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Taurus GX4 Problems: Top Issues to Consider Before Buying

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When considering a new firearm, it is essential to thoroughly research and understand both the benefits and potential drawbacks of the model in question. In recent years, the Taurus GX4 has gained popularity in the firearm community, mainly due to its compact size, making it an ideal choice for concealed carry. However, like any other product, the Taurus GX4 has had its share of reported problems that could impact your decision to purchase this specific model.


Taurus GX4 Problems:The Allure of the GX4


The Taurus GX4 is a compact 9mm pistol that has been widely appreciated for its ergonomic design and customizable features, making it a comfortable option for a range of users. The adjustable backstraps and easy-to-grip texture ensure a snug fit in the hand, providing better control and accuracy while shooting. With its sleek design and practical size, the GX4 caters to those seeking a reliable firearm for self-defense, that is also convenient for everyday carry. Despite its positive aspects, there have been reported Taurus GX4 problems that are essential to consider before making a purchase. These issues range from minor inconveniences to potentially serious safety concerns that could impact the user’s experience and trust in the product.


#1 TAURUS GX4 Problems - Trigger Issues


One area that has seen numerous reports of malfunctions and concerns is the trigger of the Taurus GX4. There have been several key issues identified by users that are worth exploring in detail. he Taurus GX4 is designed with a trigger safety that should prevent the gun from firing unless the trigger is fully depressed. However, some users have reported instances of a dead trigger, where the safety fails to disengage properly. This malfunction can be a significant safety concern, as it could result in the firearm not firing when needed, potentially putting the user at risk in a self-defense situation.


Taurus GX4 Breaking Trigger with Hang-Fire Delay

Another concerning issue that has been reported is the breaking trigger with a hang-fire delay. In this case, the trigger may break, but there is a delay before the gun actually fires. This malfunction can be disorienting and dangerous, as the user may believe the gun has not fired and could inadvertently discharge a round while trying to address the issue.


Taurus GX4 Inconsistent Pull Weight

Inconsistent pull weight has also been a common complaint among GX4 users. Some have reported that the trigger pull weight can vary significantly from shot to shot, affecting accuracy and overall shooting experience. This inconsistency can be frustrating and may discourage users from relying on the Taurus GX4 for self-defense or other purposes.


#2 Taurus GX4 Problem - Slide Lock Problems


Understanding the various issues that might arise with a firearm is essential to ensure safety and satisfaction. Among the Taurus GX4 problems that users have reported, slide lock problems are common and deserve a detailed examination. In a semi-automatic firearm like the Taurus GX4, the slide lock is a crucial component that ensures the gun functions correctly. The slide lock lever is designed to hold the slide open after the last round in the magazine has been fired, notifying the shooter that the magazine is empty. However, problems with the slide lock can occur, leading to malfunctions such as the slide failing to lock open after the last round or locking open when rounds are still available in the magazine. These malfunctions can be frustrating and, more importantly, dangerous.


Taurus GX4 Slide Lock Problem - The User Experience

Numerous GX4 users have shared their experiences with slide lock problems. Some have reported that the slide fails to lock open after the last round, while others have faced issues where the slide locks open even when the magazine is not empty. These testimonials highlight the inconsistency and unreliability that can sometimes plague the Taurus GX4, causing frustrations among users.


Taurus GX4 Slide Lock Problem - How To Deal With It

Slide lock problems can significantly impact the performance and reliability of the Taurus GX4. When the slide fails to lock open after the last round, it can create confusion and delay the shooter's ability to quickly reload and continue firing. Conversely, if the slide locks open when rounds are still available, it can lead to unnecessary delays and potential safety issues. These problems are not only frustrating but can also compromise the firearm's primary purpose - to provide a reliable means of self-defense. Several factors could contribute to slide lock problems on the Taurus GX4. It could be due to an issue with the magazine, such as a worn or damaged follower or spring. Alternatively, the slide lock lever itself might be damaged, or there could be an obstruction preventing it from functioning correctly. It's also possible that user error, such as improper handling or maintenance, could be the cause.To address these problems, it's essential to first identify the underlying cause. Regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent obstructions and ensure that all parts are functioning correctly. If a damaged or worn part is identified, it should be replaced promptly. Users should also familiarize themselves with the proper handling and operation of the firearm to prevent user-induced malfunctions.


#3 Taurus GX4 Problem - Firing Pin Issues


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When it comes to firearm performance and reliability, firing pin integrity is paramount. However, among the Taurus GX4 problems reported by users, issues with the firing pin have been a significant concern.


Taurus GX4 Firing Pins Breaking Around the 1,500-Round Mark

One of the most common complaints from GX4 owners is the firing pin breaking after approximately 1,500 rounds. This is particularly alarming because a broken firing pin can render a firearm inoperable when it's needed the most. Users have reported taking their GX4 to the range, only to have the firing pin break after hitting the 1,500-round mark. This issue is not just an inconvenience; it's a significant reliability concern that could have severe consequences for someone relying on the GX4 for self-defense.


