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Best IWB Holster for Glock 19: A Concealed Carry Guide

Best IWB Holsters for GLock 19 guide title image Best IWB Holsters for GLock 19 guide title image Best IWB Holsters for GLock 19 guide title image


The Glock 19 is a firearm that needs no introduction among enthusiasts. This pistol, revered for its versatility, compact design, and impressive magazine capacity, has become a go-to choice for concealed carry and everyday use. If you're here, you likely understand the importance of pairing such a reliable sidearm with an equally exceptional holster.

As a seasoned Glock shooter, I know how crucial it is to have the perfect holster. So, let's dive in and explore the top heroes that have stood the test of countless range days and everyday carry.


The Significance of a Quality IWB Holster for Glock 19


When it comes to concealed carry, the Glock 19 is a popular choice, but finding the right IWB holster is like finding the perfect pair of jeans – it has to fit just right.


Comfort is King

Carrying concealed isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. You want a holster that feels like an extension of your body, not an annoying appendage. Comfort is key, and trust me, I've had my fair share of uncomfortable holsters that left me squirming more than hitting the bullseye.


Concealment: The Art of Going Unnoticed


Imagine trying to impress a date with a bulky holster poking out. Not the best first impression, right? The beauty of Glock 19 IWB holsters lies in their ability to keep your firearm discreetly tucked away. No one should know you're carrying until you decide to reveal it.


Adjustability: Tailored to You


We're not all built the same way, and our carrying preferences differ. A good IWB holster should offer adjustability to cater to your unique body shape and carry style. After all, it's your comfort and safety on the line.


Material Matters


Whether you prefer the ruggedness of kydex, the classic appeal of leather, or a combination of both, the material of your holster matters. It needs to withstand daily wear and tear while keeping your Glock secure and readily accessible.


Top Candidates for the Best Glock 19 IWB holster title


Now, the moment you've been waiting for – my top choices for the best IWB holsters for the Glock 19. Drumroll, please!


Best Leather IWB Holster for Glock 19


When it comes to the best leather IWB holster for the Glock 19, the craftsmanship of the leather Open Top IWB Holster - Lynx for Glock 19 steals the show. It's not just a holster, it's a statement piece. The Open Top IWB Holster - Lynx not only conceals your Glock 19 but also makes a stylish garnish. That’s why it’s a standout choice and the best leather IWB holster for Glock 19.


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this holster is more than just a functional accessory – it's a true work of art. The Lynx holster is made from high-quality leather, offering durability that stands up to daily wear while maintaining a classic and timeless appearance.

What sets the Lynx apart is its open-top design, providing quick and easy access to your Glock 19 when you need it most. The craftsmanship is evident in the stitching and finish, ensuring a snug fit that not only secures your firearm but also adds a touch of sophistication to your carry setup. As someone who appreciates the marriage of form and function, the Lynx has become my dearest choice when I want to combine style with the practicality of a leather IWB holster.

Best IWB Holster for Glock 19 with Light


The Glock 19 IWB Holster w Steel Clip (Light/Laser) takes the spotlight for those who prioritize carrying with a light. It's a sleek and practical solution for staying prepared in any situation. This IWB holster for Glock 19 with light is engineered to seamlessly accommodate your G19 equipped with a light or even laser attachment, providing a secure and reliable carry option.


Crafted with precision, the holster features a steel clip that ensures a stable and secure fit, minimizing any movement during daily activities.One of the standout features of this holster is its elegant and practical design. It doesn't just house your Glock 19 with a light, it does so in a way that maintains a low profile, keeping your concealed carry truly covert.

Whether you're navigating dimly lit areas or just prefer the added security of a light attachment, this holster is designed to meet your needs without compromising on comfort or style. As I value functionality without sacrificing aesthetics, the Glock 19 IWB Holster with Steel Clip has earned its spot among my top picks.

