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Monogram Embossing


We have included a custom embossed monogram option for your leather holster of choice. You can choose up to 3 letters and have them hand-embossed on your holster. This can make your holster even more personal. The letters can represent initials of your name, or of any name of your family, relatives, friends etc. The choice is up to you.

The Background

In order to have the option for monograms, we developed our custom design for a monograming process and had it custom built. So when you see your monogram you can be sure that there is no other machine that makes them like that, well at least as far as we’re concerned. But the fact we know for sure that we’ve got custom designed letters. They have been carefully chosen to add a stylish touch the the holster.  

The Process

The process is the same each time you choose to have a monogram embossed in your leather holster. Our colleague chooses the letters then places them in correct order into a matrix where they are held in place and embosses them in leather. The correct temperature, pressure and timing is what counts and makes the magic happen. You can see it here, simplified.

The Facts

Each monogram that we make is done with precision and attention to detail. That means we double check your order to make sure it’s there and it’s correct.

  • The monogram position depends on holster design and size. Holster for larger handgun offers enough space for correct monogram position, while holster for small handgun offers limited space. We always try try to place the monogram to be visible and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The monogram is about 0.5” wide and 0.2” tall (3 letters). 
  • The monogram can be embossed in mahogany leather, black leather, natural leather and suede leather

Your monogram awaits you so don't hesitate and choose to make your custom leather holster more personal. Check our selection of 100+ leather holsters that are waiting for your decision right here: Custom Leather Holsters