Taurus GX4 Oblong Firing Pin Channel Causing Primer Flow

Another notable problem that has come to light is the oblong firing pin channel in some GX4 models, which can lead to primer flow. Primer flow occurs when the firing pin hole is too large, allowing the primer material to flow back into the firing pin channel. This can cause light primer strikes or even prevent the gun from firing entirely. Users have reported experiencing this issue, noting that the oblong firing pin channel is a design flaw that needs to be addressed to prevent this dangerous malfunction.


#4 Taurus GX4 Problem - Extractor Failure

Extractor failures have been one of the common Taurus GX4 problems reported by users, affecting the firearm's performance and reliability. The extractor plays a vital role in the firearm's operation, removing the spent cartridge from the chamber and ensuring smooth cycling of the next round. When the extractor fails to function properly, it can result in a range of issues that can compromise the shooter's experience.


Taurus GX4 Failures to Extract with Certain Ammo Types

One of the specific extractor failures that users have reported with the GX4 is the inability to extract spent cartridges when using certain types of ammunition. This is particularly problematic, as it can lead to malfunctions that could potentially be dangerous. Some shooters have noted that the GX4 fails to extract cartridges consistently when using specific ammo brands or types, causing jams and other issues that interrupt the shooting experience.The cause of this problem could be multifaceted. It might be due to the extractor itself, the ammunition used, or a combination of both. The extractor could be improperly fitted, worn out, or damaged, leading to failures. On the other hand, the ammunition could be out of specification or not suitable for the GX4, causing the extractor to struggle with removing the spent cartridge. It's crucial to identify the root cause of the problem to address it effectively.


#5 Taurus GX4 Problem - Finish Quality

When it comes to purchasing a new firearm, the last thing a buyer wants to worry about is the finish quality of their investment. Unfortunately, Taurus GX4 problems have included complaints about the finish quality of the firearm, specifically with regards to premature rusting and scratching.


Taurus GX4 Premature Rusting & Scratching

One of the significant issues that some users have reported with the Taurus GX4 is the tendency for the firearm to rust and scratch easily. This is a serious concern for any firearm owner, as rust can compromise the integrity of the firearm and potentially lead to malfunctions or safety issues.Premature rusting can occur for several reasons. Some users have reported rusting even with proper care and maintenance, suggesting that the GX4's finish may be more susceptible to rust compared to other firearms on the market. This can be particularly frustrating for users who have invested their hard-earned money into purchasing the GX4, only to find that it requires extra care to prevent rusting.Scratching is another common complaint with the GX4. Some users have reported that the firearm scratches easily, even with regular handling and use. This can be disappointing for those who take pride in maintaining the appearance of their firearm, as well as for those who are concerned about the potential impact on the firearm's resale value. A proper holster may help this issue so be sure to check out our Holsters For Taurus GX4 and ease your pain.


Taurus GX4 Recall - How to check if your GX4 is affected and what to do if it is.

Taurus USA has issued an important safety recall notice affecting some of their GX4 pistols assembled and sold in the United States. The notice highlights a potential safety issue wherein the GX4 pistols may discharge when dropped. Taurus urges owners of the GX4 model to immediately stop using their firearms and check whether their pistol is subject to this recall notice. The recall has been issued due to the potential risk of the pistol discharging when dropped. This issue poses a significant safety risk as it could result in injury or death to the user or others nearby. Taurus is committed to the safety of its customers and has taken this proactive step to prevent any possible accidents or injuries that could arise from this identified problem. Taurus will inspect, repair if necessary, and return the affected pistols to their owners free of charge. Owners are advised to check the Taurus website to know whether their GX4 pistol is affected by the safety notice. They can do so by entering the serial number of their pistol, which is located on the rear of the firearm, into a tool provided on the website. If the GX4 pistol is not affected by this notice, owners are instructed to disregard it.

To check if your GX4 is subject to this recall, visit the Taurus website and follow the instructions provided. If your pistol is affected, immediately stop using it and follow the steps outlined by Taurus to have your firearm inspected and repaired if necessary. You may also contact Taurus by phone at 229-515-8464, online submission at their support service request page, or by U.S. mail at Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc., 100 Taurus Way, Bainbridge, GA 39817. If you have sold your GX4 pistol, please forward this notice to the current owner.


Taurus GX4 Problems: FAQ

There is a safety recall for some GX4 pistols sold in the US, as they may discharge when dropped. Check your serial number on Taurus's website to see if your pistol is affected.

The GX4 is known for its accuracy, thanks to its ergonomic design and crisp trigger. It is suitable for both self-defense and range shooting.

While many users find the GX4 to be reliable, there have been reported problems, such as slide lock issues and trigger safety concerns, that may affect its performance.

Some users have reported issues with the slide lock not engaging properly or the slide not staying open after the last round. This can affect the firearm's performance and reliability.




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