Best IWB Holster for Glock 19 with RMR


Optics aficionados, the Glock 19 Kydex IWB Holster w Clip (Red Dot) is your match made in heaven. It snugly accommodates your Glock 19 with an RMR, ensuring you don't miss a shot. This holster is a must for those who appreciate the precision and enhanced targeting capabilities that an RMR brings to the table.


The kydex construction ensures a secure and snug fit for your Glock 19, with a dedicated slot for the red dot optic, allowing for quick and efficient draws.Crafted with the needs of serious shooters in mind, this holster not only accommodates the additional bulk of an RMR but does so without sacrificing comfort or concealment.

The clip design provides a secure hold on your belt or waistband, ensuring that your G19 with RMR stays in place, ready for action. Hence, the Glock 19 Kydex IWB Holster has earned its spot as a top recommendation in my arsenal and the best IWB holster for Glock 19 with RMR.

Best Appendix IWB Holster for Glock 19


Appendix carry fans, the Tuckable IWB Holster for Glock 19 is designed with your comfort and quick access in mind. It's the perfect companion for those who prefer carrying up front. The tuckable feature allows for easy concealment, ensuring that your Glock 19 stays discreetly hidden until you need it.


As you can tuck a layer of clothing in between the holster and the belt loop, this holster is more than ideal for deep everyday concealed carry. One of the standout features of this holster is its adjustable cant, allowing you to find the perfect angle for your draw.

The premium leather construction not only adds a touch of class to your carry but also molds to the contours of your Glock 19, providing a custom fit over time. The Tuckable IWB Holster has become my go-to choice for appendix carry, offering a blend of comfort, accessibility, and style that is hard to beat.

Best Glock 19 IWB Kydex Holster


If kydex is your preferred material for an IWB holster, look no further than the Kydex Glock 19 AIWB Holster w Mag Pouch. Designed specifically for those who appreciate the ruggedness and reliability of kydex, this holster offers a secure and adjustable fit for your Glock.


The inclusion of a mag pouch adds an extra layer of convenience for those who like to keep a spare magazine within easy reach.Crafted with attention to detail, this kydex holster provides excellent retention and durability without compromising on comfort. The appendix carry design keeps your Glock 19 close and accessible, while the added mag pouch ensures you're prepared for any scenario.

As someone who values the quick and efficient reloads that come with a spare magazine, the Kydex AIWB Holster with Mag Pouch stands out as number one in my collection of best Glock 19 IWB kydex holsters.

Best IWB Holster for Glock 19 FAQ


The concealability of the Glock 19 largely depends on factors such as body type, clothing choices, and the holster used. While it's larger than some compact options, many find the Glock 19 strikes a balance between size and capacity, making it manageable for concealed carry. Choosing the right holster, like one of the recommended IWB holsters in this guide, enhances the concealability of the Glock 19.

Choosing the right IWB holster for your Glock 19 involves a thoughtful consideration of several factors. Start by evaluating your personal preferences and carry style. Look for holsters that prioritize comfort, as you'll likely be wearing it for extended periods. Exploring reputable brands like Craft Holsters can provide you with a range of quality options.

A good IWB holster should prioritize comfort, concealment, and adjustability. Look for holsters that are comfortable for extended wear, effectively conceal your Glock 19, and offer adjustability to accommodate individual preferences.

Leather IWB holsters offer a classic and stylish option. Leather molds to your Glock 19 over time, providing a personalized fit. The craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal make it a popular choice for those who appreciate both form and function.


Conclusion: Finding the best Glock 19 IWB Holster


The quest for the best IWB holster for your Glock 19 is a personal exploration of comfort, style, and functionality and in the vast sea of Glock 19 holster options, finding the best one can be daunting.

As we've delved into the top picks, each holster is not just a practical accessory but a statement of your carry preferences. Whether you lean towards the classic appeal of leather, the rugged reliability of kydex, or the convenience of additional features like magazine pouches, there's a holster out there that's a perfect match for you.

Your concealed carry experience is as unique as you are, and I trust that among these recommendations, you'll find the ideal holster that seamlessly integrates with your Glock 19.





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