooor


The Taurus Spectrum offers a delightful array of color options, adding a touch of personalization to your firearm choice. It comes in eight "Standard" colors, including black, gray, and white frames with black or gray overmolds and black or stainless slides. If you're looking for something a bit more unique, there are three "House" color combinations: black frame with Flat Dark Earth overmold and black slide, white frame with cyan blue overmold and stainless slide, and gray frame with mint overmold and black slide. These options not only give you a chance to match your style but also provide a bit of fun in choosing your firearm's aesthetics.Now, the debate about colors on handguns can be colorful in itself. Some argue that firearms should be strictly functional and devoid of any flashy colors, while others appreciate the opportunity for personal expression.

Ultimately, it's a matter of personal preference and the intended use of the firearm. Whether you prefer a classic black or want to add a pop of color, the Taurus Spectrum offers choices to suit your taste.Speaking of color, here's a colorful anecdote: One Spectrum owner shared that they chose the cyan blue overmold because it matched their favorite Hawaiian shirt perfectly. It just goes to show that sometimes, a splash of color can make your day a bit brighter, even when it comes to your concealed carry pistol.


Taurus Spectrum Review: Takedown


The takedown process of the Taurus Spectrum is straightforward and relatively hassle-free. To disassemble the pistol, you'll need to turn the takedown pin with a flathead screwdriver or a coin. Once you do that, the pistol comes apart easily for routine cleaning. It's a simple and quick procedure, making maintenance a breeze.However, during reassembly, there might be a slight hiccup, which I experienced myself. Installing the recoil spring and guide rod can be a bit tricky, as it took me a few minutes to get the spring fully compressed without it moving around.

Once you overcome this minor challenge, the rest of the reassembly process goes smoothly. One handy feature is that the takedown pin automatically goes into the locked position after reassembly for added safety. However, it's always a good practice to double-check that it's in the correct position before using the pistol.And now, for a colorful twist on the takedown process: They say that the Taurus Spectrum's takedown is "colorful" because it adds a touch of excitement to the routine maintenance. Just remember, even though it might have its quirks, it's all part of the Spectrum experience!


Taurus Spectrum 380 Review: FAQ

Yes, the Taurus Spectrum is easy to rack due to soft-touch polymer overmold inserts.

The Taurus Spectrum has an average trigger pull of 8 pounds, 4 ounces.

The Taurus Spectrum measures 5.4 inches in length.

The Taurus Spectrum comes in eight "Standard" colors: black, gray, or white frame with black or gray overmold and black or stainless slide. Additionally, it is available in three "House" color combinations: black frame with Flat Dark Earth overmold and black slide, white frame with cyan blue overmold and stainless slide, and gray frame with mint overmold and black slide.


Taurus Spectrum Review Conclusion - Get One To Add Color To Your Carry


In conclusion, the Taurus Spectrum .380 pistol has certainly lived up to its reputation as a cutting-edge concealed-carry firearm. Its innovative design, ergonomic contours, and snag-free features make it a compelling choice for personal protection.With a solid trigger mechanism and the added benefit of the Viridian E-Series red laser, the Spectrum offers excellent control and accuracy. The soft-touch polymer overmold areas on the frame enhance grip retention, ensuring you can confidently handle the pistol in various conditions.

Moreover, the Spectrum's ease of use and comfortable carry in a pocket holster make it a practical companion for everyday life. The pistol's accuracy at self-defense distances is impressive, making it a reliable option for those moments when you need it most. In closing thoughts, I highly recommend exploring the Taurus Spectrum further if you're in the market for a reliable and innovative concealed-carry firearm. Its elegant color choices and thoughtful design add a touch of style to its functionality, making it a standout option among its competitors. Consider the Taurus Spectrum .380 for your concealed-carry needs; it's a pistol that truly delivers on its promises.




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