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Glock 45 vs 19x: Choosing Your Ideal Handgun

Glock 19x vs glock 45 blog title image Glock 19x vs glock 45 blog title image Glock 19x vs glock 45 blog title image


Glock, a name that resonates with firearm enthusiasts around the world, has firmly established itself as a front-runner in the handgun market. Originating from Austria, the brand has continuously evolved, consistently delivering innovative, reliable, and high-quality firearms that cater to the diverse needs of military personnel, law enforcement, and civilian users alike.Amongst Glock’s renowned lineup, two models that have particularly captivated the interest of gun aficionados are the Glock 45 and the Glock 19X. These handguns epitomize Glock’s commitment to excellence, blending the finest attributes of their predecessors to offer users a seamless shooting experience.

When it comes to Glock 45 vs 19X, both models are lauded for their impeccable design, functionality, and versatility, catering to a broad spectrum of users from professional law enforcement to everyday concealed carry enthusiasts.The Glock 45 combines the compact slide of the Glock 19 with the full-sized frame of the Glock 17, creating a balanced, Gen 5 firearm perfect for duty carry and personal defense. On the other hand, the Glock 19X, with its striking coyote tan color and hybrid design originally intended for the U.S. military’s Modular Handgun System (MHS) program, stands as a testament to Glock's innovative approach to firearm design. Both the Glock 45 and the 19X offer an exceptional balance of size, weight, and capacity, making them top contenders for anyone considering a reliable and versatile handgun. So when debating Glock 45 vs 19X, rest assured, you're choosing between two of the finest options available in today's handgun market.


Unveiling the Glock 19X


The Glock 19X combines the best of both worlds, taking features from the Glock 17 and Glock 19, originally designed for the U.S. military's Modular Handgun System program. Measuring a 4.02-inch barrel, 7.44 inches in overall length, and 5.47 inches in height, it offers reliable performance for its users. Distinct in its coyote tan color, the civilian version of the Glock 19X includes a manual safety feature. Standard magazine capacity is 17 rounds, with options for larger capacities available. When it comes to choosing between the Glock 45 vs 19X, it's clear that each model brings its unique attributes to meet various preferences and needs.


Exploring the Glock 45


The Glock 45 is a standout choice in the Glock lineup, masterfully blending the compact Glock 19 slide with the full-sized Glock 17 frame. Designed with the needs of law enforcement and military professionals in mind, it offers a versatile and reliable platform for duty use. This Gen 5 Glock features a striker-fired mechanism, a 9x19mm chambering, and measures 7.44 inches in length, 1 inch in width, and 5.47 inches in height, weighing in at 23.48 ounces when unloaded. The Glock 45 operates using Glock's Safe Action system, which includes trigger, firing pin, and drop safeties, although it lacks external safety features. Sight options are plentiful, ranging from fixed and adjustable to night sights, depending on the model. Standard magazine capacity is 15 rounds, but it also accommodates 17-round magazines and comes in an optics-ready version. For those comparing the Glock 19 vs Glock 45, both pistols offer reliability and performance that Glock is known for, with the Glock 45 bringing some additional features to the table.


glock 45 vs glock 19x size comparison


When it comes to the Glock 45 vs 19X, the two pistols share many similarities, but there are also some key differences that set them apart. Let’s take a deeper dive into the comparative analysis of their dimensions and features.Both the Glock 45 and the Glock 19X employ a compact Glock 19 slide paired with a full-sized Glock 17 frame, making them nearly identical in appearance. They both measure 7.44 inches in length, boast a 4.02-inch barrel, and have a height of 5.47 inches. However, the Glock 45 is slightly lighter, weighing in at 23.48 ounces compared to the Glock 19X's 24.83 ounces.



Glock 45

Glock 19x


9x19mm (9mm Luger)

9x19mm (9mm Luger)


Safe Action®

Safe Action®

Weight (empy mag)

23.48 oz


Height (with mag)

5.47 inch

5.47 inch

Overall Length

7.44 inch

7.44 inch

Barrel Length

4.02 inch

4.02 inch


Double stack

Double stack

Mag Capacity

17 rounds (standard mag)

17 rounds (standard mag)

Trigger Pull

28 N

28 N


Fixed Glock sights

Fixed Glock sights

Grip Material

Integrated polymer

Integrated polymer

Manufacturer Glock Glock
MSRP $649



When you are considering a Glock 19X vs 45, remember that although the Glock 19X has its distinctive coyote color and lanyard loop, the Glock 45 offers Gen 5 advantages like front serrations and a flared mag well. Ultimately, the choice between a Glock 19X vs 45 comes down to your personal preference and what features matter most to you.


Enhancements, Accessories & Range Performance


he Glock 45 and 19X are renowned for their flexibility when it comes to enhancements, accessories, and concealed carry options. For internal and external upgrades, both models offer a range of possibilities, from upgrading springs, barrels, and triggers to adding Glock OEM Tac lights, ArmaLaser lasers, red dots, compensators, suppressors, extended magazines, and backstraps. However, it's vital to check compatibility with specific Glock models before making any additions. When we look at the shooting characteristics of the Glock 45 vs 19X, both models are known for their reliability, durability, and user-friendly experience, offering crisp recoil, clean trigger breaks, and quick resets. In terms of concealed carry, while neither the Glock 45 nor 19X was specifically designed for this purpose, they can both be effectively concealed with the right holster.


