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Top 5 Holsters For CZ 75

A man with a owb holster strapped to his belt A man with a owb holster strapped to his belt A man with a owb holster strapped to his belt


The CZ 75 is a popular semi-automatic firearm that has earned a reputation for reliability, accuracy, and versatility. It's no wonder that gun enthusiasts and professionals alike have taken a liking to it. The gun was introduced in 1975 by the Czech firearms manufacturer. The CZ 75 features traditional all-steel construction, a double/single-action trigger, a hammer-forced barrel, and grip holding a double stack of sixteen rounds of 9mm ammunition.   To ensure the best performance and protection for your CZ 75, it is important to find a holster that is both comfortable and functional and is one of the essential accessories that every CZ 75 owner should invest in. A holster not only helps in carrying the gun safely and comfortably but also provides quick and easy access to the firearm when needed. However, with so many holsters available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. In this blog post, I’ll discuss the top best holsters for CZ 75 and their features.



Best CZ 75 holsters



#1 CZ 75 Shoulder Holster


The Vertical Roto Shoulder Holster System is a classic design that offers excellent comfort and support for your CZ 75. It's made from top-quality leather and features an adjustable harness to ensure a secure fit. Although your pistol is carried vertically, thanks to the unique roto feature, the holster tilts upon draw and allows for horizontal draw. This CZ 75 shoulder holster also features a magazine pouch for extra ammo.

#2 CZ 75 Paddle Holster


This paddle CZ 75 holster leather is a versatile option for those who need a holster that can be easily removed or attached to their waistband. It is equipped with a rotary paddle and is made from premium leather and features an adjustable retention strap to ensure a snug fit for your weapon. The CZ 75 paddle holster also comes with a tension screw, which allows for the adjustment of draw resistance.

#3 CZ 75 holster IWB


Not only does this leather CZ 75 IWB holster have an appealing appearance, but it also provides exceptional comfort despite being worn inside the waistband. The critical components of the holster are double-stitched, and the opening is reinforced with an additional layer of leather, enhancing its resilience. Moreover, the two equally spaced belt loops facilitate rapid and convenient holster attachment.

#4 CZ 75 Duty Holster


The Nylon Belt Holster is a simple and affordable option for those who need a holster that is easy to use and comfortable to wear. This CZ 75 duty holster is made from soft, yet very durable nylon material and features an adjustable retention system to ensure a secure fit for your gun. The belt attachment is also adjustable to fit different belt widths. Lowered carry position allows comfortable gun draw when wearing a tactical vest.

#5 CZ 75 Kydex Holster


Crafted from high-quality US kydex, this low-ride duty holster is an excellent option, particularly as a CZ 75 law enforcement holster and CZ 75 military holster. The holster features a safety strap that enhances the retention of your firearm. Attached via a belt platform, the holster sits low on your waist, freeing up space on your belt for other essential duty gear. Due to the straight cant, this CZ 75 duty kydex holster works best when carried in the 3 o’clock belt position.

Best materials used to craft ideal CZ 75 holster


The choice of material for a holster is crucial in determining its comfort and durability. Different materials are used in making holsters depending on the purpose and intended use. Leather is a popular material for CZ 75 leather holsters as it offers a classic appearance and a unique character that improves with time. For those who prefer a lightweight and more flexible option, CZ 75 nylon holsters are available with a range of design possibilities. CZ 75 kydex holsters are also becoming popular due to their resistance to mold, low maintenance, and unique designs. Regardless of the material, a good holster should prioritize user comfort and convenience to ensure a great carrying experience.


Conclusion – which holster is the best for my CZ 75?


The CZ 75 is a popular handgun for both civilians and law enforcement personnel, and finding the right holster is essential for safety, comfort, and convenience. From IWB to OWB, kydex to leather, each holster has its unique features and benefits that cater to different preferences and needs. When selecting a holster for your CZ 75, consider factors such as material quality, retention system, concealment, and overall fit and comfort.   Ultimately, my all-time favorite one is the #2 CZ 75 Paddle Holster which provides a secure and comfortable fit for your specific needs, ensuring quick and easy access to your firearm when needed. By choosing a high-quality holster, you can ensure that your CZ 75 is always accessible and ready for use while keeping you and those around you safe.