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Our Leather Holster Bestsellers

Leather is the oldest material from which gun holsters were made. The staples of the leather holster materials are cowhide and horsehide, although there are more exotic and luxurious options such as sharkskin, elephant hide, ostrich hide etc. Leather has an unique ability to adapt. The more leather holsters are worn on the body, the more they adapt to the body contours of the owner and as you get used to holster, the holster gets used to you. Naturally, this ability adapts to the gun as well.

Leather holsters last for a long time once they are taken care of, they need to be cleaned from time to time but they offer years of service in return. They are also a good concealed carry option as they offer a quiet draw and an easy reholstering, and as mentioned before, they get uniquely used to the body of the carrying person. The aesthetics of leather holsters is another category. Leather just looks good and what is even better, is that they receive a patina over time and look unique. Leather holsters can also be engraved or embossed and thus provide more uniqueness to the owner.

IWB Concealed Carry Holster with Open Muzzle, It. 92

This IWB leather holster is an all-time favorite. It has a thin profile and thus is almost invisible for the common eye and it has a wide spread between belt loops and thus is more adjustable to the wearer. The leather has a quick break-in period and with every feature combined it means that it gets used to the body and the gun quickly and offers a safe, fast and quiet draw. Product detail 

Leather Pancake Holster w 2 Carry Positions, It. H1

This is a pancake leather holster with multiple uses - a canted belt holster or a cross draw holster. It also features a thin profile that makes the break-in faster and drawing very easy. It has three belt slots so the positioning offers more versatility and this leather holster will fit any carry preference you have. Product detail 

Shoulder Holster System with Mag Pouch, It. OK1

This shoulder leather holster comes in a classic design that was upgraded to offer versatility as it can have 4 ways to be carried. Apart from the obvious shoulder design which can be have with mag pouches, speedloaders or another gun holster for any sort of gun, it can also be carried as a belt holster with three positions - strong side carry belt holster, crossdraw holster or a SOB holster. The Italian leather will prove reliable in any position that you choose. Product detail