Glock 45 & Glock 19x Carry & Holsters


Although not initially designed for concealed carry, the G45 and G19X hold their own in this arena. While there are more compact and lightweight options available, both models can be concealed effectively with suitable holsters. However, it's essential to acknowledge that their primary design focus leans toward duty applications rather than concealed carry. Selecting the perfect holster for your Glock 45 or Glock 19X can significantly impact your carrying experience. Whether you prioritize concealed or open carry, finding the right fit ensures comfort and quick access. Generally, the best holsters for Glock 45 and also the best Holsters For Glock 19X are OWB holsters. The OWB holster provides a comfortable and convenient way to carry these powerful handguns, while still allowing for quick and easy access. Ultimately, the best holster will depend on your personal preferences and how you plan to use the gun.


Glock 45 vs 19x: Why Were They Made?


When it comes to iconic firearms, Glock has continually set the benchmark with their innovative designs and reliability. In their extensive lineup, the Glock 45 and Glock 19X are often at the forefront of conversations, each uniquely tailored for specific purposes. Let's delve into the origins and intent behind these two exceptional handguns, exploring the specific needs they were crafted to address.

Despite Glock's reputation for reliability, occasional issues may arise, albeit rarely. Some users have reported feeding and ejection failures with specific ammunition types. Grip ergonomics might not suit all users, but this is a common consideration across various pistols. Such challenges are typically minor and can be mitigated through proper maintenance and ammunition selection.

The Glock 19X was meticulously crafted in response to the stringent requirements set forth by the U.S. military's Modular Handgun System (MHS) program. This innovative pistol seamlessly combines the robust, full-size frame of the Glock 17 with the compact, user-friendly slide of the Glock 19, culminating in a balanced and highly versatile platform. The result is a firearm that not only provides ample magazine capacity but also retains a compact and manageable design, making it an ideal choice for various shooting applications. Moreover, the Glock 19X’s unique color scheme, which diverges from the traditional Glock aesthetics, adds an extra layer of visual appeal, further solidifying its standing as a top contender in the realm of handguns.

In contrast, the Glock 45 is a testament to Glock’s unwavering commitment to catering to the specific needs of law enforcement and military professionals. This exceptional firearm marries the compact slide of the Glock 19 with the commanding, full-sized frame of the Glock 17, resulting in a robust and reliable handgun that is perfectly suited for duty applications. The Glock 45 is replete with the latest Gen 5 enhancements, including an innovative flared mag well designed to facilitate faster, smoother reloads, as well as strategically placed front serrations that provide superior grip and ease of slide manipulation. These well-thought-out features, coupled with Glock’s renowned dependability, make the Glock 45 a formidable choice for both professional and civilian shooters seeking a top-notch firearm for self-defense, duty use, or range shooting.


Glock 19x Vs 45: Potential Issues


The Glock 45 and 19X are lauded for their reliability and performance. However, as with any firearm, they can encounter issues, primarily feeding and ejection failures, often due to the ammunition used. Ensuring the use of quality, factory-made rounds can mitigate these hiccups.Grip ergonomics is another consideration. While the shape and size might not be suitable for all hand sizes, this is common across various pistol models and can typically be resolved with the right grip or aftermarket grip enhancement.

The longevity and reliable performance of your Glock hinge on regular maintenance, including cleaning, proper storage, and periodic checks for wear and tear. Consulting the user manual for troubleshooting tips is advisable, and Glock's customer service is always at hand to assist.Ultimately, whether you are weighing the merits of the Glock 45 or the 19X, know that with the right care and handling, both models are equipped to provide years of reliable service and satisfaction.


Glock 45 vs 19x - FAQ

The Glock 45 and 19X are both exceptional, with the 45 being newer and featuring some improvements like front slide serrations. Your choice depends on personal preference and specific needs.

The Glock 45 and 19X are similar but have differences like the 45’s front slide serrations and black finish, compared to the 19X's lack of serrations and Coyote color.

Choosing the Glock 45 over the 19X could be based on the user’s preference for a slightly lighter and slimmer design. Additionally, the Glock 45 has Gen 5 features, such as front slide serrations and a flared magwell for faster reloading, which may be appealing to some users. Ultimately, both are reliable options,

Both the G19X and G45 triggers are similar, with a 5.5lb pull. The trigger feel is subjective and might slightly differ between the two, but neither is necessarily better than the other.


Glock 45 vs 19x: The Verdict

a judge making a verdict a judge making a verdict a judge making a verdict


When it comes to the ultimate showdown of Glock 45 vs 19X, it's important to weigh the unique attributes that each model brings to the table. The Glock 45 comes with Gen 5 features such as front slide serrations and a flared magwell, which can be highly appealing for those looking for faster reloading and a more modern design. On the other hand, the 19X, with its history rooted in a military contract, boasts a coyote color, lanyard loop, and a unique magazine release.

When juxtaposing the Glock 19X vs 45, the decision largely comes down to personal preference and specific requirements. The 19X's larger grip might be more suitable for those with bigger hands, while the Glock 45's compact design may appeal to those seeking a more concealed carry-friendly option.In the final analysis, both the Glock 45 and 19X are top-tier choices that offer robust performance, reliability, and versatility. While the choice ultimately boils down to individual needs and preferences, you really can't go wrong with either of these stellar Glock models.





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