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Beretta M9A4 Review: The Best Update Of The Classic Yet?

beretta m9a4 review beretta m9a4 review beretta m9a4 review


When we think of iconic handguns that have made an indelible mark, the Beretta M9 series always comes to mind. And with the latest entrant, the Beretta M9A4, there's a lot to unpack and discuss. If you're as passionate about firearms as I am, sit tight because you're in for a rideFirearm enthusiasts, soldiers, and veterans will fondly (or not-so-fondly) remember the good ol' Beretta M9. The Beretta M9A4, though, is like that cousin who went off to college and came back cooler, sleeker, and with a whole bunch of tales to tell.


Beretta M9 Background - The Iconic M9

Our beloved Beretta M9 has been the bedrock sidearm of the U.S. military for decades. Initially introduced as the Beretta 92FS, its wide use, especially in the intense theatres of war, earned it the reputation of being reliable and robust. The journey from 92FS to M9A4 is filled with evolutionary steps – each trying to perfect the art of combat sidearms.


BERETTA M9A4 Features


The Beretta M9A4 is not just another model rolled out to keep up with the times. It carries with it decades of trust, reliability, and countless stories of service. It's a bridge between the proven performance of its predecessors and the advanced features demanded by modern-day users. But beyond its impressive specifications and its polished look, what truly sets it apart? Let's deep dive into the distinct aspects that make the M9A4 the talked-about handgun of today.


Beretta M9A4 Grip & Ergonomics


Just like the feel of a firm handshake or the comforting grip of a friend's hand, the first touch tells you a lot. The M9A4's grip modules, reminiscent of the 1911 style pistols, have that snug fit. You'd be mistaken to think it’s just about aesthetics. With additional Vertec-style thin grips, the M9A4 ensures that holding the gun feels just right. For those medium-sized hands (like mine), the ergonomics of the M9A4 are truly splendid.


Beretta M9A4 Sights and Precision


The model I experienced came pre-equipped with a Steiner MPS red dot sight. However, for purists, the M9A4 hasn’t forgotten its roots. With a standard 3-dot iron sight configuration enhanced with factory night sights, it's prepped for those who love their firearms in their "pure form". And, if you're a techie, the RDO readiness is the cherry on top.


Beretta M9A4 Controls: More Than Just Triggers


Firearm controls can sometimes feel like you're learning to play an instrument. And in many ways, you are. The M9A4 isn’t the simple gun next door:

  • Magazine Release: Enhanced to be conveniently accessed, this feature ensures smooth transitions during high-pressure situations.
  • Slide Stop: It’s efficient, effective, and ergonomic.
  • Trigger Mechanisms: The M9A4 boasts a dual, single-action/double-action trigger system. Whether you prefer the safety of a long pull or the quick response of a short one, it has got you covered.
  • Decocker: A rarity in modern firearms but an essential feature for many.Hammer: Sleek, effective, and easy to manually cock.


Accessorizing the Beretta M9A4


For those who believe in customizing their firearms, the M9A4 is like a canvas. Optics: The array of options for red dot sights is staggering. But, whatever your preference, the M9A4 has room for it. Lights: The built-in 1913 rail means the sky's the limit. From the popular Surefire X300 to the affordable Streamlight TLR-6, choices abound. Threaded Barrel: Suppressor lovers, rejoice. With options like the Microtech R2K9 and Dead Air Silencers, your M9A4 is ready to go silent when needed.


Beretta M9A4 vs. M9A3


So, what really changed? Apart from the notable upgrades of the Beretta M9A4, the red-dot ready slide, enhanced night sights, and a short reset trigger system are stark differences. The M9A4 is the modern sibling who’s learned from the past and is ready for the future.


Beretta M9A4 Performance, Shooting Experience & Price


Ever driven a car that just feels right? That’s the M9A4 for you. Its recoil is consistent, making long-range sessions a delight rather than a chore. Ammo? From the Blazer 9mm for range sessions to the hornady critical defense 9mm for defense, it handles everything with grace.  When discussing the Beretta M9A4 price, value is key. At an MSRP of $1,099, it’s not the cheapest, but quality rarely is. Available in various configurations, the M9A4 ensures there’s something for everyone.


Carrying & Concealing the Beretta M9A4


Carrying the Beretta M9A4 discreetly demands careful consideration due to its significant size. One of the essential factors for covert carry is selecting the right holster tailored specifically for the M9A4. An inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster is often the top pick to achieve a perfect balance between concealment and comfort. This type of holster minimizes the gun's visibility beneath clothing. When paired with strategic clothing choices, such as patterned or layered outfits, the silhouette of the firearm becomes almost invisible. While the M9A4 itself is designed with a streamlined profile conducive to concealment, teaming it up with  fitting holsters for Beretta M9A4 and thoughtful attire ensures you stay discreet, yet ever-ready.


Beretta M9A4 FAQ

Absolutely. Its robust feature set ensures that it's not just a purchase, but an investment.

The USMC primarily used the Beretta M9, often referred to as the Beretta 92FS.

Ah, the age-old debate about decockers! The Beretta M9A4 does come with a decocker, but here's the fun part – it's not just a decocker. The M9A4 features a combined decocker and safety mechanism. So, when you engage it, not only does it safely decock the hammer, but it also acts as a safety by preventing the trigger from being pulled. It's like getting two for the price of one! An excellent feature for those who want that extra layer of security.

Absolutely, safety first, right? The Beretta M9A4 integrates a safety mechanism, which is cleverly combined with its decocker. When you engage this, it does two jobs: safely decocking the hammer and locking the trigger to prevent any accidental discharges. It's a nifty design that ensures you can carry the M9A4 confidently without constantly worrying about any unintentional misfires.

Let's talk firepower. The standard Beretta M9A4 comes with a magazine that holds 15 rounds of 9mm ammunition. But wait, there's more! Some configurations and aftermarket magazines allow for up to 18 rounds. Now that's a significant amount of firepower in your hands.

Beretta M9A4 Conclusion - The Best Yet?

At the end of the day, the Beretta M9A4 review here is meant to guide, inform, and maybe even entertain a bit. Whether you decide to get one or admire from afar, the Beretta M9A4 stands as a testament to the ever-evolving world of firearms. Safe shooting! (Note: This article is a comprehensive guide based on available data and personal experience, always refer to manufacturers and professionals for any decisions.)



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