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Springfield Hellcat Pro Problems—What’s The Skinny On This Compact?

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The Springfield Hellcat Pro has been the subject of much discussion among gun enthusiasts and reviewers, as its enhanced features promise to elevate its performance.

At the start, it was actually hard to come up with many criticisms of this concealed handgun as it comes with so many benefits, some of which are summed up in my recent Hellcat Pro review. But nothing is really perfect. Most of the Hellcat Pro issues, though, are of the nitpicking category; one user even complained about misfires when using super-cheap ammo—say it ain’t so!

However, as with any firearm, it's essential to address potential issues that may arise. In this article, we delve into some key problems raised by experts regarding the Hellcat Pro, focusing on trigger characteristics, iron sights, and its classification as a compact firearm.

While the Hellcat Pro offers undeniable advantages, a balanced analysis will help prospective buyers make informed decisions about this popular concealed carry weapon.


Hellcat Pro problem - trigger characteristics could affect the accuracy


In his YouTube channel review of the Hellcat Pro, Honest Outlaw is mostly positive about the performance of this popular gun but has some slightly critical words about the way the trigger affects his accuracy with this weapon compared to similar tools.

Chris Randall, the award-winning trigger finger behind Honest Outlaw, is known for his YouTube channel dedicated to reviewing guns from a common-man perspective. Along with his wife and videographer La Rae, they have amassed 767,000 subscribers and over 1,000 paid subscribers to his Patreon service.

When it comes to the gun's accuracy, Chris Randall offered some insight into Springfield Hellcat problems. While testing the gun, he noticed that achieving the same level of precision as the slightly pricier Sig Specter comp was challenging.

With a compact model like the Glock 19, he stated that he found his shooting to be significantly better, possibly due to the larger grip providing a more secure hold. Additionally, Chris discovered that he liked the trigger of that gun even more than he initially realized.

Comparing it to other guns, he noted that the Striker Fired trigger weighed in at about seven and a half pounds. Although Chris had very few overall problems with the trigger, he found the trigger pull to be a bit lengthy during dry firing and wished the reset could be shorter.

When considering concealed carry firearms, Chris emphasized that his focus is usually within a range of 10 yards. While he enjoys shooting handguns at around 100 yards regularly, he recognizes that most encounters where a concealed confrontation might take place are within 10 yards in practical terms.



The Upshot


What Chris looks for here is consistent accuracy and a fast rate of fire within close quarters. He believes that small firearms, in particular, require a balance of accuracy and speed, and he’s not wrong.

But most of what he’s criticizing in the Hellcat Pro is mostly nitpicking here that could easily be chalked up to unfamiliarity with the tool and a personal preference for a more familiar and favorite weapon. The difference between the sensitivity of the Glock trigger and reset time versus the Hellcat Pro might—under the right conditions—equal a single shot at worst. Not much of a difference.

Regular practice with a weapon of choice that is reliable and has a wide-ranging solid reputation, like the Hellcat Pro, likely means this particular trigger issue shouldn’t be a factor for long.


Hellcat Pro problem - the unusual sight system


In a recent collaboration on Clint Morgan's YouTube channel "ClassicFirearms," Clint welcomed a special guest, Sara from Piece of Mind. During their conversation, they explored the topic of the unusual iron sights on the Hellcat Pro and shared their opinions.

Clint expressed that he wasn't a huge fan of the iron sights here—the unique “U” configuration compared to the more standard “three dots” version—finding them a bit difficult to get used to. However, he did acknowledge that they were not necessarily hard to shoot with, just different—preferring the more traditional three-dot sights, as that was what he grew up with and what he learned in concealed carry classes.

Sara chimed in and agreed with Clint's preference for the three-dot sights. She added that the larger front sight on the Hellcat Pro, with its luminescent feature, was excellent for quick target acquisition. Quick-sight pickup is almost always crucial in such situations.


The Upshot


While many shooters may be used to one type of configuration of sights versus another, this criticism (like the trigger issue above) has more to do with familiarity than an actual defect. Of course, there’s also the option of just replacing them with the sights you like.


Hellcat Pro problem - is the Hellcat Pro an actual compact?


The Springfield Hellcat Pro has garnered significant attention as an enhanced version of its popular micro-compact sibling, the Hellcat. While gun enthusiasts eagerly awaited the improvements the Pro would bring, its larger size emerged as a notable point of discussion. Marketed as a compact, the Hellcat Pro does push the boundaries, blurring the lines between compact and subcompact categories.

Sporting a newer, almost 4-inch barrel (3.7”) compared to the original Hellcat's 3-inch barrel, the Hellcat Pro offers potential benefits such as improved accuracy and handling. However, some have raised concerns that this expansion compromises the true compact nature of the firearm. The added dimensions could challenge the convenience and ease of concealment that compact pistols are known for.

Moreover, the increase in size might pose a dilemma for current Hellcat owners considering an upgrade. Holsters and accessories tailored for the original Hellcat may not be compatible with the Pro variant, leading to potential adjustments and added expenses.


The upshot


Despite these considerations, it is essential to weigh the advantages of the Hellcat Pro's enhancements against the increase in size. The improved accuracy, enhanced handling, and potential gains in overall performance may well overshadow the concerns about concealment and compatibility.Ultimately, the benefits the Hellcat Pro brings to the table are likely to make it a compelling option for many users seeking a reliable and feature-rich concealed carry firearm.


Hellcat Pro Problem—Finding the right Springfield Hellcat PRO holster


Ensuring you have the right holster for your concealed carry weapon is of paramount importance, especially when it comes to a firearm as specialized as the Springfield Hellcat Pro. While some may consider a generic holster for their carry needs, opting for a dedicated holster designed specifically for the Hellcat Pro is the smartest choice for multiple reasons.

Firstly, a dedicated holster ensures a snug and secure fit for your firearm. The Hellcat Pro, with its unique dimensions, requires a holster that precisely accommodates its shape, preventing any unnecessary movement or rattling, which could potentially compromise quick and smooth draws.

Secondly, a custom-designed holster provides optimal retention, keeping the Hellcat Pro firmly in place during everyday movements or high-stress situations. This level of security is crucial for maintaining weapon accessibility while minimizing the risk of accidental dislodging.One ideal solution for the Springfield Hellcat Pro is the Leather Shoulder Holster System from Craft Holsters. The shoulder holster design offers both comfort and concealment, allowing for discreet carry without sacrificing accessibility. Crafted from premium leather, this holster ensures durability and a classy appearance suitable for any occasion.


The Upshot


When it comes to concealed carry, never underestimate the significance of selecting the right holster, especially for a specialized firearm like the Springfield Hellcat Pro. Opting for a dedicated Springfield Hellcat holster, such as the one from Craft Holsters, guarantees a secure fit, optimal retention, and the peace of mind that comes with a reliable carry solution.


Conclusion - Does the Springfield Hellcat Pro cut it?


The Springfield Hellcat Pro, with its enhanced features, has undoubtedly made waves in the firearm community. While some users have nitpicked about minor issues, experts have shed light on specific problems, such as trigger characteristics and the unusual sights.

However, these concerns often boil down to personal preferences and familiarity. Despite these points of discussion, the Hellcat Pro's advantages in accuracy, handling, and performance make it a compelling choice for concealed carry enthusiasts. From my own perspective, I couldn’t be happier with its performance and find most of the issues listed above to be a matter of personal preference.

With the right Springfield Hellcat Pro holster, users can maximize the firearm's potential and enjoy a reliable and feature-rich concealed carry experience.





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