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The Holsters Club™ - Your Membership Benefits

An Open Packaging of an order by Craft Holsters - A leather IWB holsters and a welcome to the Holsters Club title An Open Packaging of an order by Craft Holsters - A leather IWB holsters and a welcome to the Holsters Club title An Open Packaging of an order by Craft Holsters - A leather IWB holsters and a welcome to the Holsters Club title


Welcome to the Holsters Club™, a unique membership program by Craft Holsters, your favorite leather holster brand.

Now let's take a quick look at why you should become a member too and what benefits you'll get if you join our club.


What is the Holsters Club™?


The Holsters Club™ is a free-of-charge membership program for customers of Craft Holsters. The main reason why we decided to start the club is to reward you for your loyalty and passion for our holsters. Also, becoming a member of the club will make your ordering process more comfortable, convenient, and it will 'save you lots of money.


The main benefits of the Holsters Club™

Join our club and take advantages of the following perks, exlusive only to the Holsters Club™ members:

  • 10% Loyalty Discount - Come back to us after your first purchase and get a 10% OFF on anything you order in the future. Do the math and you'll see that your membership really pays off.
  • Free Shipping - No matter what your order value is, you'll always be able to choose the Economy Shipping free of charge. It might be a tad slower than the expedited options, but it's a neat way to save a couple of bucks.
  • Lifetime Warranty - Anything you buy as a club member comes with a Lifetime Warranty. However, since we believe in the quality of our products and we don't want you feel like you have to join the club, Lifetime Warranty applies to orders placed by non-members too.


Reward for signing up


Sign up for the Holsters Club™ and for our newsletters now and receive a 10% discount on your first order.


Further benefits


Apart from the main benefits of the Holsters Club™ such as the 10% loyalty discount or free shipping, if you join the club, you'll also gain access to extra stuff such as early product launches, promotions and sales, holster guides, and regular newsletters that will keep you up-to-date with everything from the world of Craft Holsters.


The Holsters Club™ FAQ


Here's a quick FAQ section to feed you in on the most essential information you need to know before you join the club.

Yes, you can join the Holsters Club™ anytime you want by signing up at the Holsters Club™ registration page.

You can join for free by registering here. If you place your order before registering, your account will be created automatically.

No. As the Holsters Club™ membership is free of charge, you don't have to pay if you decide to join the club.

Our Holsters Club™ offers various benefits for our club members and returning customers, including a 10% loyalty discount, free shipping and much more.

Please note that the loyalty discount doesn't apply to Custom Shop products.

To claim your discount, it’s necessary to be logged into your account. The discount will be applied automatically in the shopping cart.


Join us and make yourself at home now


Now that you know how rewarding and convenient joing the Holsters Club™ is, all you have to do is to sign up and start enjoying your membership benefits.

Don't forget that becoming a member doesn't cost you a dime ... and as registering is now easier than ever, it won't even cost you any time.