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Craft Holsters Discounts

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Our main goal is to provide you with as great holster experience as possible. However, there's also a handful of other benefits that we want you to enjoy.

That's why we offer a variety of discounts for all of our customers, both new and returning. There are 3 types of main discounts that you can claim, so read your options below.

  • HOLSTERS CLUB™ DISCOUNTS - Becoming a member of our Holsters Club™ comes with a couple of benefits, which you can find more about here. You are, for example, entitled to a free economy shipping when placing your first order. For our returning customers, there's a handful of other interesting benefits. Not a member of our club yet? Just register here.
  • LAW ENFORCEMENT DISCOUNT - We offer a 10% discount on all of our products to all active or retired law enforcement officers, military members, veterans, first responders and more. This is the least we can do to show how much we appreciate your diligent work and the fact that you guys put the lives of others first. You can find out how to claim the Law Enforcement discount here.
  • OTHER DISCOUNTS - We also regularly offer ways to save some money on your orders on various occassions (such as holidays). To aquire these, follow our social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, where you'll always find out about our sales and discounts in advance. You can find us also on some web pages offering discount codes, such as WeThrift and many more.

If you need more information about our discounts, don't hesitate to contact our customer service.