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SIG P365 vs Walther PPS M2: Ultimate Pistol Battle

SIG Sauer P365 versus Walther PPS M2 SIG Sauer P365 versus Walther PPS M2 SIG Sauer P365 versus Walther PPS M2


Due to the increasing number of CCW restrictions and limitations, the demand for small and compact everyday concealed carry guns has never been higher. And it’s really the micro and sub-compact pistols that generate the majority of gun sales. Deciding which of these sub-compact pistols to make a part of your EDC can be, however, quite difficult.

No matter which list of the best carry guns you decide to look at, I’m sure you’ll find both the SIG Sauer P365 as well as Walther PPS M2 on it. If you’re thinking about getting one of these fierce competitors, I’ll take you through the main differences and similarities between the two semi-autos. And I hope it will help you decide which one suits your everyday carry needs more.


SIG Sauer P365

source: Guns and Ammo

The SIG P365, developed by SIG Sauer Inc., is a micro-compact semi-auto pistol, considered by many the greatest modern concealed carry handgun. And there’s a couple of reasons for such a bold statement. Not only is the gun very compact (just like its classification suggests), it also offers high capacity, impeccable accuracy and considerable firepower. If matched with a well-fitting SIG Sauer P365 holster, this pistol also becomes an ultimate choice for everyday concealed carry (even though the P365 has got its problems).


Walther PPS m2

source: Gun Digest

The Walther PPS M2 (or simply known as the PPS M2) was introduced back in 2016 by Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen (more commonly known as Walther), a famous German gun manufacturer.  This Walther model has quickly become one of the most popular carry choices among the sub-compact pistols. Compared to the SIG, the PPS M2 is slightly larger and heavier, but it’s still a great option for everyday concealed carry, especially when paired up with a great Walther PPS M2 holster. The M2 model is an upgrade over the slightly older Walther PPS pistol, offering front and rear sight serrations and a modified grip.



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SIG P365 vs Walther PPS M2 - important specs and features

Now that we’ve been through the basic introduction of these pistols, it’s clear why you can find both of them on nearly every list of the best everyday carry handguns. However, if you have trouble deciding which of these you should make a part of your everyday carry set, let’s break down the similarities and differences of these two pistols.

The size battle

source: Handgun Hero

The SIG P365 is one of the most compact pistols ever produced. The pistol is 5.8’’ long and mere 1’’ wide, featuring a 3.1’’ long barrel. While this comes at the cost of firepower when compared to the full-sized handguns, it definitely results in super easy concealment. After all, isn’t that what everyone is looking for these days?

Compared to the SIG, a disadvantage of the Walther PPS M2 is that the pistol is slightly larger. The overall length of the pistol is 6.3’’, featuring a longer 3.2’’ barrel. When it comes to the pistol’s width, it’s 1’’, which is identical with the P365. Due to its small dimensions, the PPS M2 works very well when carried in the IWB or AIWB style, as you won’t experience any discomfort.

Talking about weight, the SIG is a clear winner as it only weighs 17.8oz, while the Walther weighs 19.4oz. You will hardly notice the pistol on your belt, no matter which one you select. However, as the SIG is a bit more compact, it’s the winner of the size battle between the two.

The first point goes to ... the SIG

The magazines and capacity

The SIG Sauer P365 was designed with one particular thing in mind - high capacity. And that’s exactly what SIG Sauer Inc. delivered. The SIG undoubtedly offers the highest capacity among sub-compact handguns (alright, the Hellcat beats it, but only by a bit). The SIG’s flush magazine comes with 10 rounds of ammo, which is 3 more than the Walther. Moreover, upon the pistol’s release, SIG introduced an extended 12 rounds magazine with a pinky extension. But SIG didn’t stop there as later on they amazed the world with another extension, this time a breath-taking 15 rounds magazine. And if you’re wondering how the heck it’s possible to stuff 10 rounds into such a small handgun, the answer is simple - a double stack magazine!

In comparison with the SIG, the Walther PPS M2 comes with fewer rounds. By default, the pistol offers a 7 rounds single-stack magazine, which you can extend to 8 rounds. What plays in Walther’s favor are less expensive magazines, currently available at approximately $35. If you need a new mag for the SIG, expect to pay as much as $50 for it. On the other hand, capacity is what matters most at guns of similar size and matching caliber.

