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SIG P365 vs Glock 43: Head-to-Head Comparison & Expert Review

Sig Sauer p365 vs Glock 43 Sig Sauer p365 vs Glock 43 Sig Sauer p365 vs Glock 43


Just like Mayweather vs McGregor is considered “the biggest fight in combat sports history”, the SIG Sauer P365 vs GLOCK 43 is undoubtedly the biggest “Money fight” among the sub-compact carry pistols. And rightfully so, as it’s very hard to tell who the clear winner of this feud is. When it comes to choosing a reliable compact handgun for personal defense, the decision can be tough. Enter the debate between Glock 43 vs Sig P365 – two titans in the concealed carry world. In this detailed comparison article, navigate through the intricate differences and similarities between these renowned firearms. Discover key insights into their specifications, performance, and user experiences to help you make an informed decision. Arm yourself with knowledge and confidence as you delve into the Glock 43 versus Sig P365 showdown, ensuring you select the perfect companion for your defense needs. Your journey to finding the right handgun starts here!

In this brief article, we’ll look at the main differences and similarities between the two semi-autos. Let’s see if it helps you decide which one to put your money on.


SIG Sauer P365

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The SIG P365, developed by SIG Sauer Inc., is a micro-compact semi-auto pistol, considered by many the greatest modern concealed carry handgun. And there’s a couple of reasons for this. Not only is the gun very compact (just like its classification suggests), it also offers high capacity, impeccable accuracy and considerable firepower. If matched with a well-fitting SIG Sauer P365 holster, this pistol also becomes an ultimate choice for everyday concealed carry.


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The GLOCK 43, introduced by Glock Ges.m.b.H., has been one of the most popular sub-compact handguns of the last decade, there’s no doubt about it. It’s pretty much a slimline version of the well-known Glock 26, offering similar operation, slightly lower capacity, but substantially more compactness. Just like the SIG, if the G43 is paired up with a custom-fitted Glock 43 holster, the pistol instantly becomes one of the best carry guns currently available on the market.


Glock 43 vs Sig P365 Size - Comparing specs and features

Now that we’ve been through the basic introduction of these pistols, it’s clear why either of them makes it onto each and every available list of the best everyday carry handguns. Now it's time to  explore Glock 43 vs Sig P365 size comparison in this comprehensive guide. Understanding the dimensions is crucial for concealed carry, affecting comfort, concealability, and handling. This article lays out the specifics of each model's size and footprint, providing clear, concise information to aid in your choice between the Glock 43 and Sig P365. Make an informed decision with insights into how each handgun's size influences its performance and suitability for your needs. Learn how the Sig P365 stands out as the smaller and more concealable option, making it an ideal choice for those prioritizing discretion and comfort in a compact firearm. Despite its larger frame, explore the potential benefits the Glock 43 may offer to some users

Size matters

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The SIG P365 is one of the most compact pistols ever produced. The pistol is 5.8’’ long and mere 1’’ wide, featuring a 3.1’’ long barrel. While this comes at the cost of firepower when compared to the full-sized handguns, it definitely results in super easy concealment. After all, isn’t that what everyone is looking for these days?

The Glock 43 is very similar in its dimensions to the SIG, but it’s still one bit larger. The overall length of the pistol is 6.26’’, featuring a longer 3.41’’ barrel. The gun is a bit thicker than its competitor as it’s only 1.06’’ thick. This means the pistol is even more ideal for both outside and inside the waistband carry, although the difference is not SIGnificant at all.

On top of their compactness, both pistols are also ultra lightweight when not fully loaded. The SIG weighs 17.8oz, while the Glock weighs 17.95oz. This means that no matter which of the two you decide to go for, you won’t even notice you’re carrying them.

Result of the size battle? - TIE

The magazine and capacity

The SIG Sauer P365 was designed with one particular thing in mind - high capacity. And that’s exactly what SIG Sauer Inc. delivered. The SIG undoubtedly offers the highest capacity among sub-compact handguns (alright, the Hellcat beats it, but only by a bit). The SIG’s flush magazine comes with 10 rounds of ammo, which is 4 more than the Glock. Moreover, upon the pistol’s release, SIG introduced an extended 12 rounds magazine with a pinky extension. But SIG didn’t stop there as later on they amazed the world with another extension, this time a breath-taking 15 rounds magazine. And if you’re wondering how the heck it’s possible to stuff 10 rounds into such a small handgun, the answer is simple - a double stack magazine!

In comparison with the SIG, the Glock 43 only comes with a 6 rounds flush magazine. As the GLOCK is famous for a vast number of aftermarket upgrades, it’s obvious you can extend the basic capacity. However, as the Glock’s magazine is a single stack, the best you can get is a 10 round extended magazine.

The winner of this battle is clear… the SIG


Sig P365 vs Glock 43 Recoil

Navigating the terrain of handgun choice, the discussion on recoil between the Sig P365 and Glock 43 is pivotal for potential buyers. Among the firearm community, it's broadly reported that the Sig P365 exhibits a more manageable recoil. This characteristic often translates to enhanced shooting stability and control, permitting more precise follow-up shots, which is a significant advantage for both novice and experienced shooters alike.On the flip side, the Glock 43, although acknowledged for its reliability and widespread use, is noted to have a relatively higher recoil. This facet might pose a challenge for some shooters in maintaining accuracy during rapid-fire situations. While exact measurements in foot-pound force and joules are not standardized, the consensus leans towards the Sig P365 for those prioritizing lower recoil in their firearm selection.

