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Concealed carry in Slovakia

Concealed carry in Slovakia is not common, only 2 % of the adult Slovak population holds a license allowing CC. Getting a handgun for home defense is much easier, yet a buyer still need to meet several conditions – generally one must be at least 21 years old, free of a criminal history and in a full state of mental and physical health to apply for a gun license. Fulfilling these terms, one needs to take an oral exam that covers questions from gun laws, first aid etc.

The complete way to possessing a handgun takes about three weeks and a non-professional can obtain a concealed carry license under a very rare circumstances.

Gun licenses regulated by law can be issued in 6 categories:

A - carrying for defense (rarely),
B - possession at home for defense,
C - gun-holding for work purposes,
D - long guns for hunting,
E - gun holding for sport shooting,
F - guns collecting.

Air guns, gas pistols and non-repeating muzzle-loaded guns are available to anybody above 18 without permission.

Fully automatic guns, sound suppressors and hollow-point bullets (when used for self-defense) are forbidden.


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