So, the second round also goes to … the SIG

Accuracy and range performance

The P365 is a highly accurate pistol, mainly thanks to the SIG Sauer XRay3 Night Sights, offering excellent visibility in pretty much any light conditions. The pistol’s front sight consists of a high visibility green ring around a tritium vial. The rear sight consists of two tritium vials and it is serrated in order to reduce glare, which is an ideal solution for brighter environments. However, upon the gun’s release, there were quite many complaints about the SIG’s sights system. Luckily, SIG Sauer were quick to fix these problems and the P365 can now compete even with full-sized handguns when it comes to accuracy and target acquisition. Moreover, if you feel like you need to improve your P365 accuracy game, you can easily do so if you get one of these P365 tactical lights or lasers.

The Walther comes with the 3 dot factory sights. The front sight is fixed, but the rear sight can be adjusted to meet the needs of the shooter. Walther also introduced a Law Enforcement model of the PPS M2, which features upgraded phosphorous sights. One thing that doesn’t play in Walther favor is the fact that the default sights don’t feature tritium, so you’ll have to rely on the aftermarket products if you’re looking for the sights’ self-illumination.

When it comes to how well the pistols perform in range during dynamic shooting, it’s probably Walther that has an edge. The main reason for this is the excellent grip this pistol offers. The grip’s ergonomics fit most hands comfortably and the shooting experience and grip’s comfort is even better if you equip the PPS M2 with an extended magazine. I’m not saying the SIG’s grip isn’t comfortable, but shooting the Walther is simply a bit more fun.

Thus, this round ends in … TIE

Caliber and firing mechanism

Both SIG P365 and Walther PPS M2 are chambered in the 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge. The 9mm definitely is the most popular (and affordable) caliber when it comes to everyday carry guns. It might not boast such firepower as the .45 ACP, .40 S&W, or the 10mm, but it definitely does the trick. For personal-defense and a bit of plinking fun, this caliber is more than ideal.

The PPS M2 and P365 are also identical in the firing mechanism, as both pistols are striker-fired. Now what does that mean? Simply put, a striker-fired pistol engages a round via a striker hitting the firing pin. The firing mechanism is built into the pistol and fully covered by the pistol’s slide. Such mechanism results in slightly lower firepower, especially when compared to hammer-fired pistols. However, it also means that both the SIG and Walther are composed of fewer parts, which SIGnificantly reduces the threat of any hardware malfunctions.

Based on the caliber and firepower, I’d say this battle ends in a … TIE


SIG P365





















Double stack

Single stack


10+1, 12+1, or 15+1

7+1 or 8+1








Stainless steel

Stainless steel





Let’s talk concealed

If you’re deciding between the SIG P365 and Walther PPS M2, you are most probably looking for a new everyday carry gun. And as both the Walther and SIG are very compact and lightweight, you can easily conceal them utilizing any carry style without anyone noticing. However, no matter which carry style you pick, I’ve already stressed how crucial it is to pair up either of these pistols with a well-fitting holster.At Craft Holsters, you can pick from many SIG Sauer P365 holsters, and pretty much the same number of Walther PPS M2 holsters. In case you decide to go with the SIG, then you might also want to give our list of 6 best SIG Sauer P365 holsters for 2021 a look. I’m sure you’ll find your new favorite holster there.


Conclusion - Who wins the battle?


Although it all falls down to the individual’s preference, it’s the SIG P365 that has beaten the Walther PPS M2 in our ultimate pistol battle. If you look at SIG’s compactness and the high-capacity its double stack mag offers, it’s clear why. However, if you care about accuracy more, then the winner might as well be the Glock. I suggest taking both guns to the range and trying them out for yourselves. But there are so many factors that can (and should!) be taken into consideration and it’s probably the best idea to try out either of these guns and see for yourself which one fits you better.

Are you leaning towards the SIG? Well, good choice, but don’t forget to pair it up with one of the well-fitting SIG Sauer P365 holsters. Is your favorite the Walther? Also a great choice! However, make sure you get a custom made Walther PPS M2 holster for it. And if you simply can’t decide yet, read our SIG Sauer P365 review as well as the Walther PPS M2 review, which might give you an even better idea of what either of these excellent carry guns can deliver.


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