The winner of this battle… the SIG

Glock 43 vs Sig P365 Accuracy

The P365 is a highly accurate pistol, mainly thanks to the SIG Sauer XRay3 Night Sights. The front sight boasts high day and night visibility. It’s pretty much a high visibility green ring around a tritium vial. The rear sight consists of two tritium vials and it is serrated in order to reduce glare, which is an ideal solution for brighter environments. And although there were some issues with the sights shortly after the pistol’s initial release, SIG Sauer were quick to fix these problems and the P365 can now compete even with full-sized handguns when it comes to accuracy and target acquisition.

The Glock 43 comes with the front and rear factory sights. In front, there’s a white dot and in the rear the pistol features a white square U shaped sight. As Glock is famous for its aftermarket products, you’ll see many shooters equipped with modified sights systems.

When it comes to how well the pistols perform in range during dynamic shooting, I’d say the Glock is one step further. Upon putting in a number of consecutive rounds, you’ll definitely notice the Glock’s hits are more predictable, while those of SIG are a bit more dispersed across the target. This, however, by no means says anything bad about the P365 and I wouldn’t pick the Glock 43 over its rival based solely on this factor.

A winner of this stand-off, although not by much, is … the GLOCK

Caliber and firing mechanism

It will be of no surprise to you that both pistols are chambered in the 9mm cartridge. The 9mm definitely is the most popular (and affordable) caliber when it comes to everyday carry guns. It might not boast such firepower as the .45 ACP, .40 S&W, or the 10mm, but it definitely does the trick. For personal-defense and a bit of plinking fun, this caliber is more than ideal.

The G43 and P365 are also identical in the firing mechanism, as both pistols are striker-fired. Now what does that mean? Simply put, a striker-fired pistol engages a round via a striker hitting the firing pin. The firing mechanism is built into the pistol and fully covered by the pistol’s slide. Such mechanism results in slightly lower firepower, especially when compared to hammer-fired pistols. However, it also means that both the SIG and Glock are composed of fewer parts, which SIGnificantly reduces the threat of any hardware malfunctions.

I’d say this battle ends in a … TIE


SIG P365





















Double stack

Single stack


10+1, 12+1, or 15+1

6+1 or 10+1








Stainless steel

Stainless steel





SIG P365 Vs Glock 43 FAQ

The choice between Glock 43 and SIG P365 depends on personal preference. Both are reputable for their reliability and quality. The P365 is generally praised for its higher capacity and smaller size, while the G43 is slimmer and might be preferred for its aftermarket support and consistent trigger.

The trigger difference between the P365 and G43 is significant. The SIG P365 often has a smoother and lighter trigger pull, which can contribute to better accuracy for some shooters. The Glock 43 has a more robust and heavier trigger, which some users might prefer for its consistent break and reset.

Your better performance with SIG than Glock could be due to numerous factors including ergonomic design, trigger feel, or the gun's balance. Each brand has unique characteristics and it's common for individuals to favor one over the other based on personal comfort and handling.

    Generally, a SIG P365 might not fit perfectly in a Glock 43 holster as their dimensions and shapes are different. Holsters are designed to hold specific models securely, and using an incorrect holster can lead to problems such as the gun falling out or difficulty drawing the firearm quickly. 

When considering the Glock 43 versus the Sig P365 for concealed carry, both have pros and cons. The P365 holds more rounds and is slightly smaller, which could be an advantage for concealed carry. The G43, on the other hand, is slimmer and might offer more comfort and concealability for some users. The best choice depends on individual preferences for capacity, size, comfort, and how and where you plan to carry the firearm. Testing both firearms and their compatibility with your carry method is the most reliable way to make an informed decision.


Sig P365 vs Glock 43 Price

Navigating the market for compact handguns might lead you to compare the SIG P365 and the Glock 43, two prominent models available today. The SIG P365 has an MSRP of $599.99, while the Glock 43 is listed at an MSRP of $580. While both firearms offer reliable performance and compact design for concealed carry, the Glock 43 edges out the SIG P365 in terms of price.However, price isn't everything. The SIG P365 offers a higher capacity and a night sight as standard, features that are optional or unavailable on the Glock 43. Buyers must consider if the higher price of the SIG P365 is justified by its additional features and if these features align with their specific needs and preferences.

The winner - Glock 43


Let’s talk concealed

If you’re deciding between the SIG P365 and Glock 43, you probably need an everyday carry gun. And as both the Glock and SIG are very compact and lightweight, you can easily conceal them utilizing any carry style without anyone noticing. However, no matter which carry style you pick, I’ve already stressed how crucial it is to pair up either of these pistols with a well-fitting holster.

At Craft Holsters, you can pick from many Holsters for Sig P365, and probably even more Holsters For Glock 43. And if you’re having trouble deciding which one is the best, give our list of the best SIG Sauer P365 holsters for 2021 a look, I’m sure you’ll find your favorite.


Conclusion - Who wins the battle?


Just as it was difficult to call the winner of the Mayweather or McGregor match before it took place, it’s very hard to say if it’s the SIG P365 or Glock 43 that wins this battle. It’s just not possible to say who takes the spotlight before you lay your hands on either of these amazing sub-compact pistols. There are many factors that can (and should!) be taken into consideration and it also falls down to the individual’s preference. Size and capacity-wise, it’s probably the SIG who is the favorite. However, if you care about accuracy more, then the winner might as well be the Glock. I suggest taking both guns to the range and trying them out for yourselves.

Are you leaning towards the SIG? Well, good choice, but don’t forget to pair it up with one of the well-fitting SIG Sauer P365 holsters. Is your favorite the Glock? Also a great choice! However, make sure you get a custom made Glock 43 holster for it. And if you simply can’t decide yet, read our SIG Sauer P365 review as well as the Glock 43 review, which might give you an even better idea of what either of these excellent carry guns can deliver.


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